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Passengers with a physical or mental disability or a medical condition that requires attention or assistance which is not normally extended to other travellers may need to have medical clearance to fly and will need to fill in a MEDA form. Diet plan to lose weight fast without exercise Medical clearance allows your passenger’s doctor to ensure it is safe to travel and it also allows Air New Zealand to make arrangements for special services, such as Meet & Assist, as required.

In some cases, passengers are required to have medical clearance before they can travel.

This medical clearance allows the passengers doctor to consider whether it is safe for the passenger to travel and to apply for travel approval to Air New Zealand’s Paxcare and Aviation Medicine Unit teams. Weight loss plans for women It also allows Air New Zealand to make arrangements for special services as required.

You can provide passengers with a medical clearance form known as a Medical Fitness for Air Travel form (MEDA). Exercise stress test interpretation Alternatively you can download and print the form below. Losing weight blog The Air New Zealand MEDA is based on the International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved form.

• MEDA Part 1 is the form for the Travel Agent or passenger to complete.

• Once both Part 1 and Part 2 have been completed, please return them to Air New Zealand Paxcare MEDA & Special Handling Desk by fax or e-mail at least 5 days before travel. Weight loss success stories 2016 Contact details are on the bottom of the MEDA forms.

• MEDA Part 3: Medical Guidelines for Doctors contains information the passengers doctor will need to consider regarding the passengers safety to fly.

MEDAs should be submitted 3-14 days prior to travel. Paleo diet constipation For further information, please see MEDA Part 3.

Once completed, email the form to medaclearance@airnz.co.nz or fax the form to the Air New Zealand medical department on +64?9?336?2856 to clear the passenger for travel. Weight loss lexington ky Attachment

MEDA Part 1 (Passenger/Agent to complete) and Part 2 (Doctor to complete)

DVT is a condition in which a blood clot develops in one of the veins of the legs. Low carb diet menu pdf This usually causes a painful swollen calf, but in a few cases it could cause more serious illness. The best diet app Prolonged immobility, which slows down the blood circulation (due for example to bed rest or failure to exercise during long distance travel) can increase the risk of DVT for some people.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our staff. How to reduce water weight overnight In particular, we target all forms of manual lifting, which are major contributors to injuries. Weight loss yoga video Who does the policy apply to?

The policy applies only to customers who have a significant level of physical dependency and are unable to self-lift their upper body when transferring between two points, such as the aircraft aisle chair/wheelchair and the aircraft seat. Exercise plank position Who does the policy not apply to?

The policy does not include all wheelchair users. Diet plan to gain weight and muscle For example, the policy does not relate to passengers who are frail and use a wheelchair on occasions, or those who use wheelchairs for mobility but are able to independently transfer or require the assistance of one person only. Exercise nausea The level of assistance you may provide is illustrated below. Best diet for fat loss bodybuilding What does the policy require of disabled customers?

Disabled customers are required to arrange for a support person to board the domestic aircraft at departure and (again) at the arrival airport, to perform the upper body lifting transfer from the seat to their wheelchair.

Customers requiring this support will also need to inform us at time of booking so an Air New Zealand staff member is available to escort the support person to and from the aircraft through security screening. Exercise moves for arms The support person is not required to travel with the customer on domestic flights. How to lose weight for prom What if someone who needs a manual lift arrives at check-in without a support person, or with a support person who is unable/unwilling to perform the lift?

In these circumstances, airport staff are advised to rebook the customer free of charge on a later flight so they can arrange for a support person to lift them into the aircraft seat (with the appropriate assistance of Air New Zealand staff), plus someone at the destination airport.

Under certain unforeseen circumstances, such as a service disruption or flight diversion, staff may make a risk assessment and choose to perform the lift. Signs of weight loss What assistance can Air New Zealand staff provide?

Air New Zealand staff will not manually lift the upper body of customers but they are able to offer assistance as required:

• Assist customers to move their legs or lift the customer’s legs when they are transferring position.

• Hold the aisle chair while customers transfer position to/from their wheelchair or aircraft seat.

• Propel customers in aisle chairs to/from their wheelchair/aircraft seat.

Service Dogs (including guide dogs) are those that have been individually trained to perform functions and have an innate ability to assist you with your disability.

For more information about travelling with a service dog please our consumer site.

Occasionally, a passenger may become ill in-flight. Losing weight after pregnancy not breastfeeding The vast majority of problems are minor and easily dealt with by the cabin crew, but in case medical assistance is required:

• A comprehensive doctor’s kit is made available to any medical doctor on the flight.

• On-call specialist medical advice is available to the crew by radio or telephone.

• Emergency defibrillators (which the crew are trained to use) are carried on board, ready for the very rare event of a passenger having a cardiac arrest.

Air New Zealand has some special equipment that can be installed on its aircraft for customers’ use. 3 day military diet reviews In other cases the customer will need to provide the required equipment. Causes of weight loss in older cats Equipment requiring an electrical outlet must be fitted with a US plug, please note that adapters can not be used onboard.

We need advance notice to provide any special equipment required.

On codeshare flights the operating carrier’s regulations apply. Weight loss near me If special equipment is required, you must book the operating carrier’s flight number for the segment involved.

For the latest information on acceptable medical equipment, please visit our consumer site:

When assessing the need to carry a passenger’s mobility scooter, you must first establish whether it is essential for their mobility. Example of healthy diet If it is, then Air New Zealand will only accept it as checked-in baggage.

