Three sun readers take test to find out which carbs they can eat safely and which they should avoid

Three Sun readers took a test to find out which carbs they can eat without putting on weight

Wired To Eat, by American biochemist turned health guru Robb Wolf, claims that cutting out carbohydrates is NOT necessarily the key to losing weight.

He argues that research has found that we all respond differently to our favourite stodgy foods.

While one person may pile on weight if they eat white bread sandwiches and spaghetti bolognese, other people can tuck into piles of pasta without putting on a pound.

The key is finding out which carb stops us from coming back for more

Robb, 45, who also penned New York Times bestselling healthy living book The Paleo Solution, told The Sun: “In broad terms, a low-carb diet will always be viewed positively, but the ‘one size fits all’ approach to dieting is limited.

“Some people — like me — just can’t eat carbs without having a blood sugar level spike.”

Robb believes that by finding out our individual levels after eating certain carbs, we can discover the secret to staying slim.

If they get too high, we not only experience an uncomfortable “carb coma” but will quickly feel hungry again.

The key to avoiding this is knowing which carbohydrates will keep us from coming back for more.

The book explains that some people deal better with certain carbs than others.

Wired to Eat explains how some people can eat more carbs than others without putting on weight

Robb says: “Some people can eat ice cream and biscuits, while others can’t. Pregnancy and exercise guidelines There are no good carbs or bad carbs — it all just depends on the person eating them.”

“We don’t yet know for sure why this is, but I think it will be something to do with how our individual genetics work with our gut bacteria.”

It’s easy to work out which types of carbs to eat — you simply need to track our own blood sugar levels.

Here, we asked three readers to do just that . . . Protein diet for weight gain with surprising results. I want to lose weight so bad THE TEST

OVER one week our participants ate a different type of carb for breakfast each day.

Two hours later they measured their blood glucose levels using a basic monitor, available from most pharmacies, and kept a diary of the results.

Tracking your blood sugar levels after eating different carbs could be the secret to staying slim

Blood sugar levels are measured in millimoles of glucose per litre (mmol/l) and our levels fluctuate during the day, depending on how well our body processes certain foods.

If the participants’ reading was between 4.4 – 6.4mmol/l, they had had a normal reaction and could happily eat the carb in question.

If the result was higher, it showed that carb should be avoided.

Participants were also allowed to drink black coffee, tea or water with every test meal, as long as they had the same thing each morning, to keep their readings accurate. Military diet grocery list HERE’S THE SCIENCE

IN 2015 the Weizmann Institute in Israel studied how 800 different people digested carbs and found gut bacteria plays an important role.

Robb Wolf, author of Wired to Eat, explains how the test works in his new book

While some saw extreme increases in blood sugar levels after eating a banana or biscuit, others experienced the opposite.

Robb Wolf says: “My wife can eat three times as many carbs than I can, despite being more than two stone lighter.

“Just a small bowl of white rice will send my blood glucose to diabetic levels.”

Wired To Eat: How to Rewire Your Appetite and Lose Weight for Good, by Robb Wolf, is out now (Ebury, ?14.99)

I WAS really surprised by my results – not least because supposedly healthy chickpeas were the carb I reacted worst to.

I felt very lethargic and hungry – even sick – after eating the oats, but my blood glucose readings were normal.

Rebecca was surprised at the results after eating white rice and chickpeas

Meanwhile, my energy levels after both the white rice and chickpeas were good for the rest of the day but my blood glucose readings were too high.

That said, after the chickpeas – which gave me my top reading of 7 mmol/l – I was peckish and had to have a second breakfast.

It’s a real shame, as I love chickpeas and am not ready to give them up just yet. Paleo diet summary Engineer Hugo Allen, 21 , single, from Derby

Hugo avoids carbs for most of the week, allowing himself a cheat day at the weekend

I’M a bit of a fitness enthusiast and tend to avoid carbs for most of the week but allow myself a cheat day at weekends.

I had normal blood sugar levels after eating the rice, chickpeas, sweet potato and even bread, which is a diet taboo of mine.

Hugo had some of the highest readings out of all the participants

But strangely enough, after eating the bread I felt satisfied until lunch and it also gave me the lowest blood glucose reading of the week.

Out of all the participants, I had some of the highest readings.

I was really shocked by the results, especially as I consider myself to be fit and healthy.

The week has certainly been educational when it comes to what I should and shouldn’t eat. Losing weight over 40 Mum-of-three Suzanne Baum, 44, married, from Finchley, North London

I AM a serial yo-yo dieter and have always avoided carbs as I don’t think they help me stay slim and often leave me feeling bloated.

I occasionally have porridge for breakfast and never eat bread. Weight loss calendar tracker But every so often I have a carb-fuelled blowout.

Suzanne found eating oats for breakfast kept her satisfied until lunch

I wasn’t surprised to find that after the bread, rice and pasta I felt tired and hungry again pretty quickly.

In fact, after the pasta – which gave me my highest reading of 7.8 mmol/I – I was starving by 11am and had to reach for chocolate!

I was pleased to get a normal reading after the oats and felt so energised after I did a good gym workout and didn’t start feeling peckish until lunch.

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