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I had one long stall pretty quickly after surgery, and, once again, the scale isn’t moving. Weight loss questions I’m tracking my intake more closely now than I have been, but I’m also looking for things that I could or should be doing differently.

Sparkling water is my favorite beverage by far. Exercise planks for abs Sometimes I drink flavored ones, but my absolute favorite drink is unflavored La Croix.

Paleo diet is bullshit I love it more than I used to love cake. Losing weight breastfeeding 6 months There’s nothing more satisfying (in the way of food things) than starting the day or going home and enjoying a sparkling water.

Some people enjoy a glass of wine or a beer. Weight loss tricks that really work All I want is a glass of bubbly…bubbly water.

Earlier this week a good friend who had lap band surgery was surprised to learn that I was drinking sparkling water at dinner. Exercise names (I don’t usually drink anything during my meal, but I drink before it and after.)

She said that she saw someone put a carbonated beverage in a ziplock bag only to watch the bag expand due to the bubbles. Weight loss pills in south africa She was told that the same thing could happen to our stomachs if we drink water. I immediately stopped drinking the sparkling water and started looking for answers.

I tried calling the dietitian I met with at my surgeon’s office, but they’ve never seemed interested in giving guidance beyond the 8 weeks after surgery. Possessive s exercises I hope she calls me back, but I asked people about it all day.

One of my co-workers, whose career is based on health and wellness, said that the difference between our bodies and a ziplock is that our bodies allow air to escape.

Everyone else I discussed this with recognized that it’s unhealthy to drink sodas (regular and diet,) and I agree. Can u lose weight by walking I haven’t had a soft drink of any kind since April 2, 2009. H pylori weight loss It’s been almost 8 years since I drank a Coke. Healthy diet pregnancy Obviously, that garbage isn’t good for you, but does that same go for carbonated water?

Has anyone reading this had the gastric sleeve surgery? Were you told not to drink sparkling water?

Is sparkling water getting a bad rap because it’s unfairly being linked to soft drinks?

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Hi kenlie! As you know ive had VSG. Losing weight tips for college students Our program says carbonation is a no, no….but i drink the sparkling 0 calorie waters on a regular basis. Weight loss center To my understanding, some people cant tolerate them, but ive no issues with them at all.

I think it might help to read about insulin production (triggered by eating and drinking and also thinking about food) and insulin resistance. O ring weight calculator If you are drinking flavored water, even though it does not have calories, all day, you are probably producing insulin, all day. Exercise and sports science jobs If you are going to drink something flavored, you might consider drinking it at a meal. Paleo zone Plain water the rest of the time helps.

I had RNY, but I was also told absolutely no carbonation. Losing weight with fitbit It’s the one thing I really work to avoid. Healthy diet shopping list I was so addicted to pop I don’t want to do anything to trigger a relapse. Exercise is medicine credential Your rules might be different since you had VSG.

Also, I’m so sad to hear about your lack of help/support post op. Best diet app for android My surgeon gave me his personal cell phone number and told me to call him if I EVER needed anything or had questions. Losing weight on a budget I’ve only used it twice in 6 years, but each time he’s been nothing but wonderful when I called. Lose weight fast no exercise His office is the same way.

I was told not to have it for a few months at least and that it might bother me if I did. Best diet to lose belly fat Since it doesn’t she said it’s fine and that it won’t hurt me or my stomach size. Weight loss 2 months Yay!

Hi, I had RNY through Kaiser. Exercise at home video Carbonation is on our “NO” list. Exercise calendar I think it’s one of those things that is commonly listed as an avoid, but if it works for some they go for it when they are out of recovery.

Sparkling water doesn’t seem like it would be an issue calorie wise, and I really doubt that carbonation can stretch our stomachs up very much at all.

I avoid it because one night i was sipping a cider beer (I was about a year out). Paleo diet breakfast smoothie recipe When I stood up, i faced a horrid pain & suffered all night due to the carbonation. How to lose weight very fast without exercise I don’t think I would avoid it if the carbonation didn’t get to me though.

Hi, I too have had VSG surgery and was told no carbonated water at all. Diet foods for men it’s not about the sugar but the actual carbonation that is bad for your stomach. Weight loss ketosis you may think its not effecting your stomach but it is. Paleo diet bodybuilding Those bubbles are stretching out the stomach you just had reduced. 10 exercises to lose weight Stop. Weight calculator uk drinking. Healthy diet tips for weight loss carbonated water.

Thankfully, my dietitian called and disagrees with your assessment. Paleo diet before and after photos Whew! She explained how air escapes, and she also explained that some people can’t tolerate it and some can. V exercises She was adamant about the fact that it doesn’t stretch your stomach though…neither does drinking through a straw. Losing weight jokes I couldn’t do either for a few months after surgery, but they’re both fine now.

My friend had bariatric and was told no carbonation… so she stuck to it.. 10 day diet plan until she tried to drink a mikes hard lemonade at a concert a few years after surgery and got sick.. Paleo casserole it took 3 incidents that summer to figure out it was carbonation making her sick! Must be an individualized thing!

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