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It’s been said that Duchess Kate has dropped her weight to a dangerously low 98 pounds that had Prince William worried. Although he supports his wife in her exercise and diet, it seems that it’s risking her health as opposed to making her healthy.

During the London premiere of “Spectre”, the royalty came to grace the event and Princess Kate wowed everyone wearing her blue designer gown. But as the garment

gives an illusion to conceal her worrisome weight loss, people still noticed how gaunt the Duchess looked.

Rumor has it that Middleton has grown obsessive in losing weight after giving birth to Princess Charlotte. While she never looked too fat in anything, it seems that her desire to stay thin has developed into anorexia. Of course Prince William is stepping in to give advices out of concern and love. But it looks like the Princess is not heeding his words resulting to the royal couple having arguments.

Even Queen Elizabeth is said to have shown her concern for the Duchess. As Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported, the Queen does not want the current princess to battle with anorexia the same way Princess Diana suffered from it. So apart from the Queen checking in on Kate’s health, she has also purportedly ordered the couple to go on romantic dates together.

Having more time together could definitely help the couple patch things up and rekindle the romance in their marriage. Not only will it help Prince William and Duchess Kate grow even closer, it could definitely help the royal princess take better care of her health however true or not this royal issue is.