Health benefits of the mediterranean diet – food & drink

A Spanish study found the Mediterranean diet could help to ward off diabetes.

The study involved 13,000 and took eight years to complete, finding

that those who ate a diet packed with fruits, vegetables, and nuts

were 50 per cent less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

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A recent study found switching to a Mediterranean diet could help to protect older women

against breast cancer.

The Spanish researchers found women who had ate a diet high in extra

olive oil cut the risk of breast cancer by 68 per cent.

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A study which analysed the results of published studies involving 1.5

million people found eating like the Italians or Greeks could substantially reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s.

Those who followed the Mediterranean diet lowered the risk of the

developing the condition by 13 per cent.

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Research suggests that eating a Mediterranean-style diet can halve the risk of the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

The researchers from Rome found a regular intake of fruits,

vegetables, nuts and fish can help to protect against malignant melanoma.

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Two major studies have found the secret to longer life is following the

Mediterranean diet.

Research involving more than 500,000 people found that eating plenty

of fish, fruit, and vegetables cut the risk of dying early by a fifth.

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