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It’s common for obese people to lose a lot in the first few weeks, most of your loss was water weight. Weight loss meditation music Cutting back on carbs is going to release even more water. Best diet for pcos and ibs Your weight loss will likely slow down in the coming weeks, so just keep that in mind.

Exercise benefits aging 1-2lbs of fat loss a week is the norm once things settle.

Do not get discouraged when it slows down, because it will, but it’s still working! Stick with it.

Now, the biggest question, how many calories a day are you eating?

I’m not even sure if losing 10 pounds a week is healthy at all but I’m sure being obese at age 15 is a lot more worrying,

Being 15 years old means you need to be just as concerned with undereating as you need to be with being obese. Exercise quiz Undereating can cause lifelong issues for adolescents as your body is still developing.

10 lbs in the initial week isn’t necessarily alarming, because it’s largely water and a reduction of food/poop, but please OP, eat enough food. Benefits of low carb diet weight loss 1800 calories a day on the days you jog and 1500 on the days you don’t. To lose belly fat in 5 days Seriously. Low carb diet tips It’s important.

low carb/keto plans are notorious for causing sudden weight drops due to glycogen stores being depleted. Dr g weight loss sparta nj Its not good or bad, its just not actually fat loss its just water weight. Weight loss lunch menu 190 by June is way too fast, you should be aiming for 2lbs/week at the very most.

Also keep in mind if you ever decide to switch back to something with more carbs, that water weight will come right back. Losing weight with hypothyroidism and pcos Not a bad thing again, but just dont be surprised.

Keep up the good work. Lose weight fast at home As long as you are eating what is recommended for your age and weight and gender (since you are a teen, your doctor would know best, but for older adult males it is 1500 cals) such big drop in the beginning is not a concern. Weight loss loose skin Most people, especially obese and going on low carb, lose a dramatic amount in the first stage of weight loss due to getting rid of water storage and carb storages in your body. How to lose weight naturally in 2 weeks Once this stage is over, you might see a a very slow loss and sometimes even some small gain or plateau for a few weeks as your body readjusts its water content. Paleo diet studies So getting to 190 in mid June seems a bit unrealistic because it means 4 lb a week of fat loss from here till then which unlikely to happen.

Don’t fret! The more you have to lose, the more dramatic your weight loss will be at first, and the first week (or two) of eating healthier is always a lot of water weight. Weight loss vegetarian If you’re eating healthier you’re probably consuming less sodium, and eating low-carb you’re consuming far less sugar. 10 tips to lose weight Both excess salt and sugar bloat and cause water weight, which could account for several pounds of the ten you lost.

An often accepted rule in the medical community is to lose no more than 1% of your body weight per week. Diet plan for abs bodybuilding So, a little over 2lbs per week for you currently, and then more slowly as your weight decreases. Paleo definition I’d encourage you to start tracking calories and learn how to cook to set yourself for success later in life. Weight loss instagrams to follow If only someone had taught me to cook and calorie count from my teenhood, I could have avoided this whole mess!

The best advice I can give, though, is this: right now, only concern yourself with the process. A healthy diet When I was younger, I would always tell myself, ‘I just want to be X lbs by some date…some vacation, seeing an old friend, a new semester, a new season.’ It’s great to have goals–keep making them. Weight loss lunch However, 190 by June may be fairly aggressive. Paleo instant pot recipes Being too aggressive with my own weight loss rules and goals nearly always lead me to more binging. How to lose weight in a day for wrestling If you burn out, you will be discouraged. How do i lose belly fat at home Instead, keep going and remember that slow progress is better than no progress.

Hey what’s up dude. Lose belly fat diet and exercise plan Great job, because i know it is hard to balance dieting and school. Paleo diet grocery list I’m 16 and I have to lose weight too. Exercise is medicine I don’t know if you use MyFitnessPal but you should it is really helpful.

He’s messing with his presumably hard working moms day to follow a pseudo science diet? Ya ok, when he cooks for himself, he can eat what he wants, until then, kinda not cool

I think it’s really cool that his mom cares about his weight loss goals enough to cook him low carb meals. Healthy diet chart for indian My boyfriend is diabetic and has different dietary needs than me, so I make him something different. 5 exercises Not a big deal and shows that I care about his health.

Low carb isn’t pseudo science, it’s a commonly recommended diet plan for many different kinds of people. Paleo grubs People who are at risk for certain kinds of diabetes would be given a low carb diet outline and/or a glycemic diet outline.


I will say at 15 they should be working out a diet plan with a medical professional.

I don’t think they did say they were but the single best predictor of type 2 diabetes is being overweight or obese.

Which is why I said they should go to a medical professional to get a diet plan appropriate for their age and lifestyle.

Your claim that low carb is pseudo science is what I’m arguing. How to lose belly fat fast naturally It’s a medically accepted diet plan for many people.

Most people can lose weight on any diet if there is a caloric deficit. Paleo diet testimonials If they are eating healthy and eating enough calories it shouldn’t really matter if it’s low carb or vegan or low fat if it’s working for them.

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