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I know the title of this article is a little harsh, blunt and “in your face”… But to be honest, that’s what most guys reading this actually need. Weight loss clinic minot nd They need a reality check.

I didn’t write this to be nice, I wrote this to grab your attention and then help you out. Low carb diet bodybuilding But that’s not the point here today, the point is to show you why and how to avoid this so you can finally thrive, strip unwanted body fat, and have a noticeable change in energy at the office, at home, in the gym, and everywhere else it’s lacking as of now.

The most common things I hear from guys are, “I’m just a little stressed right now, it’ll go away soon as _______ wraps up, though” or “Work is just crazy right now, it’s the busy season for us. Weight loss after 50 Soon it’ll change…” or “I’m just too busy to focus on my health right now… I don’t have the time”.

At the end of the day, those are all bullshit excuses that are causing a vicious cycle downward towards even less energy, more fatigue, more stress, and LESS productive time spent.

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See I’d have you consider that sacrificing some time to focus on better health and getting (and staying) lean, will actually double your production speed during the time you have to work.

Instead of spending 6 hours at work, getting XYZ done… You could spend 50% of the time, getting more than just XYZ done.

And no, my coaching doesn’t come with an adderall prescription nor do I have NZT from the movie Limitless.

It’s just that being overweight or gaining weight due to eating like shit and not training our body for better physicality will only cause us to have lower energy, dysfunctional hormones, and as studies have proven time and time again – brain memory, focus and function drop when all these things drop or nutrients are missing in the diet.

So lets get this wrapped up real quick… If we take the time to get lean, eat a high nutrient diet, and actually take care of our body more often… We could be happier, have more energy, supercharge our physicality, and even make more money – because our work ethic and focus would be twice as high…?

Scientists and agriculturist believe that the humans intelligence peaked thousands of years ago and we’ve been on an emotional and intellectual decline ever since. Military diet work Our brains, back then, were actually larger and we had the ability to utilize and access more parts of the brain – to think, focus, problem solve, remember, etc.

What has changed between now and then? Well back then, we actually had to do shit… essentially.

I’m not mad that we have these things, trust me – I love a lot of what we now have. Exercise music free But at the end of the day, it tells us one thing that is pretty obvious to understand.

We should be moving more and we should be eating real food, which is actually filled with nutrients.

That’s the biggest difference between what they did and what we do now. Possessive s exercises pdf They moved a lot more, were forced to eat real food that was pure and contained plenty of nutrients, and they had to think a bit harder to get through the day-to-day life.

I don’t think anyone needs to go live in the woods to stop being Fat, Lazy or Tired Everyday… But I do think we can look at that and understand what we need to do to fight this. Paleo ham recipes #1 – MOVEMENT.

Lets start here because it’s the most obvious and usually the easiest for guys to commit to at first. Exercise pictures If you’re not getting in the gym and/or walking on a daily basis, start there.

Once you get that habit built, start including the gym a few times a week. Ibs c diet plan But when you go to the gym, don’t just hit “Chest and Arm Day, Bro”. Weight loss tips At this point we need full body exercises and training sessions to cut fat and build better movement patters.

Things such as: goblet squats, single leg movements, lots of rowing, crawling, push ups, dumbbell work, and some basic core work. Exercise list app Nothing crazy, but at first this is exactly what we need.

After that is built up or when you can handle more, start working in an upper/lower split. Diet plan to gain weight This is where you have 2 days dedicated to the upper body and 2 days to the lower body. Losing weight healthily With my guys, this seems to work the best and keeps them engaged the most in the gym.

If you want this laid out specifically for you, Click Here Now. Healthy diet paradise We’ll break down what you need to do, specifically, to get you to your goal and I’ll show you exactly what has my guys cutting fat, crushing work, and thriving with energy every single day.

Lack of movement is one of the main reasons humans today suffer from obesity, disease, laziness, fatigue, low brain stimulation, and unfortunately much more. Weight loss smoothies #2 – PROCESSED FOOD.

(This picture is great… Inside joke with some of my guys, they’ll enjoy this… You all should though, just look at it)

I’m huge on flexible dieting, so this doesn’t mean “never eat anything out of a box”. Losing weight inspiration I teach my guys how to eat well, achieve their physique goals, and still enjoy some junk or alcohol here and there.

The goal of a diet isn’t to suffer; it’s to accomplish optimal health and a leaner body. Omega 3 weight loss dosage Period. Paleo diet what not to eat You don’t need to cut out everything to reach that, nor do you need to eat plain chicken and broccoli every day.

