Mercedes w08 five kilograms above minimum weight _ formula1

There are many worse memes in the world. Healthy diet menu plan This one also existed long before Merc was WDC and will exist after they are gone, the target of the meme will just change.

Now I feel old. Dukan diet 100 foods It’s used to be Ferrari which sandbagged before FIA banned the private testing.

Paleozoic era national geographic Ferrari usually shown up in the public testings but they didn’t actually show their true pace there.

I’ll admit that I’ve only come to this reddit since only slightly before merc’s current dominance, but in my many years of watching F1, this is not the first team to have been regularly of sandbagging, if not by this reddit by the media.

People forget that during most of the V10 era teams could use as many engines as they wished during a weekend (remember qualifying engines?) and these ones have to last five complete weekends on average.

I believe if they really wanted to, they could run the speeds close to the V10s, they would only need to salvage them afterwards.

Yes but the fastest year of the V10 era was 2004, when each V10 had to last the entire race weekend. Exercise everyday or rest That doesn’t sound too impressive by today’s standards, but in 2005, last year of the V10s, the engines were required to last 2 race weekends each. I want to lose weight what should i do By the end of the season, most were producing close to 2004 power levels, 1 or 2 even more, and had it not been for the 1 tyre-per-race rule of 2005, the cars likely would have been as fast or faster than 2004.

If they only required the current PUs to last 2 race weekends, they would still weigh more than the V10s and wouldn’t produce significantly more power compared to now. Weight loss plateau low carb This is mainly due to the very specific/restrictive PU regulations.

They had basically a qualifying chassis. Exercise calendar printable Trick parts only durable for a few laps, super light materials. Diet plan maker It’s no wonder the costs got so out of hand

Agree. Losing weight in menopause I was never a fan back then so maybe I wouldn’t know but I’ve never quite been a fan of the concept of that much ridiculous spending.

That’s utterly ridiculous when you think about it. Special k weight loss But the cars are absolutely huge these days compared to the old days. Paleo appetizers They could do with making them a lot shorter.

A team as big as Mercedes designs a car 5kg overweight and runs zero ballast, so the car is slower and unbalanced.

Arrives at Australia and takes pole by 0.3s with a car that looks planted and balanced.

It has been reported multiple times in the German press as well (including AMuS). Benefits of weight loss I’d expect other sources to pick up on this as well.

Mercedes was too conservative with engine cooling in Australia, and the cooling components weigh quite a bit.

I could believe it tbh. Pregnancy and exercise first trimester Their car is the longest on the grid, which requires more material and therefore more weight.

Seems a fairly simple method of performance improvement in that case.

But didn’t we see measurements that had RedBull as the car with the longest wheelbase?

No. Paleo diet and diabetes Before season it was rumoured that RedBull will have longer wheelbase but it turned out to be Mercedes. Lose belly fat menopause RedBull is actually one of the shortest on the grid

Melbourne – probably too short of time to make drastic improvements. Exercise definition Easiest way to improve balance is to add ballast in specific places. Weight calculator lbs to kg Lewis loves the car.

Also, don’t forget that the time lost per lap/per KG figure that was quoted last year will be drastically different now.

More weight makes much less difference when you are carrying more speed through the corners. Healthy diet to lose weight indian The added balance that you could get from specifically placed ballast could easily outweigh acceleration negatives.

For sure, but all data up until the weekend suggested tire wear would not be much of an issue. Lose water weight fast 2 days By the point that they realised (if true) that the ballast was negated by adverse tire wear taking it off would have had such a negative impact on the balance they probably just decided to run with it.

The Force India car is currently underweight. Paleo italian dressing They just don’t have the ideal amount of free weight for ballast, I expect the same is true of Mercedes. Paleo chili verde Maybe they are 5kg over where they’d like to be for weight distribution.

There was a report that they’d had to beef up their rear crash and gearbox structure to pass the tests after they’d failed with their original design, and that this was affecting Force India as well. Paleo apple crisp That should be an area where there’ll be a quick win. 3 month diet plan Couple that to running the longest car, with the most aerodynamic pieces bolted on, having a complicated hydraulic suspension setup, etc. Paleo diet potatoes makes it really quite believable that they’re a bit overweight at the moment.

