Health archives _ All our lives we have been reminded that we should cut our nails but as we grow older,we begin to see that longer nails are more beautiful and we girls wish to have stronger and longer nails but to have longer nails you have to take care of your nails or else they may break or crack.As long as the nails are properly cared for and clean all the time then there is nothing wrong.There is nothing much to do but some easy home remedies will help your nails to have a proper growth. Home remedies for nails growth :

These are some easy home remedies which you can do for your nails on daily basis.There is nothing difficult about growing longer nails but a little attention is all your nails need 1.Aloe vera : Aloe vera is one natural ingredient that you can rely on for the better growth of your nails.The aloe vera gel will prevent you from biting your nails.Boil the aleo vera until a gel forms in the pan,Apply this paste to your nails.As we all know the aloe vera does not taste good so this is definitely going to help you if you are a “ NAIL BITTER”.The more you bite your nails, the more damage you cause to the nails.If you are biting your nails, you are probably damaging your them as it will stop their growth. Best diet recipes 2.The proper diet : Diet is a big factor affecting the health of your nails.You should eat diet that have enough Vitamin A, folic acid, protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin B12.While this seems to be a long list which is difficult to be remembered so there is a simple type of food which contains all of these minerals,nutrients and vitamins and that food is available in almost every home “ ALMONDS”. Diet plan while breastfeeding Almonds are essential for nail care because they contain fatty acids which promote healthy nails.Eating 6 or 7 almonds almonds will benefit your nails 3.Massage your nails : Moisturized nails grow better and faster than dry and brittle nails.Nails will grow stronger and faster if they do not break.Always make sure that your nails are moisturized all the time.The olive oil will give your nails all the moisture they want.Soak your nails in the olive oil or just massage your nails and cuticles with the olive oil for 10-15 minutes daily or before going to bed.Wash it and then apply the hand moisturizer.Don’t forget to shape your nails.Remember your nails are not a tool so don’t use them for scratching.peeling off,to open the containers and so on.Because of this, the nails weakens and start chipping and breaking. Always make sure that the fingernails are grown in the right way.This demands for the proper nail care which keeps the nails long and strong.If your prefer long nails then you should always make sure that these are kept clean and neat

It is an amazing non-surgical therapy that is an injection of a concentrated mixture of the patient’s blood. The best diet Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment also called as PRP; its injections provide relief from acute and chronic pains. I want to lose weight fast naturally It is used to accelerate healing of inner tissues and joints. Jlo weight loss It promotes early muscle, tendon healing and stimulates the repair process.

Tips of weight loss PRP aids Plantar fasciitis, Meniscus tears, Osteoarthritis of the spine, hip and knee, Ligament sprains and Rotator cuff tears. Weight loss tumblr The PRP could help in improving and accelerating functional recovery and allowing early return to function. Slow carb diet meal plan PRP has been used in surgery for two decades. Exercise room dimensions Lately, PRP has been utilised in the in the treatment of sports-related wounds and injuries. How does it work?

• First is the actual lab draw. Weight calculator during pregnancy Around 60cc of the patient’s blood is drawn.

• A blood sample is placed in Platelet Concentrate System. Paleo kids The spinning process separates blood into its primary components platelets, plasma, red blood cells and white blood cells.

• A portion of plasma is removed. Losing weight tips without exercise The patient’s concentrated solution of platelets is mixed with the remaining plasma to form a concentrated solution.

• This platelet-rich solution is then interjected into the injured tissues.

When PRP is introduced into the area that is hurt, it stimulates a meek inflammatory reaction which activates the healing cascade. Low carb diet weight loss results This will restore blood flow, new cell growth, and tissue regeneration. Foods for low carb diet Benefits of PRP

The limited blood supply and poor healing properties of ligaments, cartilage and tendons make treatment essential after damage. I need to lose weight in 2 weeks Unlike physical therapy or medications that don’t treat the root of pain, PRP motivates the curative course eliminating the cause of pain. Diet plan to lose belly fat after pregnancy Patients can see a significant improvement in symptoms and the significant return of function. Diet plan for gestational diabetes This may eliminate the need for more hard-line healing procedures such as long term medication or surgery. Is it safe?

The big advantage of PRP treatment is the safety. Exercise 3 sentence completion Patient’s own blood is taken, treated and then introduced again into the patient’s body. Weight loss videos Patients are never hesitant to re-introduction of their own blood back into their body, so they are inclined to this therapy. Paleo alcohol mixers This treatment is close to a natural process as it does not involve synthetic platelets. Exercise pictures clip art Because the blood is a patient, there is no risk of infection or acquiring blood born diseases such as HIV or hepatitis. How do i lose belly fat without losing weight Unlike a lot of other treatments that have been used medically, they find their way into the aesthetic world while PRP treatment is a completely natural process. Conclusion

PRP treatment is a permanent fix. Paleo diet definition The risks involved are minimal. Cinnamon and weight loss results Because of the rejuvenation function of platelets, they are used as a trigger to accelerate the healing process in complete secure and protected way. Paleo diet plan free The whole treatment process takes an hour. Losing weight with hypothyroidism treatment There may be a pain at the injection site, but it disappears after some time. Dangers of low carb diet PRP is a plain, cost effective and viable treatment with generally high patient satisfaction. Healthy diet for teens Before going for this treatment do consult your physician.

Diabetes is an acute and chronic disease that affects the blood sugar level of patients. Exercise calorie calculator elliptical The problem arises due to abnormal production and processing of insulin in the body. Healthy diet for weight loss in hindi Diabetes can strike anyone despite gender, race, age or lifestyle.

Pregnancy is an incredible journey of a woman which offers aches, pains and weight gains yet end on a miracle of life. Slow carb diet snacks Women are blessed with a body of alluring curves and contour plus wonders of baby making the machine. I need to lose weight where do i start It is vital to have a marvellous body in tip-top condition for your own and baby’s health so that it gets the best start in life.

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