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The sun is back, the snow is melting. Paleo diet breakfast menu It’s time to put winter behind us; start thinking about summer. Paleozoic era cambrian period One sure sign: The last of my garden potatoes are starting to protest confinement as their numbers dwindle. Exercise calories burned per hour Still a couple weeks of good meals, maybe even enough to do a 3-day Potato Hack soon.

Weight loss tricks When […]

Wow! Can you believe it’s been a year since I released my book, The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified? Much to my great surprise, the book is still selling well around the world and getting good reviews. Diet plan to lose weight fast pdf Just this week on Amazon: I picked the right time for a potato diet book for sure. 10 ways to lose weight fast Not […]

Nobody likes a rotten potato. 10 week diet plan The Irish in 1845 certainly did not like rotten spuds. Exercise benefits the cardiovascular system Scientists and farmers have been trying to save potato crops for hundreds of years. Losing weight tips And potatoes have some other qualities that make them hard to handle…they bruise easily and turn funky colors when peeled and exposed to the air. Weight loss exercise routine The […]

If you suffer seasonal allergies, this just might be the idea you’ve been waiting for. Dr g weight loss bad reviews As spring approaches, you may find yourself dreading the sniffles, sneezes, and watery eyes that come with the season. Exercise and stress facts The common remedies are OTC allergy meds such as Zyrtec, Claritin, and Allegra. Paleo diet good or bad If you are hit really hard, there’s a […]

I thought this was too good not to share. Paleo apple pie crumble A couple months ago, Tantor Media signed me on to produce an audiobook version of The Potato Hack. Lose weight fast in a week diet plan Today, an email: Hi Tim, I am the Casting Coordinator at Tantor Media. How to lose water weight overnight wrestling We are in the Production process for The Potato Hack and the narrator was wondering […]

What is HAMS? HAMS stands for High-Amylose Maize Starch. Weight loss 4 months This is a special type of corn, naturally bred to be high in amylose starch. Weight loss success stories youtube All corn contains two types of starch: amylose and amylopectin. S exercises Unfortunately, most corn does not contain much amylose, but rather the easily digested amylopectin. Weight loss diet plan Most corn, from sweet corn to field […]

A particularly timely commentary was published last week in the Nutrients Journal. Exercise science salary It was published “open access” under a Creative Commons license, so feel free to read, share, and quote appropriately. Exercise calories burned list Dr. Clean 9 diet plan instructions Moul Dey, professor at South Dakota State University has been studying resistant starch and human health. Exercise your rights She’s noticed variations between people when they […]

Thanks to you guys, this project will be a great success! I’ve (we’ve) raised $2100 from 18 donors on the Indiegogo site, and 12 donors through the PayPal link. Weight calculator metal I went ahead and purchased the following starches in preparation: Potato Starch (Bob’s Red Mill (2), Anthony’s, and Barry Farm) Banana Flour (Nutryvitta, NuNanan) and will […]

Recently, a group of archaeologists in Spain discovered a million-year-old set of human teeth. Weight loss calendar calculator In the dental calculus found on the teeth, they uncovered remnants of what these “cavemen” ate. 2 month weight loss plan Scientists were able to determine that the owner of these specific chompers had been subsisting on meat, mushrooms, insects, and plants. Weight loss meditation hypnosis It should not go […]

Here’s Karl Seddon’s latest video. Paleo diet cons Have a look, 16 minutes of good explanations of how fiber effects your gut. Exercise stress test definition And keep in mind as you watch, when you are doing a short-term Potato Hack, you are getting massive amounts of some of the same fibers that Karl discusses in the video. How to lose weight fast and keep it off If your gut does […]

My ongoing project to analyze resistant starch in common food starches is progressing well. Exercise humor I’ve raised $1250 through my Indiegogo Project, and a bit more through PayPal donations. Paleo diet plan basics Please donate if you are so inclined and would like an early look at the results. Exercise videos on netflix With the funds now available, I’ll be able to get 12-15 […]

While we think of resistant starch (RS) as protective, there’s a new paper out that says RS may cause cardiovascular disease! We’d better check this out. Losing weight after pregnancy fast Sample headline: “Marker for Cardiovascular Disease Linked to Resistant Starch in Diet.” And a quote from the Canadian Centre for Clinical Trials: These results mean that a diet high […]

Potato peels can be used to cure hard-to-heal wounds. Exercise benefits In third-world countries, health clinics are instructed to keep potatoes on hand, and to apply the peels to burns, cuts, and other wounds. How to lose weight for wedding Using potato peels underneath gauze keeps the wound moist, comfortable, and it’s easy to remove. Exercise stress test results The potato peels also appear to speed healing […]

It’s going to happen! Project Link:–2/x/5750323#/ The project is now funded at $895, with a few more donors expressing interest. Causes of weight loss in horses We’ll see how far this goes, I hope to raise considerably more in the next 60 days. Diet plan app free download Please note that donors who are in for $100 or more will get a full list of […]

Dear Readers – I’ve been trying to get this project started for almost two years, and finally have the time to do it. Exercise heart rate chart Indiegogo Project: Resistant Starch Testing Many of us have been using things like raw potato starch, green banana flour, and Hi-Maize in our fiber supplements, but these starches are not routinely tested […]

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