Reversing diabetes

Before I even start writing this article, let me make it clear that I am not a doctor. Healthy diet tips in hindi I have no medical training. Youtube exercise music I am only relaying my own experiences and how I reversed Type 2 Diabetes for myself. Weight loss vs fat loss I did rely on information from Doctors that I research online.

Weight loss doctors in my area So, I just want it to be clear that I am not giving you medical advice, I am only relaying my own experience. A healthy diet to lose weight in 2 weeks If you try it, this may or may not work for you, and you are doing it at your own risk.

I became diabetic 25 years ago when I was 30 years old. Military diet ingredients Today, I am 55, and I have had a lot of health problems caused by diabetes. Paleo banana pancakes My four big medical events over the years were:

• Diabetic Retinopathy and Macular Degeneration causing poor vision when I was 53 and 54.

According to my doctors, all of these events were caused by diabetes. Low carb diet foods Long term diabetes.

A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to take control of diabetes instead of letting it control me. 10 days diet plan to lose 10kg As time went on, I became convinced that I would be able to cure myself of diabetes. Weight loss estimator At the end of 2016 I told my Endocrinologist (Dr. Paleo zucchini bread Ho) that by the end of 2017 I intended to no longer be using insulin for my diabetes. Diet plan to get lean Dr. Military diet results Ho told me it was impossible, I would never be able to do that. Weight loss 4 pills On February 16, 2017, I took my last injection of insulin, I have not had it since then! My blood sugar levels are normal. How to lose weight really quickly Previously, I was using 100 units of insulin daily, and also 3 oral medications. How to lose weight with pcos and metformin How did I do it?

I started out in March 2016 by eating a Ketogenic Diet. Weight loss diet vegetarian Ketogenic means a high fat, low carb diet. Diet plan to lose weight fast in tamil Within a day or two I could see results, and I was able to reduce my use of insulin almost immediately. 6 week weight loss challenge I did not cut out carbs altogether, in fact, I probably ate more carbs than I should have. L angle weight calculator I lost some weight, but after a couple of months I hit a plateau, and did not lose any more weight until I made some more significant changes. Exercise your brain During those couple of months, I lost about 20 pounds.

When I first started a keto diet, I was following the recommendation for carbohydrate intake, about 20 to 30 grams of carbs daily. Exercise and stress articles When I had a heart attack in June, my doctor convinced me to start eating more carbs, and I raised my intake to about 60 to 80 grams of carbs daily. Paleo zucchini fries My diabetes was still doing great, but my weight loss came to an end.

In December 2016 and January 2017, I decided to get more serious about keto to see if I could get the weight loss moving again. E factor diet foods It was very slow. A high protein diet Then, at the beginning of February 2017, I learned about Intermittent Fasting ( IF) and started looking into it. Protein diet breakfast It seemed that by fasting for part of each day, I could get even better control of diabetes, and also have a good chance of losing more weight. Preparation h for weight loss Started Fasting

When I started IF, I was using a 19/5 method, I would fast 19 hours per day, and eat for 5 hours. Losing weight quotes The 5 hour window was from 2 PM until 7 PM daily. Weight loss hypnosis app I would have lunch at 2 PM, maybe a snack between 2 and 6 and then have dinner at 6 PM. Best diet ever By 7 PM all of my eating was done for the day. U weight loss reviews During my eating window, I would strictly follow a ketogenic diet. Low carb diet side effects In fact, I have gotten where I am eating only about 5 grams of carbs daily.

I was enjoying the fasting so much that within a week or two, I decided to decrease my eating window to only 1 hour per day. Exercise and stress research I ate dinner only, at 6 PM, and no other food during the day. Weight loss tumblr before and after Again, strictly ketogenic during that one hour.

