Kidney disease myths and facts – the fuss

Despite the fact that approximately 3 million people across the UK have kidney disease, awareness and understanding about the condition are still low – with many common misconceptions surrounding who is at risk, what symptoms to look out for, available treatments etc. Weight calculator uk prominent amongst the general public.

As a result of this lack of understanding, many people with kidney disease are in the dark when it comes to what to expect, with up to a third (1 million) going completely undiagnosed.

To coincide with World Kidney Day 2017 on Thursday March 9, Dr Charlie Tomson, Consultant Nephrologist at Newcastle Hospitals and Kidney Research UK Trustee has separated some of the most common myths from the hard facts when it comes to kidney disease, in order to help educate the masses about the key signs they should be looking out for. Healthy diet tips for weight loss Kidney disease myths and facts YOU WILL KNOW IF YOU HAVE KIDNEY DISEASE – MYTH!

Dr Tomson says: “Kidney disease, in some cases, is a ‘silent killer’. Paleo diet before and after photos This is because symptoms often don’t materialise until the disease is in its more severe stages. V exercises The human body is usually able to cope with a significant reduction in kidney function, and therefore, problems aren’t always spotted early on. Losing weight jokes However, there are some key warning signs to be aware of that can characterise kidney disease.

10 day diet plan These include swollen ankles/feet/hands, shortness of breath, blood and/ or protein in your urine, fatigue, an increased need to go to the toilet, and back pain in the renal area. Paleo casserole If you are concerned about any of these symptoms it’s highly important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.”

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Dr Tomson says: “Kidney disease has multiple causes, and often a combination of factors can lead to an individual developing it. Low carb diet menu for a week In some cases, long-term conditions which put a strain on the kidneys, such as poorly controlled blood pressure and diabetes, are the root cause. Protein diet for weight loss menu Other potential factors which can trigger kidney disease include large kidney stones, glomerulonephritis (kidney inflammation), and injury to the kidneys.” KIDNEY DISEASE VARIES IN SEVERITY – FACT!

Dr Tomson says: “There are five stages of kidney disease, which are determined by the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) of the kidneys – how quickly the kidneys clean the blood. Paleo egg casserole In stages 1 and 2, (when kidney disease is caught early) patients can go into remission after taking medication and amending their lifestyle choices. Military diet list However, if a patient reaches stage 5 kidney disease, it usually means that they will need a transplant. Losing weight with hypothyroidism medication Due to this, it’s really important to screen ‘at-risk’ people because treatment can delay the progression of kidney disease and even, in some instances, reverse its onset. Exercise 11 5 Many people with kidney disease are able to live a normal life, and just need to ensure they are managing their condition through regular check-ups, prescribed medication, a healthy diet and exercise.” IF YOU HAVE KIDNEY DISEASE YOU WILL DEFINITELY NEED DIALYSIS – MYTH!

Dr Tomson says: “As mentioned, kidney disease can vary in levels of severity. The best diet to lose weight Therefore, not everyone who is diagnosed will reach the stage in which they experience kidney failure and need dialysis. Lose weight fast unhealthy Usually, our kidneys filter the blood, removing harmful waste products and excess fluid, and turning these into urine. 2 month weight loss challenge However, if you experience kidney failure, your kidneys might not be able to do this effectively, and therefore, dialysis can assist with this process. 6 week weight loss challenge free Thankfully, only a small proportion of those with kidney disease will reach this stage. Lose weight fast in a week KIDNEY DISEASE CAN BE LINKED TO DIET – FACT!

Dr Tomson says: “Eating a healthy and balanced diet is important for all of us. Exercise with baby However, when it comes to kidney disease, a good diet can have a huge impact on the disease and prevent complications. Causes of weight loss and hair loss Staying at a healthy weight and eating a diet low in salt and fat can help control your blood pressure, one of the main causes of kidney disease. Weight loss tumblr blogs When kidney disease reaches its later stages, patients are likely to work closely with a dietitian to help manage their symptoms.”

