Mizzou chat with dave matter

St. Louis teachers decry district for not letting them advance

After rejecting the district’s modest pay proposal, teachers say they want to advance up the salary schedule as teachers in other districts do. Pilots grounded but remain on Illinois payroll

They are earning a combined $39,500 per month.

Greetings, chatters. I can only imagine there’s a lot to discuss. A few ground rules today: I’m not getting into debating the merits and tactics of the student protesters

here at MU. I’d be happy to share thoughts on the football team’s role and Pinkel’s management/mismanagement of the situation, but I don’t want to turn this into more name-calling, rumor-mongering and political gotcha games with all the parties involved. Let’s keep it clean, thoughtful and productive.

On that note, everyone take a minute to read what I think is the most sensible, provoking statement I’ve seen from a former Mizzou athlete on all of this. It comes from former MU quarterback Brad Smith, who posted the following on his Instagram today: “What an opportunity for MIzzou to come together and show the world how to love one another. I know MIzzou is much better than the attention it’s been getting, I am proud to have attended The University of Missouri and continue to attend as I work towards my masters degree. We must recognize that change is necessary and policy change will help for sure, but that alone won’t bring about the change that our hearts desire. I challenge all of us to look in the mirror and examine our motives and personal prejudices (Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, all nationalities ) and then act. Cultures change by people choosing to change them, individuals choosing to sit and eat a meal with someone who doesn’t look like them, people who look out for one another simply because they love them, people who make a conscious choice to listen to one another and put there individual agendas aside. A new President alone can’t make that change for us. We are all broken pieces, damaged, imperfect and flawed. But when you put all of our broken pieces to together we make a beautiful Mosaic. Without one another we are only broken shards of glass used to inflict pain. Speak the truth in love and let’s work on our issues together, like a family should. “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” Philippians 2:3 #onemizzou #bettertogether #mosaic”

As a Mizzou grad and a Columbia resident how do you feel the University and community will be affected by the last five days events. Unfortunately I feel the fun is being taken out of coming over for football games.

Here’s the answer nobody wants to share in times like these because we all want to be experts and know everything about all that happens and will happen: I have no idea. It will depend on leadership or lack thereof. I hope we’ve seen the worst and cooler heads prevail on both sides. I hope people make informed decisions and actually listen to people with viewpoints that are different from their own.

Nobody knows the answer to that. It’s a hypothetical that can’t be answered. I would suspect that the players who feel strongest about the protest group would still have strong convictions but it would be harder for them to convince others to join the group.

Off a quick scan of the current roster, I counted 58 scholarship players who are black and 26 who are white. I also don’t see how it’s a relevant fact. The black players have never said they’re under-represented on the team.

Good question. We’ll find out Saturday. I don’t think Missouri’s good enough to beat two of the final three opponents regardless of locker room issues or this week’s off-field unrest. They’ll have to suddenly discover an offense to be able to score with these teams, even if the MU defense plays well and holds BYU, Tennessee and Arkansas to average performances. A victory Saturday, considering all the circumstances leading up to this game, would be one of the more impressive and surprising wins in recent memory. But I don’t expect that to happen.

Hey Dave, GP Lutheran Alum here. Enjoy your chats. Any thought on the chance Henson is removed from the OC postion.? if so, who do you think they might look at? If Mizzou, say next year, has another sub .500 record, do you think Pinkel goes on the hot seat? If so, in your opinion, where do they look? Thanks

I don’t like to speculate about candidates for jobs that aren’t open. Pinkel will have some decisions to make about his staff in the offseason, maybe more so than ever before. Historically, he’s kept his staff intact – but that doesn’t mean all his coaches would want to necessarily stay. After the last few days, I’d be polishing up my resume to find some place with less drama.

Culkin was having a solid season before getting hurt. He was having his best season as a receiver until Ish Witter slammed into the back of his knee. He hasn’t done much in the passing game since coming back. They’re using two tights on the field at the same time more than ever before under Pinkel, and the results have been mixed at best. Who to blame? Well, blame the offensive coaches and the players, I guess. Not sure who else there is to blame.

I don’t spend any extra time making sure not to offend. The BYU game was designated the whiteout game months ago. The seniors select the uniform combinations during preseason camp. End of story. The last few days are too fresh to know how recruiting will be affected long-term. My suspicion is it won’t be a big blow to recruiting – not as much, say, a 4-8 record. A few players who are already committed have tweeted that they’re still on board. But it’s still on the coaches to try to convince them that Columbia and Mizzou are safe places where they can live happily. MU coaches would be wise to communicate that point strongly with recruits and their parents.

