Mequon-thiensville police reports_ nov. 19, 2015


·A purse and contents, including prescription medicine valued at $30, was taken from an unlocked car in the 10400 block of North Cedarburg Road about 3:45 p. m. Nov. 11.

·A Coach handbag with a Coach wallet and contents, including credit cards and an iPhone 6, total value of more than $1,000, were taken from a locked car in the 10800 block of N. Port Washington Road between 4:10 and 4:15 p. m. Nov. 11. A window

was smashed to gain entry. Drug possession

·A 24-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, driving with a suspended license, expired registration, failure to have insurance and a warrant in the 7600 block of West Mequon Road at 2:21 a. m. Nov. 11. As the woman exited the car, a baggie with 1.2 grams of marijuana fell to the ground. She also had cigar wrappers. Drunken driving

·A 30-year-old Mequon woman was arrested for drunken driving causing injury, with three prior convictions for drunken driving, unsafe lane deviation, driving after revocation and along with her passenger, a 30-year-old Mequon man, for obstruction after the woman hit a tree and knocked over a mail box in the 12200 block of North Fieldwood Road at 4:44 a. m. Nov. 8. Both were outside the car when police arrived and both said the man was driving. He suffered a 6-inch gash to the head and blood was spattered inside the car where he was sitting – in the passenger’s seat. He was taken to a hospital and the woman for a blood draw. Other

·An 18-year-old Mequon man was arrested for underage drinking and obstruction after a report of him drinking during a football game at Homestead High School, 5000 W. Mequon Road, at 7:32 p. m. Nov. 6. He fled from police but was found hiding in a garage.

·Two Mequon boys received a call from a man who said he had kidnapped their grandmother demanding they pay him $2,000 the morning of Nov. 8. The grandmother was fine and no money was lost.

·Four Mequon men, ages 18, 19 and 20, were arrested for disorderly conduct during two road rage incidents, one at West Highland and North Wauwatosa roads and one at North Port Washington and West Mequon roads the afternoon of Nov. 9. In one incident, the men, who were in a truck, tailgated a driver and when she stopped, some of the men got out calling her a “stupid (expletive).” The woman got their plate number and reported it to police. In the second incident, another female driver reported the men followed her and when she stopped at a light, again the men exited the truck and threatened her. In one incident, one of the men exited the truck swinging a bat.

·Two Milwaukee women, 18 and 54, who had children with them, were arrested for simple battery after punching and pushing another woman during a children’s film at North Shore Cinema, 11700 N. Port Washington Road, at 7:53 p. m. Nov. 10. The children kept running down a row of seats, forcing the victim and others to stand up during the movie. When the suspects were asked to control the children, they became angry and attacked the victim. THIENSVILLE

·A 22-year-old Thiensville man, who was reported as “less than cooperative,” was cited for a noise violation after complaints of loud music, singing and talking in an apartment in the 200 block of Williamsburg Drive at 3 a. m. Nov. 15. People who had been drinking at the party were advised not to be driving.

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