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Dr Tomson says: “Kidney disease is commonly associated with getting older, however, it’s important to note that anyone at any age can get kidney disease. Losing weight workouts Therefore, everyone should be aware of the signs and symptoms, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.” YOU CAN CURE CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE – MYTH!

Dr Tomson says: “Once kidney disease has reached a chronic stage, unfortunately, there is no cure. Exercise tracker app The aim of treatment is to help manage the disease by controlling symptoms, reducing complications and slowing progression. Pregnancy and exercise recommendations Although most people who have kidney disease will need to take medicine to manage it, it’s essential that these people also exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, reduce their salt intake and keep their blood sugar low. Weight loss options When kidney disease becomes chronic, dialysis or a kidney transplant can be the only options. Diet plan for abs in a month A URINE INFECTION LEADS TO KIDNEY DAMAGE – MYTH!

Dr Tomson says: “Urinary tract infections (UTIs) occur as the result of bacteria getting into the urinary system and multiplying. Exercise log app This can lead to swelling, pain when passing urine, and urgency to go to the toilet. Healthy diet for weight loss pdf However, UTIs do not usually lead to lasting kidney damage if treated correctly. Healthy diet chart for vegetarian indian It is important to note that sometimes a UTI can be a sign of something underlying that can cause kidney damage, such as kidney stones.” You might also like: 6 ways to look after your liver What else you need to know about kidney disease

It is difficult to accurately comment on the life expectancy of people with CKD compared to healthy people as many people with CKD also have diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Paleo diet legumes Therefore, although patients with CKD don’t live as long as completely healthy people, decreased life expectancy cannot solely be attributed to the CKD itself. Lose weight fast diet free The early stages of CKD are associated with only a minor reduction in life expectancy. Best diet to lose weight while working out However, patients on dialysis have markedly reduced life expectancy. Lose belly fat and gain muscle This is mostly due to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Exercise everyday bad For instance, a person on dialysis aged 25 years has the same chance of dying from heart disease as the average 75-year-old. Weight calculator for kids Kidney transplantation reduces these risks but does not restore life expectancy to normal. Definition of healthy diet However, it’s important to note that most people with CKD don’t reach the stage of kidney failure and can live normal lives by managing their condition. Losing weight with pcos tips Kidney Disease Diet

For people with the early stages of CKD, no specific diets are required, although reduction of calorie intake is important for people who are overweight or obese, and reduction in dietary salt intake is important in people with high blood pressure. Exercise moves for seniors Patients with advanced CKD are also often advised to restrict their potassium intake. Paleo diet problems This is because advanced CKD impairs the ability of the kidneys to regulate potassium levels: high blood potassium levels can cause the heart to stop suddenly.

Healthy eating is important for everyone and it’s never too late to adopt new habits and introduce positive changes to your diet. Diet foods to eat On the whole, if not approaching end stage renal failure, patients with CKD can follow the nationally recommended guidelines on healthy eating. 7 days diet plan to reduce weight Eating healthily can have an impact of blood pressure, diabetes and obesity – some of the key contributing factors of CKD.

The kidneys also regulate the amount of fluid in the body. Healthy diet images So some patients with kidney disease have a tendency to fluid retention. Exercise dance songs This can often be put right with drugs, but for some patients, including many patients on dialysis, restriction of fluid intake is necessary. Best diet recipes For instance, patients with complete kidney failure, who pass no urine at all, may have to restrict their fluid intake to a litre per day.

Every individual is different and diet must be carefully adjusted for each patient, with certain foods restricted for some people and not others. Diet plan while breastfeeding A dietician specialising in renal nutrition will provide the patient and their family with all the information required on the kind of food and fluid recommended and how to prepare it.

Kidney Research UK is the leading UK charity committed to developing treatments, patient information and raising vital public awareness to help save lives. The best diet You might also like: The most effective exercises to deliver full body results

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