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At Extraordinary Life Made Simple we believe that all women should have easy access to information that helps us make better decisions about how to manage our health and fitness. Qigong exercises lee holden Weight loss for women over 40 is different than any other time of our life. 6 week weight loss plan We offer guidance, information and coaching to help simplify managing weight loss and fitness for women over 40.

It’s true that after 40 things change. Exercise plank We can’t lose weight the way we did in our 20’s and 30’s. Best diet to get ripped We try harder, workout longer, starve ourselves more and nothing changes.

Fitness advice aimed at weight loss for women over 40 often misses the mark on what we really need to balance the coming changes.

You can embrace your body, get in the best shape of your life, feel better than you ever did, throw away your fear of aging and uncover your best self. Paleo fried chicken Finally embrace the joy that comes with living as long as we have! You have found your sisterhood and we are so happy to meet you ??

Just Because You’re Over 40 Doesn’t Mean it’s Over The fitness industry is a $64 Billion dollar industry and growing, along with our waistlines! What they are selling obviously isn’t working. Weight loss workout plan for women Extraordinary Life Made simple puts all of these myths to rest. 6 week weight loss program We’ve spent too long torturing ourselves in endless cardio and starving ourselves on crazy diets to no avail.

Did you know that most women are working too hard in their exercise program and it is contributing to an increase in body fat, especially after 40?! We show you how you can work smarter, eat more, get back your energy and focus, tackle the hormone changes and get better results. Exercise endorphins You can be in better shape than you were in your 20’s and not have to kill yourself to get there! Get fit in less time so that you can spend more time living and enjoying your new health than you do getting it!

We are committed to providing honest, fact-based and scientifically proven information in a way that is easy to access and understand.

What you will find on our site is guidance that allows women to set realistic expectations and be successful in creating lasting transformation for the long term. Exercise during pregnancy We focus on information that will promote and support long term health. T25 diet plan We want you to have the best chance at a long, vital, productive and extraordinary life. Losing weight plan You can achieve amazing results without sacrificing your health or vitality for the long term when you have accurate information and realistic expectations. Walking and weight loss What We Aren’t

What you won’t find here are any quick-fixes, promises of fast solutions, pills, shakes or magic diet plans. Paleo diet shopping list for beginners We strongly believe that marketing messages that set unrealistic expectations for women have contributed to an overweight and unhealthy society and we aim to break this trend.

Extraordinary Life Made Simple LLC was founded by Amy Larsen, a Health and Weight Loss Coach, who is an expert in transformation and change management. Exercise schedule app She has been working in leadership and coaching roles for Fortune Global 100 companies for the last 20 years helping countless teams and individuals navigate change and achieve lasting transformation.

After the birth of her third child in her late 30’s Amy saw her weight climbing by more than 50 pounds and for the first time in her life was having a hard time getting rid of it. 2 month weight loss The tactics used in her 20’s and 30’s wasn’t working anymore. Paleozoic era facts Determined to regain control of her health and fitness after a health scare spurred by hormone issues related to weight and diet she set out to solve the dilemma of why weight loss and fitness is so hard for women after 40.

You can have world class training, the best fitness programs and meal plans available but they won’t help if you aren’t prepared to tackle the mental challenge of losing weight and gaining control of your health. 6 week weight loss results Fitness and weight loss is a mental game more than anything else. Best diet foods You need strategies to help you tackle the stages of transformation if you hope to make lasting change in your life.

After years of research and study she cracked the code. Losing weight exercise Her experience during that research was that good information that was truly beneficial for women over 40 was difficult to find. All women over 40 should have better access to honest, straight-forward information about managing our health and fitness after 40 and Extraordinary Life Made Simple was born.

It is possible to lose weight after 40, you can achieve phenomenal fitness and you don’t have to give up your life to get it. Youtube exercise You can have the extraordinary life of your dreams, simply.

Sometimes having the information isn’t enough, you need help making sense of what it means for you. Paleo diet benefits When you need more support we offer online programs that guide you every step of the way through the transformation process. How to lose weight for beginners Each program is progressive, delivering information you need when you need it, making it easier to learn along the way.

Our programs use the latest information in adult learning theory, change management, health coaching, training methods and nutrition to guide you through your journey. Weight loss doctors in nj We know that a fitness or nutrition program isn’t useful if you can’t make it fit for your life. Paleo diet for beginners We walk you through the stages of transformation and give guidance on how to modify habits gradually and tailor the program to fit your lifestyle so that you can achieve lasting transformation.

As you move through each phase of our programs you’ll gain a better understanding on how and why nutrition and fitness impact our life and our health the way that it does. Dr g weight loss reviews You will gradually build strategies to tackle the mental hurdles that keep you from achieving your goals. Tips to lose weight naturally By the end of each program you understand how to integrate healthy habits as a natural and lasting part of your life, regardless of how busy it is, for the long term.

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