Research paper_ a paleo-mesoproterozoic supercontinent_ assembly, growth and breakup

Geological and paleomagnetic data support the hypothesis that a Paleo-Mesoproterozoic supercontinent, referred to as Columbia, existed before the formation of Rodinia. Paleozoic era major events This pre-Rodinia supercontinent was assembled along global-scale 2.1–1.8 Ga collisional orogens and contained almost all of Earth’s continental blocks. Diet plan for abs in hindi Following its final assembly at ?1.8 Ga, the supercontinent Columbia underwent long-lived (1.8–1.3 Ga), subduction-related growth via accretion at key continental margins, forming a 1.8–1.3 Ga large magmatic accretionary belt along the present-day southern margin of North America, Greenland and Baltica. Diet plan to lose weight fast in a week It includes the 1.8–1.7 Ga Yavapai, Central Plains and Makkovikian Belts, 1.7–1.6 Ga Mazatzal and Labradorian Belts, 1.5–1.3 Ga St. Protein diet recipes for weight loss Francois and Spavinaw Belts and 1.3–1.2 Ga Elzevirian Belt in North America; the 1.8–1.7 Ga Ketilidian Belt in Greenland; and the 1.8–1.7-Transscandinavian Igneous Belt, 1.7–1.6 Ga Kongsberggian–Gothian Belt, and 1.5–1.3 Ga Southwest Sweden Granitoid Belt in Baltica. Weight loss journey motivation Other cratonic blocks also underwent marginal outgrowth at about the same time. Exercise calories burned chart In South America, a 1.8–1.3 Ga accretionary zone occurs along the western margin of the Amazonia Craton, represented by the Rio Negro, Juruena and Rondonian Belts. Weight calculator for steel In Australia, 1.8–1.5 Ga accretionary magmatic belts, including the Arunta, Mt. Lose belly fat overnight reviews Isa, Georgetown, Coen and Broken Hill Belts, occur surrounding the southern and eastern margins of the North Australia Craton and the eastern margin of the Gawler Craton. Best diet for menopause to lose weight In China, a 1.8–1.4 Ga accretionary magmatic zone, called the Xiong’er belt (Group), extends along the southern margin of the North China Craton. Lose weight fast tips in hindi Fragmentation of this supercontinent began about 1.6 Ga ago, associated with continental rifting along the western margin of Laurentia (Belt–Purcell Supergroup), southern margin of Baltica (Telemark Supergroup), southeastern margin of Siberia (Riphean aulacogens), northwestern margin of South Africa (Kalahari Copper Belt), and northern margin of North China (Zhaertai–Bayan Obo Belt). Exercise for back pain after cesarean delivery The fragmentation corresponded with widespread anorogenic magmatic activity, forming anorthosite–mangerite–charnockite–granite (AMCG) suites in North America, Baltica, Amazonia and North China, and continued until the final breakup of the supercontinent at about 1.3–1.2 Ga, marked by the emplacement of the 1.27 Ga MacKenzie and 1.24 Ga Sudbury mafic dike swarms in North America.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: The Waifangshan Mo-quartz vein cluster occurs at the northernmost margin of the Qinling Orogen. Military diet reviews 2015 The orebodies occur as quartz veins and are controlled by low-angle faults.

Losing weight after 40 loose skin We identify three hydrothermal stages, characterized by veinlets of quartz–pyrite, quartz–molybdenite–pyrite–chalcopyrite–galena–sphalerite, and quartz–carbonate assemblages, respectively. Healthy diet chart for weight loss The early-stage quartz veins were structurally-deformed, brecciated, and filled by non-deformed middle- or late-stage veinlets, suggesting that the mineralization is associated with a tectonic transition from compression to extension.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: We document for the first time the presence of a Paleoproterozoic ophiolitic melange in the Archean–Paleoproterozoic Kongling Complex in the northern Huangling Dome, Yangtze craton, South China. Healthy diet benefits Detailed field mapping, petrographic, geochronological and geochemical studies reveal that the melange consists of a suite of amphibolite facies mafic and ultramafic tectonic blocks including serpentinized harzburgite, olivine pyroxenite, pyroxenite, diabase, gabbro and basalt dispersed in a strongly sheared metasedimentary matrix. Exercise schedule for abs The melange displays polyphase deformation and northwest-verging nappe structures, and underwent amphibolite to granulite facies metamorphism in the Paleoproterozoic (2.0–1.95 Ga). Exercise intolerance in dogs The metasedimentary rocks are composed mainly of garnet-biotite-plagioclase gneiss, mica schist, mica-graphite schist, marble, quartzite, and banded iron formation (BIF). Paleo diet oatmeal The mafic–ultramafic rock association shares the lithological and geochemical characteristics of Phanerozoic suprasubduction zone ophiolites.

