Kangoo jumps, the newest trend in fitness in new york now in delta b. c. _ benzinga

DELTA, BC –(Marketwired – November 18, 2015) – Kangoo Jumps is one of the newest and fastest growing trends in fitness. It has taken New York City and Europe by storm and now fitness fans can take part in this global trend in the Tsawwassen, and Delta BC area.

Kangoo is relatively new to Canada and especially here in B. C.

Watch the Video to see why New York loves Kangoo Jumps: https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=1a2QPEVbF6I&sns=fb


Boots were originally designed for the purpose of a recreation device for athletes recovering from leg injuries this concept was redesigned in the 1990s by Swiss entrepreneur Denis Naville, who focused on improving comfort, design, performance, and later on fitness programs were created as Kangoo Jumps Fitness Programs.

Kangoo Jumps, with their patented Impact Protection System, reduce the impact up to 80%, as confirmed by 3 distinct scientific studies.

Kangoo Jumps is great for anyone that loves a challenge and wants to push their cardio to the next level. You will burn tons of calories over the 40 min cardio session and build your endurance. Kangoo has been proven to help build cardio strength for runners and athletes. If you are an ex fitness junkie that wants to get back into training but you don’t want to have joint pain the next day this class is for you! The cardio is in high gear but the Kangoo boots offer 80% less impact on your joints! You will not have stiff knees, sore back, and aching joints the next day you will feel great!

Clients have said Kangoo has helped with their posture, feet pain, lower back pain and more.

Get bored easily? – No problem! Kangoo is the most fun you will ever have working out! Forget the treadmill, we do 40 mins of cardio to upbeat top 40 music and routines change regularly. Classes are always fun and boredom free

Weight loss – If you are already working out but want to see faster results with your workout regimen and diet Kangoo Jumps is great add-on! Typical class you can burn up to 1200 calories a class (more than spinning or running) plus the added benefit of detoxing your lymph system from rebounding. Your lymph system is very important to keep clean and working when trying to lose weight. When your lymph system is clogged it can create water retention and makes it more difficult for your body to flush those nasty toxins out of your body. Your lymph system is also plays a vital role in your immune system so Kangoo is a great add-on to keep your immune system in tip-top shape this winter to fight off winter flus and colds

Classes are currently held at Muscle Memory in Tsawwassen.

Muscle Memory – Personal and Group Training http://www. musclememory. ca/

Contact: kangooclubttown@gmail. com or on Facebook at Kangoo Club Tsawwassen or check out our blog to learn more about Kangoo Jumps

http://kangooclubtsawwassen. blogspot. ca/



Kangoo Club Tsawwassen

kangooclubttown@gmail. com

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