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“You look so amazing,” Kim says in the clip, showing full support for Khloe Kardashian’s hot photo shoot, Hollywood Life reports. “In my life I’ve never seen a hotter bod… We’re going to be on so many jail cells it’s ridiculous. And your hair looks to die. Your makeup looks to die. Clothes are to die. This is like your best shoot ever.”

It was Kim who arranged the shoot in the first place, as Khloe has gone through extensive dieting and exercise

to shed the weight of a few extra pounds, after complaining that she was tired of being called the “fat one” in the family for years – and, at first, Khloe wasn’t totally on board with the idea, but gladly she changed her mind, because she looks terrific.

Check out the bit with Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s hot shoot in the clip below!

Grub Kitchen UK Promotes Sustainable Food Alternative: Bug Burritos, Cricket Crepes, Cricket Falafels and Bamboo Worm Pad Thai Anyone?

Strong reactions flew around when the UK’s first insect-only restaurant, Grub Kitchen, was launched. Grub Kitchen however is not unique and insect consumption is hardly new.