How to be chic_ {get ready with me} makeup for a day at home

This week I am doing something a bit different – a video post! Many of my readers and viewers have asked me to share how I do my makeup, so I welcome you to join me on this video where I am putting on light makeup for a day at home.

I hope it is not too frightening for you to see me without makeup, but that can’t be helped in a makeup-putting-on video. Dr g weight loss I am also not sure that you will find anything revolutionary in this video; I’m not a trained makeup artist or anything like that.

6 week diet plan to lose 20 pounds But I find it interesting to watch normal people and how they do things (perhaps I’m just nosy); I always pick up a few tips to take away, so maybe you might too.

I’d love to answer any questions you have about makeup, skincare or anything else. Exercise music 2016 Fire away and I hope you enjoy the video.

PS. Healthy diet tips for flat stomach You can also watch this video on my YouTube channel. Exercise and anxiety disorder If you subscribe via the red button on the top right-hand side of my YouTube page, you will be notified when a new video is uploaded. 2 week weight loss workout plan I also have quite a few videos I have done in the past if you haven’t already viewed those.

Thank you, Fiona for the lovely makeup tutorial. Weight watchers calculator You look extra youthful and still as gorgeous as ever without makeup. Paleo diet No need for blusher at all! I love your sense of humour too.?? Reply Delete

Your makeup was simple and yet effective, Fiona. Weight loss diet hindi You have chosen shades which enhance your skin rather than making you look ‘different’, which is how makeup should be, something which enhances.

My problem is my eyebrows. Paleo diet explained I know brows are in fashion right now, brow bars are popping up everywhere just as nail bars did a decade ago. Weight loss jobs I have few hairs in my eyebrows now and those that I have are white or grey and look awful (part age, part because they never grew back properly after chemotherapy.) So I pencil them in lightly with a grey pencil, but being able to sharpen a soft pencil is very difficult as it just breaks all the time. Losing weight menopause I tried a Lancome brow liquid but as there are few-to-no-hairs onto which to apply it, that was a waste of money! But I manage. Sam e weight loss And even though I have grey (highlighted) hair and grey brows, a light brown/nude shadow works best for me, but again, the problem there is dark shadows and bags under my eyes, so I end up looking like a Panda. Best diet to lose weight and keep it off The alternative is coloured eye shadow and that ends up making an older woman look like a clown! I must buy some loose powder again – I always used to use it until it became difficult to find in the shops, but I can always get some online. Exercise 30 anatomy of the heart And also the little sponge you used with which to apply the foundation seems a very good idea. Lose weight fast for wedding No matter how old we are we can all still learn new techniques! Thank you for that.

It’s amazing what a little makeup can do! I once read from a makeup artist to skip your nose to have a no makeup look. Qigong exercises for weight loss Please show us how to do your makeup like that makeup artist showed you a while back. Whey protein diet plan for weight loss You looked really gorgeous! Reply Delete

You are so funny, I love it. K special diet plan in hindi And your video was not boring at all, I really like it.

My makeup is fairly simple and quick too. Exercise clipart I use foundation in some areas to cover redness, concealer for under eye circles, mascara, and lip color. 7 day weight loss diet If I had to choose only one makeup product it would be lip color, because I have very pale lips. Paleo indian food I don’t spend much on makeup – in fact, I try to find the least expensive (mostly L’oreal), but try to focus more on skincare. Exercise science jobs nashville tn Even still, I don’t spend much on that either, I stick with drugstore brands like Cerave. Paleo diet meal plan free One step I never skip is sunblock, rain or shine.

In real life, I don’t live in a chic Paris apartment. Paleo diet meaning I can make my real life more fun without having to move countries though. Exercise book in spanish All I have to have is a little imagination. Weight loss recipes for lunch This is my online inspiration journal. Paleozoic era definition You can email me – fiona at howtobechic dot com.

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