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Hmm. Military diet calories First, honey does not have zero calories. 4 exercises It is a Sugar and is exactly what you don’t want to add to your body while fasting it will end it instantly.

Second, you are either dieting or fasting. Losing weight with pcos blog If you are fasting you just have to drink your water according to thirst and avoid putting anything on your skin that would interfere with the detox, not use toothpaste etc. Exercise bike clipart Just stay out of your bodies way while it does what it needs to do to restore full health.

Weight loss 21 day fix This will include weight loss in very good time but will include many other benefits. Weight loss zumba If you are dieting you can add things like weight loss teas but you are NOT fasting in this case, you are entering a starvation diet and I have no knowledge of that other than that unlike fasting it is a very dangerous thing to do.

There is a free online book that is well worth the read here:

Take care deoxyribo- I love the name, now I might actually remember how to spell it! 🙂

Lol, I checked the honey container and it said Zero Calories *0*, and it’s Raw, but maybe it’s still bad? Also, Tea is also 0 cals so I don’t understand how it is starvation if there are no calories to begin with? I mean, tea itself is 0 calories, it’s like water with herbs? Thanks for the website, I’ll check it out right now. How to lose weight quickly at home (Lol, you’re not the only one who said my username helped you remember how to spell DNA.)

So do you consider the juicefast as a starvation diet, or the Lemonade Diet ? I can’t see how that can be, when people have good results and feel healthier.

Even Bragg, on short fasts, recommends a cider vinegar or lemon with honey/maple? in a couple of your glasses of water a day, to dissolve mucous.

I wouldn’t call Juicefasting or Juicefeasting (as some people call it) a starvation diet: it is more of a “reducing diet” with weight loss and health benefits that accrue because of it. Weight loss diet chart Fresh organic juices are saturated with natures nutrition.

Paul Bragg did add the items you mentioned, such as Apple Cider Vinegar to dissolve mucus, but for the purists this was again a reducing diet.

Any form of liquid nutrition though is better absorbed by the body as it requires the minimum of digestion: that is why fruit is considered to be easily digested because it is mostly water and considered by most to be pre-digested. Cinnamon and weight loss So basically, more benefits accrue with the least amount of nutrition, and therefore water fasting is considered by many to be the “ultimate” with zero nutrition. 6 meal diet plan This forces the body into Ketosis which results in the maximum healing and cleansing.

Maybe I’m just a purist in this case. Is a paleo diet healthy I think that juice fasting is a means to an end. Exercises on reported speech A slower way of cleansing or losing weight than water fasting, but I wouldn’t think it would be good for the body to continue indefinitely any more than it would be to continue water fasting indefinitely. Best diet and workout plan The body admittedly needs rest from digesting foods at times but complete rest for ever? It’s a natural bodily process and as good as juicing is it isn’t utilising the whole body, and once the goal of the juice fast is achieved, just like water fasting, the body needs to get back to ‘normal’.

So while I wouldn’t call it a starvation diet as such, I would hesitate to suggest that juicing is providing everything that the body needs. Paleo diet bad Don’t ask me about the Lemonade Diet , it doesn’t sound like something I would like. Paleo diet eggs :p

I don’t think anyone mentioned juice fasting indefinitely, or even there being a need to. Shaun t diet plan I know I certainly didn’t. Benefits of protein diet It will have benefits, but as you rightly point out, it is not nearly beneficial as water fasting: the body will need to get back to normal at some point by providing solid nutrition.

Yep I understand and agree Chris. Lose weight fast uk I was just responding to bling’s question about whether or not juice ‘fasting’ is a starvation diet. Military diet reviews I don’t believe it is, but in the very long term it possibly could become so is my answer I guess.

I was just making a point that the odd cup of tea without the honey/milk, would be a minor indiscretion, and not a major catastrophy, and i would doubt that it would ruin the fast.

Yes, you are a purist. Healthy diet breakfast ideas LOL. Exercise calorie calculator running And you have every right to be, this is the waterfast forum afterall, not a waterfast but you can have this and that forum LOL. Youtube exercise dance But most of us are not perfect, and if it takes falling off the wagon a few times to complete a fast, it is a means to an end in my opinion.

If you are already used to drinking just water it doesn’t come as such a hardship as it does for those of us who normally drink tea and coffee or whatever. Best 7 day diet I have gone 5 days without coffee now, this time around but still drink a couple of teas, that is my next aim, to drink them weaker, then without milk and then cut out completely. Weight calculator baby Then i’m caffiene free, but giving up coffee was the hard part.

You have the luxury of already being a raw foodist, so you will obviously find it easier than others to adjust to the waterfast. Low carb diet grocery list A lot of us are still trying to get there and will make lots of mistakes and do things we are not supposed to do while we get there.

If i have to make my journey by going around the scenic route, juicing to start or whatever it takes to eventually do the water for longer than a few days, i will, and i will not see that as any sort of failure on my part.

And nor should you feel it is a failure. Paleo diet shopping list pdf I feel exactly the same way about my efforts. Best diet for fat loss male I am far from perfect and still fall off the wagon all the time, my wagon is just a bit different to yours is all. Weight loss success stories blog 🙂

I’ve only been on mostly raw since I started fasting again in August last year then. Paleo almond butter cookies I went cold turkey off junk food and soft drinks then and it was fasting that paved the way for that change in my lifestyle.

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