My fasting was going so good, and I was enjoying it. Exercise class clipart No hunger. Best diet in the world No problems at all. Weight loss hypnosis It felt very natural to me. Low carb diet foods to avoid I then decided to go even further, and I am currently in the middle of a 10 day fast. Weight loss meditation reviews No food at all for 10 days. Paleo crave As I write this, I am nearly at the end of day 4 of my fast. Exercise intolerance causes Everything is going well.

Now, this fasting (Intermittent and Prolonged) has been going on for just under 5 weeks. I want to lose weight in my stomach In that time, I have lost a little more than 20 pounds. Exercise list pdf When I went into the 10 day fast, my weight loss really kicked up. Weight loss log My Doctor “friends”

Like I said earlier, I have several doctors that I follow online. Paleo diet rice Most conventional doctors, especially doctors in the Philippines, do not know about or believe in this process. Losing weight breastfeeding calories They are scared of it when they hear a “high fat” diet. Paleo diet menu example I can’t blame them, I was scared too when I heard about it. Paleo hebrew But, it works. 5 exercises to lose belly fat At least it has for me.

Dr. Low carb diet side effects mood Eenfeldt is the founder of Diet Doctor. Paleo diet shopping list on a budget He is Swedish. I need to lose weight fast and free I find him very knowledgeable. Weight loss tricks without exercise Check out his website there are LOTS of good tips there to keep you going in the right direction.

Dr. 2 week weight loss plan Fung is great! Dr. For weight loss tips Fung is a kidney specialist based in Canada. Healthy diet plans He is my very favorite source of information, especially when it comes to fasting. How to lose weight very quickly Dr. Exercise list Fung has a huge number of videos on YouTube (just go to YouTube and search for “Dr. Weight loss meal prep shopping list Jason Fung” and you will find a lot). Military diet 3 day I find Dr. Low carb diet hair loss Fung to be very good, so informative, and really a guy that cares a lot. Exercise calendar app He has cured a LOT of people of diabetes!

I follow Dr. Best diet tips Mercola a bit, but not that much. Exercise motivation required What I have seen is good, though. Is paleo diet good I do recommend him. Exercise kinesiology I like other doctors more, but you may like Dr. Weight loss 7 days Mercola the best, you have to go with who you enjoy most and find most informative. 3 week weight loss Dr. 6 ways to lose belly fat without exercise Mercola does have some great content on YouTube, so do a search for him there!

Dr. Low carb diet not working Hyman, for me, is similar to Dr. Exercise moves for beginners Mercola. How do i lose belly fat I follow him, but not that much. Paleo diet weight loss plan I like him and find him informative. Fastest way to lose weight in 5 days Check out his presence on YouTube, there is some real good stuff there about Diabetes and other medical topics.

To be honest, all of these doctors have been a great help to me. Jlo diet plan They have been a blessing to me.

I firmly believe that they can help you too, take some time to look into the things they are advising! Unconventional

I readily admit that the things that these doctors advocate is unconventional. Weight loss encouragement What I am doing is unconventional. Exercise schedule pdf It scares many people. Weight loss plateau eat more But, being diabetic for 25 years, I wanted to make a change. Diet plan to lose weight fast in a month The things that “regular doctors” were recommending did not help me with diabetes. Protein diet recipes Sure, I could use insulin and that would make my blood sugar go down, but I still had diabetes. Dr g weight loss syracuse In fact, over time I would just need to use more and more insulin to keep things “regulated”. Low carb diet menu to lose weight What these unconventional doctors have shown mt to do, though, has made it where the disease is gone. 3 days diet plan for weight loss No more medication. Weight loss pictures No more high blood sugar. Slim in 6 diet plan It works! It costs nothing

When you follow the advice that is conventional it is expensive. Weight loss 1 month Insulin is not cheap. Healthy diet quiz Oral medications can be expensive. Fastest way to lose weight in a week When diabetes causes you to have a stroke or a heart attack.. Weight loss vegetables and fruits list oh boy, you want to talk about expensvie? If you are diabetic there is a good chance that you will have to have a leg amputated, that would be hell, and it cossts money too. Exercise 2 context clues In the end, diabetes is going to kill you.

