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In the weeks before the spookiest holiday, we asked Millennials and teens to give us all the (grave)dirt on their Halloween favorites and plans…

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Or at least, it will be in just ten days. In those ten days—and the whole month of October—everyone from the networks to Netflix fill their menus with plenty of spooky and bloody entertainment. But what are Millennials and teens’ Halloween favorites?


out of ten Millennials tell us they’ll be celebrating Halloween this year, and of those celebrating, 80% plan to watch some sort of Halloween-related programming.

Networks that create special Halloween lineups will have a healthy number of young consumers’ eyes: 40% plan to watch scary movies on TV, 37% plan to watch Halloween episodes of TV shows, and 36% plan to watch ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween.

But to dig a little deeper into their Halloween entertainment preferences, we asked 1000 13-33-year-olds to tell us their favorite movie to watch for Halloween.* Here are their top ten responses:

Millennials and teens’ list of favorite Halloween movies is a healthy mix of scary and nostalgic. Scream-inducing classics like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street all make the list—and before you say these are Xer films, remember we’re talking about the VHS/DVD/Rerun/Streaming Generation. But Millennial childhood favorites Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown come in second and third place, and The Nightmare Before Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown are also top ten favorites.

Xers might think that Bette Midler and the Peanuts Gang don’t belong on this list, but Millennials’ Halloween movie favorites prove yet again their ‘90s preferences are strong, and their nostalgia viewing isn’t going to fade away.

* This was…

For Millennial women, athletic apparel is in, it bags are out, and Brandy Melville is a brand to watch. Goldman Sachs’ and Teen Vogue’s third annual survey on young female consumers fashion and beauty brands found that Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, and Nike are the top brands, along with Sephora, MAC, and Converse. “Rising brands” included Brandy Melville, Topshop, and Nasty Girl. ( NYTimes)

Teens today have a reputation for wanting to rack up likes and followers, but apparently too many digital friends can actually lead to more stress. A new study has found that having more than 300 friends on Facebook “significantly increases adolescents’ levels of cortisol,” a. k.a. the stress hormone. The theory is that online popularity equals pressure, and that those with even more friends could have even greater amounts of stress. ( Telegraph)

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