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On the list this week: Good eating, TTF funding and Low ratings

Good eating

Rutgers University dedicated a new $55 million, 78,000-square-foot facility that will focus on research in food, nutrition and health. The goal is to make New Jersey a national model of a healthy state, and the new Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health facility is home to the Center for Lipid Research, the Center for Childhood

Nutrition Education and Research and the Center for Health and Human Performance.

Our take: This is another step to making Rutgers a leader in nutrition and health across the country and around the world.

TTF funding

A coalition of advocacy groups, labor unions, civic organizations and others sent a formal letter to the state Legislature last week requesting that any potential upcoming hike in the gas tax not be tied to a subsequent repeal of New Jersey’s inheritance and estate taxes.

Our take: We agree. Let the issue stand on its own and let lawmakers cast their vote. Tying items together is not good for government.

Low ratings

Forbes has come out with its annual Best States for Business list for 2015, and the news was grim for New Jersey. The Garden State ranked 41st overall, doomed by low marks in business costs and regulatory environment. It was the second year in a row New Jersey ranked No. 41 in the survey, earning a place in Forbes’ bottom 10.

Our take: Before you say the high cost of living will always place New Jersey on the lower end of these rankings, consider this: New York was No. 29 and Pennsylvania was No. 36.

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