These doctors that I listed, though (and many others) are using an unconventional method to heal diabetes. 4 days off military diet To do a ketogenic diet, your food will cost more than you are spending now in all likelihood. 3 month weight loss However, you will be able to reduce your spending on medicine, healthcare, and also avoid health problems. How to lose stomach fat The big thing is that you can prolong your life. Best diet for fat loss and toning So, when you weigh the costs vs. Exercise science jobs the savings, it really does not cost anything. Paleo diet for diabetes The savings reverse the added food costs.

If you get into fasting like I have, that really costs nothing! During the times you are fasting, you will spend ZERO on food! Anyway, it is not about costs for me, it is about prolonging my life, and being able to be healthier and enjoy the life that I intend to prolong.

So, that is what I have done. The paleo diet Through this week, on this site, I will give more information. How to lose weight using a treadmill Share some videos with you, and generally be around to answer questions that you may have.

I hope that whatever you decide to do about diabetes it will work for you! I know one this type of program is the only thing that has ever worked for me, and it is seemingly perfect!

Bob Martin is an American expat who has been living in the Philippines since the year 2000. Weight loss las vegas Bob is an Internet Entrepreneur. Pregnancy and exercise guidelines Doing that kind of work is pretty sedentary, but Bob is making a big effort to be more active and moving toward better health!

I started LCHF diet then fell off the wagon. Protein diet for weight gain I threw out all (3) oral diabetic only taking lantus insulin. I want to lose weight so bad Dr.Fung’s book sits collecting dust on my shelf and it is time to get it out and start reading it. Military diet grocery list I need to be back on track and your post has made me take stock of what I need to do.

I am hoping to retire to Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro, Pueblo de Oro in three years. Paleo diet summary Currently, I am waiting for my condo to be built and that should take 18 months (11 stories and we are on the 9th). Losing weight over 40 In 2008 I (actually as you know my wife “bought” as I cannot own land) bought a lot on a golf course about a mile from where the condo is going up (Primavera City). Weight loss calendar tracker Lost some vision in both eyes (lower and peripheral) and have not played golf since. 5 day diet plan to lose weight May sell the lot but not until I know I can tolerate condo living. Weight loss before and after Never have lived in a high rise before so will try it for a year and find out and build a house if need be. Weight loss meme My wife became a nurse 6 years ago and wants to continue working a bit longer. Signs of losing weight I am 65 and intend to stop practicing anesthesia 8/1/2020 or maybe before. The best diet plan to lose weight We have been blessed with a wonderful daughter, Zoe who is six. Paleo diet rules and guidelines My wife’s family is very supportive and she has many relatives in Cagayan de Oro, Valencia City and Maramag, all of them very nice. Diet plan to gain weight in 1 month They always want us to stay with them when we visit. How to lose weight yahoo Last year her Aunt took us to Pearl Farm for five days, living in Davao I am sure you know of it. 5 week weight loss Whenever we visit they provide a car for the month (I requested no driver after two trips because their driving made me nervous) and my father-in law or brother-in law drives NOT ME.

I will follow your progress and will be inspired by it. Exercise calorie calculator heart rate Maybe we could even meet on my next trip- 2018.

Hi Jeff, thank you for your comment, it’s nice to hear from you. Exercise tips It sounds like you’ve got a lot of great plans there. Detox weight loss diet 3 day I truly believe that getting back on the LCHF diet, and following Dr. Lose weight fast diet Fung’s recommendations about fasting would really help you to enjoy that life that you have planned. Diet plan for abs male I’m glad that you found my post and I guess what I’m doing to be motivational. 3 day diet plan That’s really great, I really want to help others to achieve the things that I am in the process of doing as well. I beam weight calculator That means a lot to me. Paleo gingerbread cookies I’d be happy to meet you whenever you’re around the area, just let me know.

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