Please ask the passenger for the dimensions and weight of their scooter and enter this information as a free format OSI in the passenger’s PNR.

At check-in, the passenger will be transferred to a wheelchair and the scooter checked in as luggage. Paleo almond milk Please be mindful of our rules regarding wheelchair passengers and determine whether the passenger needs an escort (please add a SSR wheelchair entry if applicable). Exercise physiologist jobs in nc There is no charge for carrying a mobility scooter if it’s essential to the passenger’s ability to move about.

As is the case for all wheelchair passengers, the prime wheelchair and a shower chair should always be accepted free of charge. Exercise 9 7 However, any additional chair is part of their baggage allowance and excess is payable when this allowance is exceeded. Healthy diet chart for womens On-board wheelchair

All 747, 767, 777 and A320 aircraft flying internationally for NZ have a wheelchair stored on board at all times. Paleo diet apple Usually the airport wheelchairs are used to assist passengers on and off the plane, but there is one on board to be used to get to and from the amenities. Weight loss journey Domestic flights do not carry one. L carnitine weight loss how to take Wheelchair Special Service Request (SSR) Codes

1. Weight loss 4 pills reviews SSR WCHR – Unable to walk long distance, can use stairs and walk to seat You are able to walk short distances but require assistance getting to and from the aircraft. 2 month weight loss workout plan You must be able to ascend and descend stairs. Weight loss clinics that take insurance If you are not able to ascend and descend stairs please select the “Wheelchair: unable to walk long distance or use stairs, can walk to seat” option.

2. How to lose weight upper body SSR WCHS – Unable to walk long distance or use stairs, can walk to seat. Exercises to burn fat at home You are able to walk short distances but require assistance getting to and from the aircraft and are unable to ascend or descend aircraft steps. Paleo diet weight loss one month You must be able to walk to your seat once onboard.

3. Exercise tv shows SSR WCHC (See different options below). Paleo diet information You use a wheelchair for mobility and may require a manual upper body lift or the use of an onboard aisle chair, to get to or from your seat on the aircraft. How to lose weight with pcos and diabetes There are five options to choose from.

WCHC SELF RELIANT – completely immobile, can self-transfer to seat. Exercise for back pain You are completely reliant on a wheelchair for mobility and are able to self transfer between an aircraft wheelchair and aircraft seat. Exercise videos on hulu A lower body lift can be provided by Air New Zealand staff if required. Weight loss in cats If you require assistance onboard with personal hygiene, eating and/or medical services you will be required to travel with a safety assistant.

WCHC WITH SAFETY ASSISTANT – completely immobile, travelling with own safety assistant to perform lift. Diet foods india You are completely reliant on a wheelchair for mobility and are unable to self transfer between an aircraft wheelchair and aircraft seat. Exercise schedule template A lower body lift can be provided by Air New Zealand if required. L glutamine weight loss Your safety assistant must be able to perform an upper body lift to transfer you to/from your seat and all onboard needs including assisting with personal hygiene, eating and/or medical services.

WCHC NO SAFETY ASSISTANT – (Only available for direct flights to/from/via the USA) – completely immobile, travelling without a safety assistant. Symptoms of low carb diet You are completely reliant on a wheelchair for mobility and are unable to self transfer between an aircraft wheelchair and the aircraft seat. D angelo weight loss Air New Zealand staff will provide reasonable assistance during your transfer into and out of your seat however you must be able to physically assist in your evacuation in the case of an emergency.

WCHC NON TRAVELLING SAFETY ASSISTANT (Available Domestic only) – completely immobile, providing own safety assistant at each airport to perform lift. Exercise clipart black and white As an alternative to having a safety assistant travel with you, you are permitted to arrange your own safety assistant at each domestic airport to perform an upper body lift to transfer to you and from your seat. Best diet for pcos and insulin resistance This option is not available to you if you require assistance inflight with personal hygiene, eating and/or medical services.

WCHC EAGLE LIFTING DEVICE – completely immobile, require lifting device (Available Domestic Jet Services only). Exercise challenge for weight loss For travel on jet services at Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Palmerston North and Queenstown the Eagle lifting device can be requested. Weight loss diet plan for men All other airports and non jet aircraft require a safety assistant to perform an upper body lift. How to lose belly fat fast and easy at home When using the lifting device, the wearing of shorts or long trousers is recommended for privacy and comfort. Exercise intolerance thyroid Support Person – NZ Domestic flights only

At the suggestion of a disability organisation, our policy now includes the provision for support personnel, arranged by the customer, to board the aircraft and lift the customer at the departure airport and arrival airport. Exercise equipment stores near me This system allows customers who need lifting assistance to travel without the requirement to pay for an escort to accompany them during the flight.

• The support person is escorted by an Air New Zealand staff member to board the aircraft at time of boarding/disembarkation.

• The support person performs the lift for the customer. Weight loss without surgery Air New Zealand staff can assist with moving the legs of the customer if this is required.

• The support person does not travel on the aircraft with the WCHC customer.

• Arranging for the support persons is the responsibility of customer, not Air New Zealand.

This procedure is only applicable for NZ Domestic flights. Exercise tv pilates AVSEC have been informed and have given NZ permission for this new procedure where they screen flights prior to boarding.

For more information about services for people with wheelchairs please see our consumer site.

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