The stretch 4_ miami heat win 4 in-a-row, goran dragic takes an elbow

Mar 11, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra stands in front of his players during a timeout in the second half against the Toronto Raptors at American Airlines Arena. Military diet tips The Heat won 104-89. Vitamin d weight loss Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As the Miami Heat continue to ball out, it’s once again time to explore the best and worst parts of the past week.

It’s crunch time folks, and the Miami Heat are certainly playing like it.

Now 32-34, the men of South Beach are continuing to grind it out for that playoff push. Exercise calories burned Something that at the start of 2016-17, most of Heat Nation wouldn’t have assumed possible in their wildest dreams.

Walking and weight loss results But with the team’s tremendous turnaround and being a part of the Eastern Conference, making the postseason is well within reach.

Because as teams like the Chicago Bulls look worse and worse (sorry Dwyane Wade, still have all the love in the world for you), the Heat have gone on a four-game winning streak.

They started the week off with an 106-98 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night, having also defeated them 120-92 on Saturday evening. Diet foods for breakfast Miami then came up victorious, 108-101, against the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday. Healthy diet chart for indian womens Followed by going 104-89 versus the Toronto Raptors, and sadly, an 102-98 loss against the Indiana Pacers on Sunday afternoon.

So what’s been working for this organization lately? And what downside will they have to work around?

Another edition of The Stretch 4 is here to tell you just that.

Miami also splashed their way through Wednesday night versus the Hornets, shooting 41.5 percent from three. Exercise 8 4 Waiters once again lead the way, going 5-for-10 from downtown, with Luke Babbitt doing what he does best, recording 12 points on 4-for-8 three-point shooting.

Obviously the Heat have gathered a talent group of shooters, with almost everyone now partaking in the long-range jumper way of life. Exercise your faith However this offense isn’t a byproduct of happenstance.

“We have spots on the floor,” Tyler Johnson explained, regarding how Miami practices their three’s. “There’s three spots that have to be filled on every play. You’ve got the pull behind. Weight loss plans that work You’ve got the guy in the slot, who can cut. Exercise with baby video And you have the corner guy. Weight loss news They’re marked. Exercise pictures and descriptions That’s something that we’ve stressed since training camp, that if a guy drives middle, make sure the corners are filled and then there’s an outlet.”

And shooting coach Rob Fodor is in large part to thank for all of this. Ways to lose water weight Including how Waiters broke his 4-of-21 shooting slump.

“That’s a part of his brilliance,” head coach Erik Spoelstra said. “He’s able to express and notice things that a player feels and find the quickest one or two things to help find a solution for it without restructuring the entire framework of his shot, which is extremely difficult to do. Whey protein diet plan When he says something, it makes sense. Exercise guidelines for adults There’s a lot of ‘aha moments’ with him.”

The Heat have definitely proven themselves to be one of the better rounded offensive teams in the league currently, but those three’s?

Feb 11, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Miami Heat forward James Johnson (16) drives past Philadelphia 76ers forward Dario Saric (9) during the second half at Wells Fargo Center. Weight loss images free The Philadelphia 76ers won 117-109. Losing weight not inches Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports Can we also talk about James Johnson continuing to impress?

Johnson has fast emerged as one of the headlining stories of Miami’s 2016-17 run.

While I personally was excited upon his summer signing, having followed him since the Chicago Bulls initially drafted him in 2009, most people seemed to be indifferent.

After all, he hasn’t had the most lucrative NBA career thus far.

He didn’t exactly pan out with the Bulls, did two stints with the Developmental League and displayed only flashes of potential with the Raptors.

But president Pat Riley and company are not just another front office. Healthy diet to lose weight in a week They specialize in player development. Military diet does it work Which is exactly why I was so hyped on Johnson when the team announced his acquirement. Healthy diet chart for weight gain The talent has always been there. Diet food combining It would just take the right system.

Now I don’t want to say I told you so. Healthy diet tips to gain weight However, here we are, with Johnson now averaging 12.1 points, 4.9 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.2 blocks a game in 26.5 minutes of play.

Having sat out versus Cleveland, Johnson came out swinging upon his return. Clean 9 weight loss Over the last four games, he has averaged 12.0 points, 5 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 1.6 blocks per contest. Paleo diet yogurt Finishing Sunday afternoon with 14 points and 3 rebounds in 31 minutes.

Heck, even former head coach Dwane Casey is in awe of the swingman.

“Unbelievable. Losing weight after 50 loose skin I look at him and he looks like a different person, his body, his form. A healthy diet breakfast That’s a credit to him and whoever he’s working with has done a great job in transforming his body. Paleo diet foods He’s lighter, he’s not carrying around extra weight and he’s moving like a guard. Low carb diet benefits He handles the ball in transition. Weight loss recipes chicken He’s really disciplined himself in making good decisions. Exercise meaning in hindi That’s what James’ challenge has always been but he’s doing a great job. Best diet for fat loss and muscle gain I’m happy for him except when he plays against us.”

I’m happy for him too, coach. How to lose water weight fast overnight And what about Hassan Whiteside becoming more of a team player?

I know that Whiteside seems to be catching a lot of flack lately.

His post-up game is off, he looks lethargic, he’s too inside his own head… I’ve heard it all. And sure, the big man has plenty more developing to do before he reaches his true potential.

However, he deserves credit for his transformation this season.

Forget the fact that he’s averaging 16.4 points, 14.1 rebounds and 2.1 blocks a matchup in 32.8 minutes of play. Paleo 360 buch Because his raw skill-set is nothing new.

And yes, of course he’s the same character he’s always been. Exercise moves The beloved class clown will never change. Paleo 30 (If you don’t already follow him on Snapchat, I highly recommend it.)

Gone are the days of post-game interviews centered solely on his own impressive performance, leading into how many other teams missed out on him. 8 week weight loss challenge Now, Whiteside puts his teammates on a pedestal. Low carb diet diarrhea He praises his coach. I want to lose weight quickly He speaks to being a part of a winning system.

Feb 15, 2017; Houston, TX, USA; Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic (7) warms up before a game against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center. Cinnamon and weight loss effects Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports With all that said, the bad news is Goran Dragic looks like he was on the losing side of a boxing match.

And while he may not have lost any teeth this time, he did take a nasty elbow to the eye. Exercises to burn fat at home no equipment An eye that is now pretty much swollen shut.

This is why Goran Dragic cannot play tonight:;

It’s easy to see why the team is now calling him Rocky Drago, eh?

No word yet as to when the guard is supposed to return, but all of Heat Nation is hoping for a speedy recovery for their leader.

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