Volunteer barbara is counting herself lucky after overcoming ovarian cancer

Barbara Greenall had been losing weight, was feeling a bit off her food and had been tired.

Many would assume those symptoms were the menopause, but she booked a doctor’s appointment for what she thought would be a routine check-up.

And she got a nasty shock. Exercise induced anaphylaxis wiki During the examination, nearly two years ago, her GP felt a lump in her pelvis and suspected ovarian or bowel cancer. Paleozoic era animals A blood test deepened his suspicions and he referred Barbara for screening.

Those tests confirmed the 65-year-old from Perry Vale had stage 3c ovarian cancer. Exercise equipment stores sacramento Now almost a year after her treatment was completed – including a complete hysterectomy and six cycles of chemotherapy – she has no evidence of disease.

But Barbara, who became the first full-time librarian at a hospice when she was appointed at St Christopher’s Hospice in 1989, knows that there is a high chance that the cancer could return and is being carefully monitored for a possible recurrence.

“I went in with a minor condition and came out in a state of shock,” says Barbara, formerly a pupil at Stillness Junior School in Brockley Rise, Sydenham Girls School in Dartmouth Road and later the Polytechnic of North London. Best diet for abs building “It seemed like a phantom disease, as I hadn’t noticed any symptoms prior to diagnosis. Paleo chili lime chicken The ultrasound showed a tumour the size of a large grapefruit and by the time I had surgery two months later, it had increased to a large melon.

“I knew it was growing rapidly When I bought a new pair of trousers and 10 days later they wouldn’t fasten around my Waist. 3 day military diet before and after pictures It was scary to think this alien thing was growing so quickly inside me, and I found the three-week wait for surgery, after the diagnosis, the hardest part of the whole experience.

“Without realising it, I was now on a cancer conveyor belt which would carry me through tests, investigations, consultations and treatment for the next nine months. Vitamin d diet plan It was a surreal experience and I often felt I was living in a parallel universe, watching all that was happening to me as though it was somebody else.”

Barbara, now a volunteer at the Forest Hill community library, is warning other women about the symptoms as part of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Barbara knows what to look out for if her symptoms recur, thanks to ovarian cancer charity Ovacome’s BEAT acronym: B is for bloating that does not come and go; E is for eating less and feeling fuller quicker; A is for abdominal pain and T is for telling your GP.

Ovacome advises Women With these symptoms to ask their GP for a CA125 blood test, Which can indicate Whether ovarian cancer is present.

“Chances are it Will be something less serious, but it is best to get checked out,” says Ovacome’s chief executive Louise Bayne.

Like many of the 7,300 Women diagnosed With ovarian cancer every year in the UK, Barbara had been unaWare of the symptoms of the disease, Which When caught early has a good prognosis. Healthy diet and exercise plan Her experience has made her Want to spread aWareness.

She said: “I’d never come across anyone who had suffered from ovarian cancer – despite it being the fifth most common cancer for women in the UK. Lose weight fast in 2 weeks And although I’d heard vaguely about it, I certainly didn’t know the symptoms,” Barbara feels changed by the experience although her life in many ways has returned to normal. Exercise calorie calculator walking “Being diagnosed and treated for ovarian cancer is not the end of the world, but it forces you to confront your own mortality and to re-evaluate your life.

“I have now been free of disease for almost a year, my hair has grown back after chemo and I am content With my new normality.

“I knoW there’s a high chance of the disease coming back, but it is viewed as living with a chronic condition with periods of being on and off treatment for recurrences.

“I feel strongly that I want to raise awareness about ovarian cancer because women in general don’t know what the symptoms are and GPs can mistake them for other conditions too. Exercise challenges at work This leads to many women – as in my situation – being diagnosed at an advanced stage and facing a poorer prognosis.” Barbara now volunteers for Carers Lewisham, after the charity helped her for eight years from 2003-11 while her parents were alive.

She also Works as an administrator for Lewisham Food Bank, in Malham Road, Lewisham.

“I always enjoyed helping other people,” said the member of Forest Hill Community Church. Paleo diet restrictions “It seemed like what God wanted me to do.”

She has been rewarded for that work by being looked after during her own illness.

“People have been wonderful – my friends and family and church people,” she said. Exercise physiologist salary texas “It has been incredible. Weight loss meditation app I honestly felt more blessed during my illness than at any other time of my life.”

Women concerned about ovarian cancer should contact Ovacome’s Freephone support line on 0800 008 7054, or visit www.ovacome.org.uk where there is an online symptoms tracker to help women and their GPs come go a quicker diagnosis. Losing weight during menopause Carers Lewisham, Waldram Place, Forest Hill, is on 020 8699 8686.

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