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Can you tell I am so ready for spring? These simple springtime-inspired honey lemon cookies helped ease the craving for warm weather, buds opening in the gardens and on trees, and baby animals frolicking (I’m nostalgic for the chicks and foals every year on my parents’ ranch back in Texas during my childhood). Paleo instant pot recipes I also used this cookie recipe as an excuse to dig into honey contamination, adulteration, and smuggling . . . How to lose weight in a day for wrestling which I was mostly ignorant of until researching tips for purchasing quality honey to include in this article. How do i lose belly fat at home Honey Smuggling

Try this small experiment: Google “illegal Chinese honey”, filter for search results in the past year, and you’ll get pages detailing U.S. Lose belly fat diet and exercise plan Customs and Border Patrol seizures of hundreds of tons of illegal Chinese honey as a result of foiled smuggling attempts just in the most recent twelve months. ?? ?? ??

660 barrels of Chinese honey confiscated by U.S. Paleo diet grocery list Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Exercise is medicine Customs and Border Protection agents in Houston that were labeled as originating from Latvia. Healthy diet chart for indian (Credit: U.S. 5 exercises Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

A tariff has been imposed on Chinese honey entering the United States since 2008, when the U.S. Paleo grubs Commerce Department determined that Chinese-origin honey was being sold in the United States at less than fair-market value. How to lose belly fat fast naturally Immediately after the tariff was first put into place there was a steep decline of honey originating from China, but before long, honey began flooding in from countries that hadn’t traditionally been big producers. Paleo diet testimonials The honey is “laundered” by being sent to an intermediate country and relabeled as a product of that country to disguise its true origin.

Savvy honey consumers should be aware that a percentage of honey on the shelves of major supermarkets is likely smuggled. What should i weigh calculator Click To Tweet

You should know that a percentage of honey on the shelves of major supermarkets is likely smuggled into the country under false labeling, and subjected to an ultra-filtration process to remove any organic markers such as pollen that that would betray its geographic origins.

 According to U.S. Paleohacks cookbook review Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations department:

Food fraud is a growing epidemic across all types of products. From seafood to vintage wines to honey, food products with any economic value are being intentionally adulterated, smuggled, or simply misrepresented by knowing participants to maximize profits.

Honey smuggling into the United States is more difficult to police because the ultra-filtration process used to disguise Chinese honey is also the method commonly used by domestic producers to prevent crystallization (a common result of pollen) and to achieve the clear, liquid, clarified product that U.S. Exercises to burn fat in stomach consumers overwhelmingly prefer. Paleo energy balls Ultra-filtration is therefore not a reliable way to tell whether the honey has been laundered. Paleomg recipes Partially crystallized honey, up close. Military diet snacks Crystallization is not a sign of spoilage, and can be easily corrected by gently melting the honey over low heat. How to lose weight in college (Credit: Seattle Slow Food) Honey Adulteration

You should know that there is no FDA-mandated definition of honey. Paleo hamburger According to its draft guidelines for the industry, honey is “a thick, sweet, syrupy substance that bees make as food from the nectar of flowers and store in honeycombs” and the FDA combines this “common usage” with existing legislation—specifically 402(b)(1) through 402(b)(4) of the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act)—to stipulate that:

A food is adulterated if a valuable constituent has been omitted in whole or in part from a food, or if any substance has been substituted wholly or in part, or if damage or inferiority has been concealed in any manner, or if a substance has been added to a food so as to increase its bulk or weight, reduce its quality or strength, or make it appear to be better or of greater value than it is.

Whew! While this seems a bit loose and roundabout, the FDA does have enforceable authority to protect consumers against honey adulterated with such things as sugar and corn syrup under the FD&C Act since these additives are not included in the “common usage” definition of honey. 2 week weight loss results That being said, testing honey for adulteration is an expensive, multi-step process conducted on only a small percentage of honey consumed yearly in the United States . . . Fastest way to lose weight for women so information is limited on what percentage of honey on grocery store shelves is truly pure. How to lose weight really fast unhealthy *sigh*

Honey may be polluted by pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, antibiotics, and radioactive materials ( source). Exercise lower back pain You should know that there are no standardized maximum residue levels (MRLs) of these contaminants in bee products, including honey. Exercise calories burned walking While it is common to see “produced without the use of antibiotics” on meat packaging, for example, there is no such assurance where honey is concerned. Exercise at home for men Labeling of honey should be supported by analysis that confirms its provenance and safety, but that isn’t the reality. How to lose weight properly Bees are wide-ranging foragers, so contamination of honey is a trickle-down effect of contaminants and pollutants in the general environment.

