How to reduce belly fat _ acupressure points for loose weight

Losing belly fat is not an easy task for everyone. Can u lose weight by walking It is particularly difficult when you have poor metabolism and are particularly lazy in doing any exercise. H pylori weight loss Many people are unable to lose fat even after regular exercise because of poor metabolism. Healthy diet pregnancy Using Acupressure to activate the meridians and acupressure points can help in optimum blood circulation, improved functioning of internal organs, which result in overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Using massage in lieu with the acupressure principles and stimulating specific abdomen acupressure points you can easily treat constipation, increase metabolism of the body and reduce belly fat. Losing weight tips for college students You can also use acupressure in treating physical discomfort of women and restore health at the most fundamental levels.

There are 6 abdominal acupressure points which can be used to lose belly fat and increase metabolism-

• Fat Burning Point- This acupressure point is located below the belly point at a distance of about 1.5 inches. Weight loss center Particularly helpful in promoting blood circulation, this acupressure point can be used in the medical conditions like physical pain, regulation of menstrual flow, edema and vaginal secretion.

• Edema Elimination Point- This acupressure point is located below the belly button at a distance of about three inches. O ring weight calculator It is very helpful in promoting vitality and can help reduce the problems related to gynaecological diseases. Exercise and sports science jobs This acupressure point is also very helpful in physical pain related to menstrual flow, and the medical conditions like increased or reduced vaginal secretion, infertility and decreased libido.

• Constipation Relieving Point- This acupressure point is located below the belly button at a distance of about 2 inches to the bottom and 2 inches from the left and right of the centre. Paleo zone It is very helpful in eliminating excess water of the body and bloating. Losing weight with fitbit This acupressure point can be used to cure medical conditions like insomnia, pain in the lower abdomen and constipation.

• Tinashu Point- This acupressure point is located at both sides of belly button at the distance of about 2 inches. Healthy diet shopping list Extremely helpful in abdominal function, this point can also helpful in controlling and reducing medical conditions like menstrual flow, muscle swelling in the uterus, diabetes, edema, distension in abdomen, mental disorders and physical pain.

• Water Point – This acupressure point is located above the belly button at the distance of about one inch. Exercise is medicine credential It is very helpful in detoxification of the body and in the treatment of facial swelling, abdominal pain, bloating and stomach without water.

• Metabolism Enhancement Point – This acupressure point is located above the navel at the distance of about four inches. Best diet app for android It is very helpful in improving the functioning of the stomach and is also capable of treating GERD, bloating, uneasiness, stomach pain and morning sickness.

To stimulate these acupressure points, apply mild and firm pressure on these points with index finger for two to three minutes. Losing weight on a budget This process should be repeated on a regular basis and if possible, everyday.

Although, acupressure does not have any side effects, it is a good practice to consult an expert before administering acupressure technique on your body. Lose weight fast no exercise An expert can also be considered if you have any doubts in the process of applying acupressure or if you are unable to locate the said acupressure points.

• How To Reduce Belly Fat | Acupressure Points for Loose Weight

Acupressure Points for reduce Weight.L osing belly fat is really a big task. Best diet to lose belly fat Including exercises to reduce belly fat for women helps the best. Weight loss 2 months Here is how to lose stomach fat with Acupressure.

• They are very helpful in reducing the body stress and provide relaxation to the mind and body.

• They are very helpful in improving the oxygen level in the body by increasing the blood circulation.

• They give relief in headaches and other related problems such as migraine.

• When used daily, they can also be used in healing back pains and lower back aches.

• It is particularly helpful in sleeping disorders such as Insomnia by giving relief in Shoulder and muscle tension.

• If you are a constant patient of inflammation or heartburn, acupressure mats are your go to solution.

• It loosens up the muscles of legs and foot and help giving relief in foot and leg pain.

• If you are suffering from sinus or nasal problems, acupressure mats can heal them for you.

• They are helpful for those suffering from Indigestion and Constipation problems.

• If you feel constantly tired then you can certainly get rejuvenated by the use of Acupressure Mats.

Applying regular pressure (i.e. Exercise at home video massage) on Acupressure Earlobe Point will be beneficial in healing Runny or Stuffy Nose and Nasal Congestion . Exercise calendar Third Eye Point : Acupressure Third Eye Point is also useful to get rid of Stuffy or Runny Nose .

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