Woman with arms two sizes bigger than the rest of her body has more than 200 grams cut off them

A WOMAN who had to wear clothes two sizes bigger than her body to fit over her “bat wings” has revealed how she spent ?4,000 to have more than 200 grams of fat CUT off.

Alison Park, 48, from Erith, Kent, spent years hiding her saggy skin from the world and finally decided to do something about it.

Last year, she underwent radical surgery to remove her arm skin and even filmed the process.

The housewife says that she piled on the pounds two decades ago after the birth of her four children – now in their 20s.

Alison explained: “It had been like this for decades. Exercise motivational quotes posters I have always been a small build.

While Alison was able to lose weight from her body, her arms would not shrink back down

“I didn’t eat any more than what I would normally, but I put on loads of weight when I was pregnant.

“I was a size 10 before I gave birth and I went up to a size 16.

“The weight came off afterwards but my arms stayed the same size and I was just so out of proportion.”

The mum-of-four threw herself into a healthy new regime, which included lifting weights at the gym, but as her body got smaller, her flabby arms just wouldn’t shift.

She continued: “I was so out of proportion and it made me really uncomfortable.

“I had to get clothes that were two sizes bigger just to fit my arms, but then they would be so baggy everywhere else.

“I had tried everything – hundreds of diets, exercising at the gym and I was too embarrassed to do anything like swimming.

“I lost weight everywhere else but that just made my arms look bigger.”

Embarrassed by her skin, Alison even refused to go shopping with friends to avoid the moment she’d have to ask for a bigger size just to cover her bingo wings.

But after years of hiding away, she came across Bella Vou clinic, who said they could help with the problem.

Although the surgery, called a brachioplasty, cost ?4,000 and would leave some scarring, Alison decided it was worth it to boost her self-confidence.

Alison’s arm before the surgery – she wanted to stop being embarrassed by her flabby arms

She said: “Most people didn’t notice my arms because I always covered them up but my family knew I thought it was an issue.

In June last year, Alison underwent the two hour procedure at the clinic in Tunbridge Wells, Kent where surgeon Amir Nakhdjevani cut off 245g – the equivalent of a block of butter – of her arms before stitching them back up.

Alison recalled: “It was really painful and uncomfortable when I woke up.

“But even though I was all bandaged up, I could already notice the difference.

“I couldn’t risk stretching them too much so it was difficult to do normal things like shower.

“They recommended waiting about two weeks before doing much with my arms but I had to wait about three weeks.”

Now Alison finally has slimmer arms that fit with her size 10-12 frame.

She said: “Now I love going out shopping and I have so much more confidence.

“My husband was shocked when I picked up a sleeveless top to wear this summer.

“When I knew I was having the operation people were asking why and said I didn’t need it done.

“A few people said it was dangerous but when I showed them my arms and explained how uncomfortable it was, they were a lot more understanding.

“I am glad that I had it done. Lose water weight quickly I have no regrets about. Best diet for pcos I would recommend for anyone who was feeling like I felt to get it done.”

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