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We love Italian coffee. Diet plan to gain weight Our strong Maromas coffee roasted in the Italian style goes very well with our cakes and desserts.

Our coffee contains 100% Arabica beans, and is made by our very experienced barista.

Losing weight healthily Coffee is available to eat-in or take-away.

We also recommend one of our delicious Callebaut hot chocolate variations. Healthy diet paradise Our hottest chocolate drink combines Callebaut dark chocolate pastille with eggnog, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of… garam masala!

For those with a sweet tooth, who cannot resist their favourite Gelarto ice-cream or macaron, there is our special Macaron Shake. Weight loss smoothies That’s right, we mix your favourite macarons with fresh milk and Gelarto ice-cream. Losing weight inspiration Your only dilemma is which flavour to choose: poppy, strawberry, coconut, chocolate, caramel or yoghurt.

Our cakes come in the same flavours as our ice-cream, and are prepared in the same way, fresh and from the finest ingredients locally and from abroad. Omega 3 weight loss dosage Cake slices, macarons, thick and silky fudges, and Liege-type leavened dough waffles are all prepared with rich, fresh and natural components. Paleo diet what not to eat We use ingredients such as Alphonso mango, Bronte pistachios, and vanilla from Reunion Island, alongside locally-produced milk and cream, and fresh seasonal fruit.

There are also sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, and paleo (“free of everything”) cakes for customers with special dietary needs.

We can make rose cakes to order, using premium quality Gelarto Rosa ice-cream, for large special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. Lose weight fast diet and exercise The cake will be in the size of your choice, in gourmet, classic, paleo or vegan versions. Exercise ecards We work exclusively with the ice-creams that can be found behind our ice-cream counter.

Our ‘always fresh’ macaron is a bite of French joy. Military diet uk The small almond wonders are prepared with great care: the fresh ingredients, original recipes, vivid colours and imaginative flavour combinations will impress even a gourmet. Best diet for women over 50 Our macarons go nicely with a cup of fine coffee or hot chocolate. Paleo brownies coconut flour You can also surprise a loved one with one of our macaron selections in a gift box.

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