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We shared our best pick of popular brands of regular cherry yogurt in a previous post. Best diet in the world Now, it’s time to focus on Greek-style varieties. Weight loss hypnosis For this evaluation, we reviewed 8 popular brands (without artificial sweeteners), and they all have a lot in common.

First, all the brands have live probiotic cultures ( one of eight things you can do to boost your immune health). Low carb diet foods to avoid Next, they all have some added sugar — 4 to 5 teaspoons per 5.3-ounce serving (less is best). Weight loss meditation reviews (Note: The typical serving size for Greek yogurt is smaller than the typical 6-ounce serving for regular yogurt.)

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Yogurt tops our list of delicious foods. Paleo crave It’s something about that perfect blend of sweet and tart delivered in a creamy texture that gets the taste buds singing. Exercise intolerance causes It’s also a nutrient powerhouse that delivers health benefits perfectly suited for teens.

Yogurt is a source of protein that fuels active muscles. I want to lose weight in my stomach It’s a source of calcium, which is so critical during the teenage bone-building years. Exercise list pdf And, if you choose a Greek-style yogurt, it’s an especially rich source of the amino acid leucine, which stimulates muscle protein synthesis … a terrific choice for teen athletes who want to build more muscle (see our post on weight training for teens for more details). Weight loss log Finally, yogurt can be a source of probiotics, and consuming probiotics is one of eight things you can do to boost your immune health. Paleo diet rice It’s easy to see why yogurt is a great choice, whether as a breakfast staple, a power snack or tasty dessert.

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March is National Nutrition Month, so it’s the perfect time for parents to celebrate one of our favorite topics: A healthy diet.

After all, a healthy diet is the fuel that turbo charges your child’s active brain and growing body for peak performance in the classroom, on the sports field and in life. Losing weight breastfeeding calories Continue reading > Posted in Diet & Lifestyle | Tagged eating right, food, National Nutrition Month Smarter Weight Loss, Teen Style

“I want it, and I want it now!” is a common refrain among overweight teenagers who want to lose weight. Paleo diet menu example And, with obesity rates skyrocketing, more teens than ever are reaching for diet books to lose weight—fast, really fast.

Like adults, teenagers can certainly lose extra weight fast by following one of the many fad diets touted as the next “undiscovered secret” for weight loss. Paleo hebrew Trouble is, these quick-fix approaches not only drain the brain, but also sap the body of key nutrients that promote optimal metabolism and a feel-good mood.

The result? A teenager who is unable to concentrate in the classroom, is easily distracted at homework time, and drags through the day in a grumpy mood.

If a dieting teen is also a student athlete, forget about a star performance on the sports field while on a fad diet. 5 exercises to lose belly fat What’s more, any weight lost is likely to be regained … fast, really fast. Low carb diet side effects mood Continue reading > Posted in Diet & Lifestyle | Tagged dieting, teens, weight loss Resolve to be Reasonable in the New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means many parents are putting the polish on their resolutions for the coming year, including goals for a healthier family.

If you’re the type to make New Year’s resolutions, consider passing on the go-big-or-go-home declarations and focus on a more reasonable approach—an approach that’s not only likely to be more successful, but also have more staying power. Paleo diet shopping list on a budget Continue reading > Posted in Other So Proud to Support Vitamin Angels

When we set out to write Eating for A’s, we had one goal in mind: Use our nutrition expertise as registered dietitians to not only deliver practical advice to parents of young children, but serve it up using an oh-so-easy format.

Since most parents tend to organize their busy lives around the school year, we chose a month-by-month approach that … you guessed it … follows the school year. I need to lose weight fast and free The result: A no-stress, “can-do” set of 12 monthly goals to help a child succeed in the classroom and in life. Weight loss tricks without exercise Continue reading > Posted in Other | Tagged donate, essential nutrients, vitamin A, Vitamin Angels Post navigation

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