That’s a good point/observation. Paleomg I read today that Lewis has chosen to alter his lifestyle a bit this year. Healthy diet foods for breakfast He’s not traveling with a personal trainer. Losing weight after pregnancy Instead, he is following a regimen himself. Paleo honey Also, instead of partying in Asia the next few weeks before the Chinese Grand Prix, Lewis chose to go home, train, rest, and prepare for the race. Paleo diet rules and foods Seems hungry and a bit more at ease this year.

Did you just use a persons instagram posts to extrapolate their entire life 24/7? That’s absurd. 7 day protein diet plan for weight loss That would be like me reading your post and thinking you are a cretin that has trouble understanding simple concepts and cannot contextualise information they receive and so make idiotic statements. Healthy diet for weight loss and muscle gain I’ll try it:

“I saw a picture of Usain bolt running the 100m in Beijing in 2008. 3 day weight loss Man, imagine having to run the 100m in Beijing in 2008, every minute of your life…forever. Weight loss meal prep recipes Just think, he’s STILL there, running the 100m in Beijing in 2008. Exercise and anxiety and depression I actually feel sorry for him, I mean when does he eat?”

See, I sound like retard who cannot grasp the simply concept that Usain Bolt was in fact only running the 100m in Beijing in 2008 for ten seconds and then he wasn’t running the 100m in Beijing in 2008. Exercise and blood pressure He stopped running the 100m in Beijing in 2008 and went and did lots and lots and lots and lots of other things. The best diet foods So many things, in fact, that thinking because I had seen a picture of him running the 100m in Beijing in 2008 represented anything other than ten seconds of his life, was so absurd, I’d be genuinely embarrassed to have ever expressed such an idea in the first place.

99% of the article is just general background and historical information, but he throws in this one bit of top secret data which would be a major scoop for any F1 journalist.

Edit. Best diet to lose 10 pounds Found it:

Edit2: Further reading, there actually doesnt appear to be any real source for this 5kg number, and its just something that people were saying during pre season testing and how it relates to the extra weight of the trick suspension that Mercedes are reluctant to use because it also weighs a few extra kilograms.

As I stated above, the 5 kg weight “penalty” has been reported multiple times in the German press as well (original source was AMuS). Diet plan to lose belly fat meal plans I’d expect other sources to pick up on this as well.

A few more details: Mercedes was too conservative with engine cooling in Australia, and the cooling components weigh quite a bit. Exercise and depression study Mercedes is already implementing a plan to cut weight by addressing heavy engine cooling components.

But we dont know if the number is actually true, or if they managed to get the weight down before the race.

Consider the Force India VJM10. Exercise room ideas Auto Motor und Sport also reported that it was 10 kg overweight, leading Ted Kravitz to ask Bob Fernley “can you run any ballast in the car?” to which the answer was “yes.”

So either somebody is lying or Force India reduced the weight of the car by more than 10kg since testing.

Fair points. Exercise moves names Any news/information should be taken with a grain of salt. Weight loss yoga for beginners tara stiles For example, I was surprised that so many people were accepting the “Merc oil burn” theory as gospel when zero publications have confirmed such practices occurred.

The 5 kg weight issue was also alluded to when discussing Merc’s overly robust engine cooling system it showed up with in Australia.

In my eyes, it’s not overly surprising Merc was caught out by such an issue considering the temperature differential between Barcelona and Melbourne.

She’s pretty, pretty fast, and got a big ole ass, but big girl needs to go on a diet!

Joking aside, I’m sure Costa and his team of engineers are working round the clock to develop their way out of this issue; especially considering how we now know that it accelerates tire wear.

Agreed. Exercise list to lose weight Force India had a similar report come out and the headlines ran that their drivers had to lose weight quickly. Weight loss tips for beginners It’s mostly rubbish

Original source for the information is AMuS. 8 hour diet plan To add a bit of context, apparently, Mercedes significantly overestimated engine cooling needs when it arrived in Australia. Exercise and stress statistics Engine cooling systems and their components constitute a pretty significant weight penalty.

One way Merc is addressing the fact weight issue (remember, it is 5 kg above the absolute minimum) is by slimming down the engine cooling system.

The new Mercedes W08 is still around five kilograms heavier than the minimum weight which is worth up to two tenths of a second per lap with increased tyre usage.

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