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Ways To Control Your Food Cravings

If you a big time foodie or you like obsessed with the idea of having food. Then you need to stop your food craving, because it would eventually affect your health. Irregular eating habits can cause indigestion and other gastric problems. Here are some ways to control your food cravings.

Ways to control your food cravings are:

1.Change your habits: Simply change your eating habits. Maintain a diet that you can follow on a regular

basis. Include healthy portions of fruits and veggies in your diet plan. Eat healthy snacks if you feel like eating at odd hours. Give up on food that is too oily like chips and cakes. It is important that you set a routine for your eating habits.

2.Don’t buy food impulsively: If it’s there in your fridge, naturally you would open it and eat it. Do not buy foods that are bad for your health. Like, do not buy Chocolates and stock them in your fridge. It is natural to grab a piece when you feel hungry. If you don’t buy the stuff, it would reduce your food craving to a good extent.

3.Drink herbal teas: A recent survey proved that the herbal tea may help to control food craving. So, if you are feeling hungry, just have a cup of green tea or any other herbal tea. It would suppress your hunger for that time. Over the time, it would help you get over your addiction for food. Also, increase your liquid intake to reduce your food cravings.

4.Set a reminder: Set a reminder on your phone, because this will definitely help you to eat a lot less. Set a reminder for like every hour or two hours. The next time, when you will open your fridge, a reminder would stop you from having food that is unnecessary. There are also dedicated apps available, so you could just use some of them to stop your urge for eating.

5.Start breathing exercise: This may sound bizarre to you, but it would actually help you. You heard it right. When you feel the need to eat something out of the blue, just start breathing in and out. This practice would help you to control your urge to have something in that very moment. It’s a simple thing which would help you a lot.

6.Distract yourself: Perhaps the easiest way to control your food craving is to distract yourself! When you feel like eating, call your best friend and start talking. Or else, play a game on your phone. Just turn on the TV and watch your favorite channel. There are so many ways to distract yourself, choose one way to prevent the urge to eat.

7.Keep chewing gum handy: If you feel like an urge to eat something, just grab a chewing gum and chew it for some time. Well, the sugar free option is also available for your comfort. Chew well and stay away from the thought of having something which is unnecessary.

8.Have some protein in the diet: Protein rich foods help to prevent the food cravings by changing the blood sugar level pattern in the body. Have it in the form of eggs or soya milk in your diet. The idea is to control your excessive urge to eat.

These are the ways to control your food cravings.