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The military diet plan is an easy and smart way to lose almost 10 pounds in one week. L tyrosine weight loss It is a 3-day diet plan which is followed by 4 days off in a row. Paleo diet reviews You have to repeat this process every week until you get what you wanted to achieve. Weight loss breakfast lunch and dinner This diet plan is one of the most well-known plans amongst all the other diet plans.

Paleo diet recipes For following this diet plan, you don’t need any additional supplements or anything else. Weight loss blogs This diet actually works if you follow the diet plan as strictly as you can. Paleo diet restaurants It is believed that this diet plan was designed by the professional US military nutritionists for the military soldiers to keep them and their body in perfect shape. Exercise schedule maker But, let us be very clear about this that this diet is not affiliated with any military institution. Weight loss images simulator Also, this diet is quite popular with other names such as the navy diet plan and the army diet plan. Healthy diet tips in hindi Well, This diet plan is also considered as the quickest diet plan to shed that extra paunch from your body.

In this article, we will be covering everything and anything you want to know about this military diet plan. Youtube exercise music From ‘Is it really works?’ to ‘The 3-Day Meal Plan’, we have got everything and anything related to this diet plan only. Weight loss vs fat loss All You Want To Know About Military Diet Plan Is It Really Works?

This 3-day diet plan is a combination of two phases. Weight loss doctors in my area Phase 1 emphasizes on the 3-day meal plan and the following 4 days are all about your self-assessment and energizing yourself to keep yourself fit and healthy.

For first 3 days of the week, you can only have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A healthy diet to lose weight in 2 weeks You cannot have any snacks in between any of these two meals. Military diet ingredients All of these 3 meals consist of low-calorie diet meals only. Paleo banana pancakes Approximately, you are allowed to intake 1,100 – 1,400 calories on a per day basis. Low carb diet foods This daily calorie intake is much lower than we usually consume in our everyday life. 10 days diet plan to lose 10kg The following 4 days also have restrictions but these restrictions are fewer when compared to the strict 3-day meal plan.

Try to repeat this military diet plan each week as it helps you to shed your weight more easily than the other diet plans. Weight loss estimator The 3-Day Meal Plan

This day 1 diet plan will restrict your daily calorie intake to 1,400 calories only.

For breakfast, take a slice of toast with only 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Paleo zucchini bread You need to have half a grapefruit with a slice of the toast. Diet plan to get lean You can have a cup of caffeinated coffee or tea if you want to.

Note: If you have peanut butter allergy then you can swap peanut butter with almond butter spread.

For lunch, consume half a cup of tuna with a slice of toast. Military diet results In lunch also, you can have a cup of caffeinated coffee or tea, if would like to have it as it is an optional drink.

Note: If you belongs to the vegetarian category then you can swap a cup of tuna with a few almonds.

For dinner, you need to have something that will keep up with your energy and compensate your calories from breakfast and lunch and at the same time provide you a lot of energy. Weight loss 4 pills Consume almost 85 grams of any type of meat. How to lose weight really quickly Include 1 cup of green beans in your dinner. How to lose weight with pcos and metformin With these, have fruits in the given quantity: half a banana and 1 whole apple. Weight loss diet vegetarian Finish your dinner with 1 cup of ice cream, the flavor of the ice cream should be vanilla. Diet plan to lose weight fast in tamil Day 2:

On day 2, we will be restricting your calorie intake to 1200 calories only.

For breakfast, consume a slice of toast with 1 properly boiled egg. 6 week weight loss challenge Also, include half a banana in your second day’s breakfast. L angle weight calculator You can have a cup of caffeinated coffee or tea if you like to.

For lunch, have one properly boiled egg (a hard-boiled egg is a preference). Exercise your brain Consume a cup of cottage cheese with 5 saltine crackers. Exercise and stress articles You can again have a cup of coffee or tea, make sure that the drink is a caffeinated one. Paleo zucchini fries The drink is optional.

For dinner, strictly eat 2 hot dogs exclude bun. E factor diet foods On day 2, you need to include veggies in your diet. A high protein diet For including veggies in your diet, you need to consume half a cup of carrots and broccoli as in an equal amount as for carrots. Protein diet breakfast Also, consume half a banana with half a cup of vanilla flavored ice cream. Preparation h for weight loss Day 3:

On day 3, you need to lessen your calorie intake from 100 calories. Losing weight quotes So, on the third day, you will be consuming only 1,100 calories.

For breakfast, consume approximately 28 grams of cheddar cheese. Weight loss hypnosis app You can have this cheese with 5 saltine crackers. Best diet ever Include an apple in your breakfast. U weight loss reviews With all of this, you can also have a caffeinated cup of coffee or tea.

For lunch, include a slice of toast and 1 egg. Low carb diet side effects You can consume this egg in any way you want it to have. Exercise and stress research Again you can include a cup of coffee or tea and make sure it is a caffeinated one.

For dinner, consume a cup of tuna with half a banana. Weight loss tumblr before and after Complete your 3rd day’s dinner with a cup of vanilla flavored ice cream.

For the last 4 remaining days of the week, you need to restrict your everyday consumption of calories. Exercise class clipart You need to limit your calorie intake to 1,500 calories per day only. Best diet in the world During these 4 days, you can also have snacks in between any of your two meals.

For better results, keep a mobile application handy on your smartphone. Weight loss hypnosis This will help you to calculate a number of calories you are consuming on each day. Low carb diet foods to avoid One more thing you need to understand about this diet plan is that military diet plan does not have a long sustaining effect on your weight loss process. Weight loss meditation reviews If you are looking for a long lasting weight loss then there are a few other options for weight loss diet plans.

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