Probably, but I think it’s a mistake to paint with a broad brush and assume all rich donors think alike. The tenor of their reaction to all of this is surely guided by 4-5 as much as other issues. If MU suspects that significant donors are truly backing away, then it’s Mack Rhoades and his staff’s job to win them back. He’s a sharp guy. He won’t naively assume all is good in the donor world

I tweeted you during half time of the MU-MSU game knowing what I saw at the end of the 1st half could have carried over into the second half but I feel the coaching staff out foxed themselves. This constant personnel changes plus play calling. IMO Cheadle should never have been left 1 on 1 with that giant receiver. He abused Dennis too so I’m not sure how you leave him 1 on 1. That first 2nd half possession where Lock threw the pick. How do you run it down their throat at the end of the half and go back to forcing passes when you haven’t proved you can pass protect? It was nice to see Zanders in the back field but he doesn’t get the speed option called? When I look at how Michigan turned around a pitiful offense I have to believe this is mostly on the coaches, do you agree?

Coaches have to be held accountable, no doubt. Players, too. Nobody gets a free pass for this horrid offense. Recruiting, player development, gameday coaching. All aspects deserve fair criticism. I didn’t understand the idea of throwing right out of the gate in the second half, but no matter if MU came out with three straight running plays then threw the INT, it was still a terrible decision by Lock, who admitted as much after the game. He called himself an “ignorant 18-year-old” after the game. Something has changed, though, since the last game. He turned 19 this week.

Call me clueless, but I’m actually very excited to see the bb season start tomorrow? Maybe a fast start will get the sour taste of fb and politics out of our mouths for a while. Looks like, at the very least, the offense should be more potent. What do you think?

It should be a more exciting offensive team. Can’t get much worse, though, than 60.5 points a game. This team moves the ball much better. Better passers, better team players, better offensive skilled players. That doesn’t mean they’re going to score 90 points a night, but scorers are going to get better looks. They’ll play at a faster pace because of the guard depth and talent. But, be careful in expecting a great start. Wofford is a damn good program. Friday night’s game won’t be easy by any stretch. And I’d be stunned if Missouri wins Tuesday in Xavier.

Hi Dave, not sure if you will be able to answer or respond to this question, but here goes? Does the heated heated exchange between Tim Tai and Janna Basler, made infamous on YouTube, have any football players in it? Two of the students behind Basler look like possible players?

What are the football team rules for players 21 years of age or older who are legally allowed to drink? Suppose an afternoon football game. 5-6 hours after the game is over, a player that’s 21 is outside on a deck at a public restaurant having a glass of wine with his girlfriend. Violation of team rules on the grounds that the player is in season and “in training,” or no violation at all?

That’s not a violation of the school’s athlete handbook, which states “MU student-athletes are prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages when traveling with or representing their teams or while attending any athletic department events or activities.”

In your opinion does Pinkel make staff changes to the offense in the offseason? Also, do you think the special team responsibilities will change. The return teams have been awlful this year. I can’t personally watch a another year of Josh Henson being over matched and running a stone age attack.

I think Pinkel will have to address his staff like he does every offseason, but he’s got to seriously evaluate if the offense is best served with the coaches in their current positions. That’s his call. There’s a chance he might have to replace his defensive coordinator, too, if things fall right for Barry Odom, so obviously this could be mammoth offseason for the staff.

How many practices did the football team miss this week because of the events on campus? Enough to impact preparedness for this week’s game? I would really like to turn this conversation back to sports.

I give props to Pinkle for supporting his players, but he also has a responsibility to the entire University, including the other 34,900 students. Do you feel that by making the statements he made, he has possibly opened an avenue that could lead to his dismissal? He is the highest paid employee of the State of Missouri and as such his actions are very public.

I just don’t see it, for one very huge reason some people are failing to realize: There’s nobody left in charge to disagree with Pinkel’s approach. He read from the same script as his AD on Monday. Pinkel clearly made a mistake by allowing the CS1950 hashtag go on his tweet last Sunday. But otherwise, his response to the protest, by putting all the emphasis on saving Butler’s life, that was a coordinated decision by he and Mack Rhoades to turn the focus away from the ultimatum to fire Wolfe. Could the Curators be upset with Pinkel’s handling of the situation? Perhaps, but they don’t overstep the AD in a case like this. Pinkel is getting credit for supporting his players, which in most cases is always admirable, but I think there’s legitimate criticism in how he handled the messaging part.

Why won’t KMOX radio report that all of these allegations have been proven false? That Jonathan Butler is is from a family worth 20 million dollars? That Student Body President Payton Head is also

From a wealthy family in Chicago and has interned with Rahm Emmanuel which no doubt means that he is well trained in Chicago style community organizing?

Excuse the horrible but suitable pun here, but it’s not a black or white issue. Some recruits will admire Pinkel for supporting his players; others will see the headlines and think of Columbia as a hostile place for minorities. Not all recruits think alike. These kids aren’t robots. Hopefully they use reason and common sense and make sound decisions and don’t base college choices off of wild rhetoric and reckless rumors on Twitter.