Healthy lifestyle is the key to reduce kidney disease risks

The World Kidney Day is observed on Thursday in second week of March every year across the globe. Walking to lose weight calculator Accordingly, ‘World Kidney Day-2017’ will be observed worldwide on Thursday, March 9. Weight loss eating plan south africa The day mainly aims at informing people about the fear of kidney diseases and creating mass awareness about preventing this disease.

The theme of this year’s World Kidney Day is “Kidney Disease and obesity: Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Kidney”.

Kidney diseases have been increasing in the world day by day in an epidemic form.

Weight loss kansas city More than 2 crore people in Bangladesh are affected by any form of kidney diseases. Exercise science degree jobs At least 5 people are dying untimely in every hour being affected by kidney disease. Possessive s exercises elementary Generally people cannot understand that they are affected by this killer disease until 70-80 percent kidney damaged. Weight loss doctors near me Dialysis or kidney transplantation is the only way to survive when kidneys go damaged. Best diet to lose weight and lower cholesterol On the other hand, the treatment cost of this disease is so high that even 10 percent of patients can’t afford this costly treatment.

One third of population across the globe is overweight. Healthy diet foods for lunch Obese or overweight is risky for a number of life threatening diseases. Losing weight for no reason Various studies suggest that nearly one fourth of people in Bangladesh are suffering from obesity.

Obesity is one of the 10 main risks of people’s death. L carnitine weight loss side effects Currently in Bangladesh the non-communicable diseases (NCD) are responsible for more than 65 percent of death and obesity plays a central role behind these diseases. The best diet for managing diabetes The diseases include Hypertension, Diabetes, heart disease, pain and decay in bone joint, sleep apnea or breathing obstruction in sleep, metabolic syndrome, mental discomfort, unhappiness, colon and breast cancer in women etc. Losing weight loose skin Kidney disease directly related with obesity. 4 day diet plan Overweight directly damage the kidney while diabetes and hypertension is main reason for kidney failure which are directly linked to overweight.

Tendency of gaining over weight is found more among the urban population due to the environmental causes. Weight loss after pregnancy Nowadays, the same situation is marked in rural population due to lack of necessary health related knowledge and awareness.

According to a study, some 21 percent of pregnant mothers are obese while 40 percent excessively overweight. Low carb diet and cholesterol It also said that only 33 percent mothers have normal weight. Exercise games online It concluded that the overweight causes death risks for both mother and baby.

Taking balanced and measured diet and practicing healthy lifestyle are very important for staying sound. Weight loss calendar pdf Once someone gains overweight, it becomes harder to bring it under control. Weight loss 6 weeks But if we can remain a bit aware of health and can follow a healthy lifestyle we must be able to save ourselves and our children from obesity.

If children get breastfeeding for at least six months then there have less possibility of gaining over weight. Weight calculator for adults We have to inspire our adolescents and youths for having physical exercise, games in field instead of sitting with computer, playing video games, running face book for long hours. Exercise no equipment Gradually we have to get them changing food habits. Weight loss meal prep ideas Parents have to work as the role model to children in inspiring them for healthy lifestyle.

For adults the habit of consuming balanced diet which is less calorie and habit of giving physical labor and doing exercise regularly would contribute to keeping weight under control. Military diet day one Every day one have to walk at least 30 minutes in speed at least 5 days a week and have to maintain a weight chart. Weight loss inspirational words If there have long time sitting works at office, you must walk sometimes and must have to make a habit of shunning lift and use stair cases in climbing up.

People of all ages must avoid food with excess fat, sugar and calorie, fast food and in contrary they should take sufficient vegetables, fruits and fiber added items and whole meal. Low carb diet ketosis One has to take food only when he or she gets hungry and must avoid unnecessary food. Weight loss unintentional Parents have to get habit of awarding other things instead of delicious foods to their children in rewarding them for good works. Raw till 4 diet plan You must encourage your children to drink fresh water instead of beverage or soft drink.

We know that city roads are narrow. Exercise zumba Moreover they remain occupied by hawkers. Exercise calorie calculator by weight Unfortunately, there have no playground in most schools. Diet plan for abs india This can be fatal. Best diet and exercise app Our city planners have to work on it.

Practicing healthy lifestyle is the best policy. Exercise videos on netflix uk Children should also be encouraged to practice healthy lifestyle.

Professor Dr. The best diet plan for abs M A Samad is the Chief Consultant and Head, Department of Kidney at Labaid Specialised Hospital, Dhaka. Exercise tiger casualty list He is also Founder & Chairman Kidney Awareness Monitoring and Prevention Society

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