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There are a lot of versions of the classic King Ranch chicken casserole recipe but the original is quick, easy, and has stood the test of time. Weight loss inspiration Chicken, tomatoes with chiles, and onion are mixed with a creamy, rich sauce and layered in a casserole dish with corn tortillas and a generous amount of cheese. How to lose weight jogging This casserole freezes well, travels well, and disappears fast – you can’t really ask for more than that.

For this recipe you’ll need: butter, bell pepper, onion, condensed cream of chicken soup, condensed cream of mushroom soup, diced tomatoes and green chiles (Ro*Tel), chicken breast, corn tortillas, cheddar cheese Jump to Recipe

So I normally steer clear of canned, condensed soups and y’all know it. Exercise is medicine prescription pad Normally any recipe is better with homemade sauce.

I do make this King Ranch chicken with a homemade sauce and a few substitutions from time to time but, to be perfectly honest, my family eats the original version better than anything else I’ve come up with. Exercise induced anaphylaxis wiki Either I’ve failed as a food blogger mom OR the original version is just that yummy. Paleozoic era animals You can decide for yourself.

I originally posted this recipe in 2008 but when I was searching through the blog posts I couldn’t find it anywhere. Exercise equipment stores sacramento I have no idea what happened to it but I thought I’d better add it back on the blog.

This is a 1950s Junior League kind of recipe. Best diet for abs building I don’t think anyone knows where it got started but it’s a classic type of mid-century casserole. Paleo chili lime chicken Definitely the kind I grew up on. 3 day military diet before and after pictures You have to kind of miss those days when it was fine to eat a ton of sodium and fat. Vitamin d diet plan No one ever looked down on my mom because she made a casserole with ingredients out of a can. Healthy diet and exercise plan Cooking in the 1950s and 60s was a quick and easy kind of thing.

As a food writer I feel like I have a certain responsibility to inspire y’all to make amazing food with fresh ingredients. Lose weight fast in 2 weeks I’d be a liar if I said that I never used convenience foods. Exercise calorie calculator walking Even boxed mac and cheese sometimes, y’all – oh the horror!

Social media has created a generation of women who constantly feel judged for how they parent, how they clean their homes, how they dress, and how they cook. Exercise challenges at work That’s not even an extensive list of things we are judged on. Paleo diet restrictions When you are a food writer you add several categories to that list. Exercise physiologist salary texas Most food bloggers have a tough time admitted that sometimes the recipes are puke-worthy rather than drool-worthy. Weight loss meditation app Sometimes I glance furtively around at the grocery store hoping that no one who “knows” me sees me buying corn dogs. Losing weight during menopause I’ve considered wearing a trench coat and pair of the fake glasses with the nose and moustache (mustache, moustache – both correct) on shopping days.

My kids eat sugary cereals and pop tarts. Weight loss clinic houston All but one prefers boxes mac and cheese to homemade AND they’d rather eat at Whataburger than one of my gourmet meals. Lose belly fat naturally home remedies I used to fight it but I finally realized that I don’t have to impress anyone with my clean eating habits, my cooking skills, or my menu. 2 month weight loss results Somedays I have client work that keeps me so busy that I’m thrilled for them to be able to microwave a couple of corn dogs and open a can of green beans.

The images that I put on the blog are carefully arranged to look fantastic – or as fantastic as I can make it look. Exercise calendar for beginners The food I put in front of my family rarely gets plated like that. Paleo diet facts Like you, we’re a busy group of people and I’m tired of trying to be Pinterest perfect.

I am saying this to say that I hope when you read Restless Chipotle (and Lowcarb-ology) that you don’t feel like the recipes are something you have to live up to. Cutting calories to lose weight calculator I hope that you see them as every day comfort food that fits your lifestyle. Percentage of weight loss I hope you are comfortable substituting canned soup for a sauce when you just don’t have time to make it from scratch. Paleo zucchini fritters no flour And I hope you never feel diminished because of it.

Casseroles like this King Ranch chicken are a life saver for busy people. Diet plan for abs vegetarian I like to make a double batch and freeze one for those times when my life is spinning out of control OR someone from church needs dinner. Exercise for arthritis You can freeze this for up to 6 months with no problem and, full disclosure, I once found one in the freezer that was over a year old and it tasted fine.

Please don’t tell anyone – I’m still struggling with the Pinterest Perfect Persona. Weight loss reddit YOU MAY NEED…

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I am of the opinion that pretty things make life more livable. Exercise moves for legs I *could* make this King Ranch Chicken in any old oven proof container but making it in a pretty casserole dish just gives me joy. Healthy diet definition A casserole carrier is a great way to take your casserole on the road when your heading to a pot luck or taking someone a meal.

…I’m from North Texas. Weight loss images cartoons I love to share from scratch recipes inspired by my vintage cookbook collection and family recipes.

Around here we keep it real, we keep it fun – and if I can make it you can too. Healthy diet guidelines Thanks for visiting and please come back…

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