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Kim Usher, her 3 sons and mother enjoyed real beds Wednesday instead of the shelter cots they’ve slept on since a fire that tore through the Oakland halfway house they once called home.

• It took 2 deadly fires to make Schaaf push hard for inspectors

• Oakland wary of shutting down problem properties, records show

The Senate is set to take a fateful step Thursday when Republicans

move to end the filibuster on Supreme Court nominations, paving the way

for the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch by a simple majority.

Neil Gorsuch is on the brink of confirmation to the U.S. Weight loss meal prep menu Supreme Court after withstanding what appeared to be a stunning blow during his confirmation hearings.

The plan to fix California’s roads faces major opposition from environmental advocates who are furious about a provision that they say would give the trucking industry a break from pollution regulations.

TOM STIENSTRA: After years in the shadow of drought, Mount Diablo is the centerpiece of the Bay Area again as spring peaks and the hills glow in greens spiked by wildflowers.

Lucrative jail contracts between sheriff’s departments and the feds

could unravel if legislators pass a bill barring law enforcement from

helping immigration authorities, critics of the legislation say.

Biz + Tech Allegations against Wells Fargo spread beyond retail banking

KATHLEEN PENDER: Wells Fargo fired at least two dozen employees in its credit card processing business for violating bank policies over the past two years and has overhauled the division.

President Trump came into office promising to change Washington. Lose weight fast exercise plan He has moved aggressively to bring about that change. 7 days diet plan for weight loss vegetarian Here are all the stories The Chronicle has reported on the new administration.

EDITORIAL: President Trump used strong terms Wednesday to condemn the “horrific attack” with chemical weapons that killed dozens of civilians in northern Syria.

Having a serious case of FOMO over Coachella? Don’t fret. Paleo diet wine Just because you’re not soaking in the desert sun doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the biggest festival event of the season.

The story of indie-pop outfit Chairlift began in 2006. Healthy diet plans to lose weight In its beginnings, the band resembled a kaleidoscopic mashup of images and sounds, cutouts from different cliched rites of passage for your average …

With all other efforts to stage a 50th anniversary Summer of Love concert in Golden Gate Park getting a thumbs-down, the only officiall way to commemorate the occasion is at the de Young Museum.

MISS BIGELOW: Like swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, faithful fans will flock to AT&T Park Monday, April 10, for another beloved spring tradition.

THE REGULARS: Combing through her racks of eccentric vintage dresses, embellished purses and patterned pantaloons, Sheila Ash tops off her selected outfit with the perfect hat before heading up the stairs …

Real Estate Trilevel in SF’s Glen Park linked to street by bridge

WALK-THROUGH: A bridge linking home and street invokes the name Light Bridge House in this Glen Park home. Paleo recipes Four bedrooms await in a space reimagined as a stylish trilevel.

The plan to fix California’s roads faces major opposition from environmental advocates who are furious about a provision that they say would give the trucking industry a break from pollution regulations.

Symphony Pride concert brings joy to LGBTQ community and friends

In a typical San Francisco Symphony season, it’s not uncommon for Davies Symphony Hall to be full. Best diet tracker app At a traditional opening night, for example, every concert seat is occupied, and afterward, many attendees comb the coverage to see who was wearing what.

It’s probably going to take a lot of winks, nods and backroom side deals for Gov. Low carb diet fatigue Jerry Brown and the Democratic legislative leadership to pass their $52 billion transportation tax and fee package by their self-imposed Thursday night deadline.

I was waiting to cross Market Street when the light flashed “walk.” A young man in front of me stepped into the crosswalk. Protein diet list Suddenly, he heard the blast of a Muni bus horn and, jarred by the sound, jumped back. How to lose weight quickly and safely The bus barreled through the intersection. Exercise for back pain youtube It’s fair to assume that if he had …

That might not be important news for people who don’t frequent that restaurant, but it’s a big deal for anyone who has patronized Rivoli in the past 23 years.

About two years ago I received an email from a dissatisfied Rivoli …

The nightmare of an elephant, rhinoceros or other endangered species being killed for its parts to be brought into California and sold brings deep pain to David Bess, the chief of enforcement for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn’s request that he be granted immunity before talking to Congress about the Trump campaign’s possible dealings with Russia is the smartest move he could make under the circumstances.

The House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the possibility that President Trump’s campaign staff colluded with Russia to skew the November election has ground to a halt. Weight loss recipes for breakfast It’s been sidetracked by a debate over whether committee Chairman Rep. 5 2 diet plan recipes Devin Nunes has bungled …

Between the Cubists of the early 20th century and the Pop artists of the 1960s, there was Stuart Davis.

A lively exhibition at the de Young Museum, “Stuart Davis: In Full Swing,” is the first opportunity in 25 years to see a comprehensive selection of Davis works on the West …

Time was, a bar could be a place of forgetting: unwinding after work, drinking away your sorrows and entering, through martinis and neat whiskeys, a state of pleasant oblivion.

Not so in contemporary San Francisco. How to lose weight very fast at home Today, bar-going can be the most intense activity you undertake in a 24-hour …

In general, the outdoors is bigger than the indoors, so it’s not much of a surprise that there’s more than one school of thought about camping and nature. Paleo diet for runners Among them, there is the John Muir school: longing to escape the modern, artificial world and breathe fresh air, see the stars and sleep …

Jazz and contemporary poetry seem made for each other, and you’ll get to see and hear why at the SFJazz Poetry Festival, co-presented by Litquake. Military diet blog The opening program features Ishmael Reed, Tennessee Reed, San Francisco Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguia and Sensei poet and activist Janice …

Like swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, faithful fans will flock to AT&T Park Monday, April 10, for another beloved spring tradition: The San Francisco Giants Opening day.

But first, 950 fervent fans gathered March 31 at the Hilton Hotel to welcome home the …

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