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The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a subset of the World Health Organization, announced that red and processed meats could be carcinogenic, though it’s not clear how much of the product would need to be consumed to have a negative impact.

“People are fairly attached to meat consumption in the U. S.,” he said. “The people who would be convinced by this data have already made up their

minds that meat is bad for their health. It’s like preaching to the choir.”

“The vote was not unanimous, but the working committee felt that the consumption of processed meat led to a small, yet significant increase in the risk of colorectal cancer,” he said, adding that the group found a smaller correlation between cancer and red meat and labeled its risk of causing cancer as probable.

Red meats differ from processed meats because nitrates, which are used for preservation, aren’t added to them, Turesky said. Those nitrates can create chemical reactions in a person’s gut and potentially damage intestinal DNA, leading to cancer.