Be wary of free-range honey claiming to be fully organic, pesticide-free or antibiotic-free. Military diet recipe Click To Tweet

Bottom line and a quick rule of thumb: to avoid smuggling, adulterating, or contamination, seek out honey produced with 1) transparent business practices and traceability from 2) bees verifiably inhabiting remote or protected habitats with a higher likelihood of environmental purity. Lose belly fat quickly A Nepalese “honey hunter” harvesting honey in the Himalayas. Diet plan to lose weight fast at home (Credit: Andrew Newey) Hundreds of man-made beehives pinned high on a steep cliff face to emulate wild bees’ natural habitat in the Shennongjia forestry reserve, China. Weight loss graph (Credit: Inhabitat) A Molo community member harvesting the honey in the forests of West Timor, Indonesia. Exercise challenge team names (Credit: Center for International Forestry Research)

To celebrate responsibly-sourced honey, I created this special cassava flour Springtime Honey Lemon Cookies recipe. Best diet for women over 40 I decorated them with lemon zest and a very simple lemon honey frosting. Lose belly fat challenge If you skip the frosting, they’re a little crumbly, a little sweet (next time I may include a teaspoon of lemon zest into the cookie dough itself because I love the combination of lemon and honey almost too much). Weight loss team names for accountants Lemon Lovers Anonymous, here I come. ??

Also, may I show off my honey spoon? Look at that fat bee climbing into the flower! I got this at a specialty shop here in San Francisco and it’s perfect for this recipe.

• Mix the coconut oil, honey, and egg yolks until foamy. Lose weight fast diet plan and exercise Mix in flours and salt.

• Preheat oven to 350? F. How to lose weight quickly without exercise Grease a cookie sheet and set aside.

• Roll the dough out between two sheets of parchment paper to a ?” thickness. Weight loss pills south africa Make shapes using a cookie cutter, then transfer them to the greased cookie sheet.

• Bake 7-10 minutes until browned and firm. Reviews of military diet Set aside to cool.

• To make the frosting, whip the shortening, honey, and lemon juice together until totally mixed and smooth. Best diet for abs and muscles When the cookies have cooled, top with the frosting using a small knife or back of a spoon. Losing weight while pregnant if overweight Finish with lemon zest.

I had no idea about the honey issue and China. Vitamin d to lose weight Thanks for the info. 3 day military diet shopping list I definitely try to buy local, but I will certainly put more effort into it now. Exercise vs diet And the cookies look amazing and such a nice departure from the overly sugared, multi-color cookies your see for Easter. Paleo autoimmune protocol Thank you!!

I wouldn’t say it’s a question of exactly buying local so much as it is researching the environment that the bees inhabit. Paleo chili powder If you live in Iowa, for example, you may not want to buy local honey because it is contaminated with glyphosate, the main ingredient in weed-killer Roundup (since much of the corn in Iowa is genetically modified to withstand Roundup and it is therefore sprayed freely).

An absolutely fascinating article, I certainly will take more care and question the source of my honey. Exercise meaning in tamil I do usually purchase local honey as I believe it is good for hay fever suffers to consume honey from the same area – it seems to help my daughter.

Wow, I had no idea about all that with honey! Good to know and to look out for. Weight loss meal prep menu And these cookies look so simple and delicious! My kids were asking me to make cookies yesterday so I might have to give these a go!

I had no idea about the honey issue in China. Lose weight fast exercise plan This was so interesting to learn about. 7 days diet plan for weight loss vegetarian I love using honey in recipes and will be looking closer at the honey I purchase. Paleo diet wine Definitely looking forward to trying your lovely cookies soon.

I love lemon and honey together and these cookies are so cute for Easter! Thanks for all the important honey buying info. Healthy diet plans to lose weight I try to be careful, but this is helpful. Paleo recipes My hubby eats as much honey as Pooh Bear, so I should show him this article.

They really do smuggle anything that has high enough perceived value and is easy to counterfeit! A friend of mine is going into beekeeping, and I’m looking forward to getting my honey straight from her.

My daughter would love making these with me… Great info on honey, I buy mine from the local farm shop where I asked about the whole process so that it was kind to the bees, etc. Best diet tracker app Everyone needs to know this.

I had no idea about the state of affairs in China – it’s so odd (and rather worrying) how these things can go relatively unnoticed. Low carb diet fatigue Thank you so much for sharing this information for the rest of us to become more educated. Protein diet list I’m relieved to say however that I only buy local honey. How to lose weight quickly and safely But anyways – uhh these cookies look and sound A-MAZING!

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