But when a diet is filled with too much processed food, the body will suffer from negative health side effects. Lose weight fast diet and exercise It’s as simple as that. Exercise ecards Some of these negative side effects would be things such as…

Overconsumption of calories is a big one because the majority of processed food is higher in calories due to added processed sugars. Military diet uk But many times, processed foods have a combination of unhealthy fats and carbs in them – this causes an unbalanced diet and the body struggles to produce energy when this happens, causing less movement and more body fat accumulation.

Lack of micronutrients can be another big issue. Best diet for women over 50 When we have processed foods we end up missing out on a lot of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber we should be getting in our daily diet.

Too much sugar is a more obvious one, but even things like “Natural Fruit Juice” or the Gatorade people drink while working out are both filled with tons of processed sugars. Paleo brownies coconut flour This causes weight gain due to a big surplus in calories mainly, but also causes us to have too many insulin/blood sugar spikes throughout the day and we likely miss out on fiber due to this as well.

Gut health being compromised is something that most people don’t even consider thinking about, because it’s not talked about enough. Healthy diet on a budget But the truth is, the gut is our second brain and without it being healthy and optimized we can suffer dramatically from body inflammation, pains, disease risk, digestion issues, allergies and intolerances, focus, and more…

At the end of the day, we need to keep our focus on having our diets be 90% whole foods and about 10% of whatever we want, which can be some processed foods.

See processed foods aren’t going to kill you. Lose belly fat meal plan But lack of real foods might.

It’s damn hard to literally only eat processed foods, but some people surprisingly enough fill 80% or more of their diets with just that. How to lose your belly fat #3 – INTOLERANCES.

This is something that may surprise you or be tucked under the rug, but it can very well be the thing that is slowing you down or causing you to store fat instead of burning it and/or building muscle with the calories you’re taking in.

I’ve worked with plenty of people who tend to be in a bit of a constant brain fog, experience bloating and digestion issues, lack focus and clarity, having joint inflammation and pain, and simply struggle to stay motivated or get after it in the gym…

Yet they don’t actually know any better or different, because it’s just always this way.

See what they don’t realize is that this is not normal. Healthy diet and exercise Many times they have an intolerance to a food group they’re consuming on a regular basis and that’s the cause of this.

Once we remove this food group, they feel amazing and start seeing better results. Low carb diet for vegetarian This isn’t every case, but it does happen more often than not.

The real issue here is not that the client isn’t an expert in nutrition; it’s more of an issue with their personal and body awareness. Alpha m diet plan How do we improve this? Simple.

Start tracking or recording your daily diet; as in every single thing you eat and drink. Paleo banana bread coconut flour Then you can journal as you eat and reflect on what happens. Paleo diet what is it Notice that you experience more bloat or digestive issues after eating eggs? Or dairy? Or pork? Or maybe you feel lack of energy after eating products with gluten? Whatever it may be…

We then know what the first thing on the chopping block will be, but without recording and becoming more aware of it first – you’ll never fully understand what’s causing you to be overweight, unfocused, in pain, and sluggish.

This also doesn’t mean any of those are bad… I eat gluten and eggs on a daily basis and I’m great. Best diet soup But if I eat too much dairy, I experience massive inflammation in my joints. Low carb diet menus breakfast lunch dinner If I eat oranges or citrus-based fruit, I break out in eczema. Exercise calendar template So it’s not just one simple food that does this to us all, we need to become aware and learn about our own bodies first – I did that by tracking what I ate and eliminating once I realized what caused issues (you may find nothing causes any issues, that’s great). Weight loss diet in hindi #5 – HIGH FAT AND HIGH CARB DIETS.

In other words too many calories in your daily diet. Best diet to lower cholesterol Plain and simple, you’re over-consuming calories and if you’re eating over your daily caloric budget, you’re going to gain body fat. Paleo diet vegetables But this usually happens due to lack of macronutrient awareness or knowledge.

A high fat/low carb diet works great, but so does a high carb/low fat diet and so does a completely balanced diet. Healthy diet meals The key is as simple as getting your calories in check and reaching your protein minimum per day.

I’m not going to spend time dialing in your calories and macronutrient ratios in this article because that is an individualized process, but I will say this…

If you aren’t seeing results and feel like you may just be consuming too many calories, first step is to start practicing the 80% rule – eat til you’re 80% full at your meals instead of 100%.

Next step is to simply focus on balance. 2 month diet plan Get 1-2 handfuls of protein in each meal, focus on getting 3-5 handfuls of veggies every single day, shoot for about 1-2 thumb sized portions of added fat in your meals, and place your starchy or heavier carb meals around your training as they’ll get utilized better this way.

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About CodyMy name is Cody, but most people call me Boom-Boom. 7 day protein diet Long story short… I grew up overweight, had enough and changed my life to live healthy, fit and stress free. Exercise ideas Now I spend my days teaching others how to do this as well, in their own lives.

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