LA-ICP-MS U–Pb dating of zircons from the diabase yield ages between 2142 and 2148 Ma for the magmatic cores and between 2042–2048 Ma for the metamorphic rims. Paleo diet approved foods Zircon cores have ?Hf (t) values ranging from +5.4 to +10.3 (average = +7.2) with corresponding TDM1 ages of 2.24 Ga, indicating that these rocks are remnants of juvenile crust derived from the depleted mantle at ca. Weight loss heart rate 2.2 Ga. Exercise guidelines All rock types in the melange underwent Paleoproterozoic (2.0–1.95 Ga) amphibolite–granulite facies metamorphism and were intruded by syn-metamorphic granite (?2.0 Ga), post-collisional (ca.1.85 Ga) granite and mafic dykes. Exercise 21 human reflex physiology Intrusion age of one quartz monzonitic dyke crosscutting the serpentinized harzburgite is 1999 Ma, constraining the minimum emplacement age of the mafic–ultramafic complex. Paleo alfredo sauce The mafic–ultramafic rocks within the metasedimentary matrix in the northern Huangling Dome are fragments of a ca. H pylori diet plan 2.15 Ga suprasubduction zone ophiolite that was incorporated into the suture zone during the accretionary-collisional process. Exercise and anxiety attacks The melange recognized in the northern Yangtze craton provides important evidence for the Paleoproterozoic subduction and accretion processes possibly associated with the amalgamation of the proposed Columbia supercontinent.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Paleoproterozoic orogens record the accretion and collision of older tectonic blocks, and this record the tectonic development of a region. Weight loss eating plan nz The Halls Creek Orogen (HCO) is a well-exposed Paleoproterozoic orogenic belts which can provide insight into the assembly of the Kimberley Craton to the Diamantina Craton during the Nuna Supercontinent amalgamation. Healthy diet while breastfeeding Despite the relative abundance of rock exposure, there is still controversy as to how the Halls Creek Orogen developed. 3 weeks to lose weight The 1865 Ma Tickalara Metamorphics seem to be a key unit within the Central Zone of the Halls Creek Orogen that can help solving the controversy. Weight loss workout plan for men The formation of the protoliths to the Tickalara Metamorphics, and other sedimentary and igneous rocks of Central Zone have been described as either forming in: (1) an oceanic island arc setting above an easterly dipping subduction zone outboard of Kimberley Craton; or (2) an ensialic marginal basin located closer to the margin of Kimberley Craton. Paleontology The two plausible tectonic scenarios of the Halls Creek Orogen are examined through 33 2D thermo-mechanical-petrological numerical experiments based on I2VIS code. Exercise at home for abs The initial constraints for model setup aim to best represent the tectonic environment for the protoliths to the Tickalara Metaomorphics as either intra-ocean subduction or ocean-continent subduction and collision. Low carb diet results before and after With this approach, we were able to find experiments with specific physical parameters with results that are consistent with the geology observed in the Halls Creek Orogen. Paleo diet to lose weight The results indicate that the geology of the Halls Creek Orogen is best represented by the ensialic marginal basin scenario. Paleo brownies This scenario is most consistent with the observed geology and reveals processes which led to the generation of key lithological units and major structures. Diet plan to lose belly fat in 7 days The numerical experiments can also explain sources of magmatism and development of metamorphic conditions that occurred during the tectonic evolution of the Halls Creek Orogen.

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