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Hello all, I am posting on behalf of my husband who was diagnosed 6 days ago with type 2 by our family doctor. Diet plan template To say my head is spinning is a huge understatement! His doctor currently has him on 1000mg of metformin (500/twice a day) and 5mg of glipizide ER. Diet plan app The doctor has him testing his blood sugar once a day in the morning, and it was going down, but over the weekend has gone back up. Low carb diet and diabetes His blood sugar when the doctor diagnosed him was 452, but we got it as low as 303, but this morning’s reading was 357. Exercise videos on netflix instant watch I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong. Low carb diet success As we’re just getting started on this journey, we’ve been trying to watch for sugars and carbs and plan diets with low-carb items, per his doctor’s advice and what I can google.

Losing weight while pregnant with twins We have just started everything, so not had time to meet with a dietician, or start an exercise routine. Losing weight with hypothyroidism My goal (and my husband’s) is to take things slowly and make this a lifestyle change instead of a diet…but seeing those numbers go up makes us feel like we need to push harder (plus familial pressures that we’re not taking things seriously). Water and weight loss I am here to learn and try to find ways to support my husband as we figure this out. Exercise physiologist jobs houston Is there anything we should be doing ASAP? I’m overwhelmed with trying to learn it all and feed my husband in the interim.

Make sure he is getting magnesium, chromium, zinc in his diet. Exercise motivation quotes Can be done by the foods you eat or by supplements. Paleo 101 Have him get off of the sofa and walk the dog(if you have one) or just go walking with you at the mall. Paleo appetizers pinterest Also watch your carb intakes. Losing weight tips for beginners I’m just saying.

Low carb/ High Fat diet helped me get my numbers into normal range. Paleo diet almond milk Exercise is very important too. Low carb diet how many carbs Even a 15 minute walk a day makes a huge impact. Diet plan in urdu The important thing is to test! I know your doctor said once a day but that’s not enough. Diet plan for abs female I use the true metrix meter and use the in control true metrix strips which are only $7.50 for 30 strips. 3 day military diet success stories Walmart sells the Reli-On meter and they’re strips are very inexpensive. Healthy diet foods to eat I believe $35 for 100. Weight loss tricks that actually work He should be testing fasting, 2 hours after meals, before and after exercise ( some people go up during exercise) and before bed. Paleo pancakes This is the only way you will be able to figure out what affects his bgs. Exercise quotes Wishing you all the best of luck!

This forum is an incredible place! I’ve received better advice here than with my doctor. Protein diet weight loss I’m indebted to the folks on here for helping me through this difficult journey. Weight loss diet tips Welcome and don’t dismay! Things will get better just takes a lot of hard work and patience. Military diet vegetarian PS: They’re are plenty of healthy recipes on this forum.

Why is the doctor only having him test once a day. Healthy diet routine I would ask for at least five strips per day. Walking and weight loss calculator If your insurance won’t pay for 150 strips per month, I would buy a less expensive ReliOn meter and strips from WalMart. Paleo gravy Ideally, test A) upon waking, B) 1 – 2 hrs after breakfast, C) before lunch OR dinner, D) 1 – 2 hrs after lunch OR dinner, and E) at bedtime. Exercise tv trainers This will help your husband figure out how to change his diet. Lose belly fat in 4 days After awhile, he will be able to cut back to testing upon waking and bedtime with a pair of tests thrown in once in awhile to test a food or meal. Cinnamon and weight loss reviews I agree that this has to be a permanent lifestyle change, not a temporary diet.

As far as diet, low carb is the best way to reduce blood glucose. Exercise at home for flat stomach In the very beginning, I would eliminate bread products, bagels, pasta, pizza, high carb snacks (chips, pretzels), cookies, candy, rice (brown or white). Losing weight with hypothyroidism and menopause Replace these with eggs, chicken, fish, cheese, and veggies. Exercise and depression statistics Certain carby foods can be reintroduced once you know how they affect him and in what amount. Best diet for ibs This will require several weeks of data collecting with his BG meter. 2 week weight loss transformation Hence the importance of testing more than once a day! I recommend keeping a food diary so your husband can track his daily carb intake and keep notes on what foods tend to spike his BG.

In the meantime, I would ask your doctor if your husband would benefit from a low dose of basal insulin in addition to, or in place of the oral meds. Exercise tiger balm According to the study linked below, when taken along with a reduced carb diet, it seems to bring down BG faster and the long term outcome is better for severely hyperglycemic patients. 5 day military diet The insulin can always be discontinued once BG levels drop. Liquid diet for weight loss at home The only downside is the cost and a small risk of low BG inherent with any injectable insulin. 6 weeks to lose weight I was diagnosed with a FBG of 400 and they put me on 38 U of Lantus basal insulin. Calories to lose weight calculator uk That and a radical change to my diet brought my FBG down to the low 100s within a month!

Yes it definitely can. Diet plan recipes Try having him test when his stress rises. Paleo diet plan for weight loss For me stress and anxiety don’t raise my numbers but adrenaline and high intensity exercise does. Weight loss on atkins The thing about this disease is that it affects everyone different.

You are not doing anything wrong. Paleo diet dairy MEtformin can take up to 3-4 weeks to start working fully. Paleo 360 brot Metformin is also a fairly weak drug. Weight loss pills prescription Glipizide only works well if your pancreas is still capable of making insulin. 10 day diet plan to lose weight I would ask for a c-peptide test to see how well your pancreas still functions. Weight loss journey blog Do you know what his HbA1 c was?

If my memory serves me I think it was around 12.8. I exercise in spanish His doctor said that made him think the amount of 452 wasn’t something he had been living with. Diet plan to lose belly fat His symptoms came on suddenly. Exercise games Within three weeks, he had an unquenchable thirst and correlating urination, vision problems, skin darkening under the armpits and just generally feeling unwell. Exercise challenge ideas Thanks to google, he called his doctor and asked to get a physical. Military diet indian version His doctor couldn’t get in, so he talked them in to a sugar test. Top 10 diet foods One week later, here we are.

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