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Learn about the medication issues and common side effects of the HCG Diet…

If you are on any of these medications, please speak with your physician before staring the HCG Diet. Military diet to lose weight Your medications may need to be monitored for medication adjustments while losing weight. Best diet for ibs sufferers Through your physician’s guidance, you may be able to postpone these medications until HCG Maintenance / HCG P3.

Some medical conditions need to be monitored on the HCG Diet, such as:

If you have any of these (or any other) medical conditions you should probably be monitored by your physician while participating in Phase 2 of the HCG Diet.

How to lose water weight quickly As explained here in the HCG Positive Health Effects of the HCG Diet section, these conditions may improve and any treatment that goes along with your condition may need to be adjusted by your physician.

Some medical conditions may be a contraindication on the HCG Diet and should be thoroughly discussed with your physician. Exercise music These conditions and others are explored in Dr. How do i lose belly fat without exercising Simeons’ HCG manuscript and are recommended to be shown to your physician when deciding if the HCG Diet is right for you.

Do you know the most common side effects of the HCG Diet? Most people on the HCG Diet experience only positive health effects. Read about the HCG DIet Side Effects below…

• A headache may appear during the first few days of Phase 2.

• A slight headache during the first week is common as your body is detoxing from all the sugar and chemicals you used to eat and drink.

• Although it is normal to have less frequent bowel movements on the HCG Diet (because you’re taking in much less food than normal), some may have discomfort due to this irregularity.

• If constipated on the HCG Diet, try Smooth Move Tea (regular flavor). Weight loss tips and tricks See Smooth Move Tea here.

• For Females: HCG is a hormone and may cause changes in your menstrual cycle.

• We see changes of all types: Starting earlier, starting later, having a cycle for the first time in a few years or having break through bleeding even when FAR into menopause.

• If you ever have significant changes or concerning changes in your menstrual cycle while on the HCG Diet, you may want to seek the advice of a physician.

• They are less common with DIY HCG brand of HCG drops because our drops contain a special blend of cell salts. Exercise of futility Cell salts are known to help alleviate leg cramps.

• If you are using another band of HCG drops, don’t worry, you can take homeopathic cell salts separately. Protein diet for muscle gain See Homeopathic Cell Salts here.

• **VERY RARE with Homeopathic HCG Drops**. Protein diet meal plan Mostly reported with Medical HCG Hormone Injections.

• Slight hair thinning that lasts for about 2 weeks and then fills back in.

• Again, this is quite rare with our drops, but quite common among participants using injections.

• This is a rare side effect of the HCG diet, as many people actually have high energy on HCG.

• But, if low energy is an issue for you… Losing weight after hysterectomy you can use Vitamin B-12 to raise energy levels.

• You should not take oral B-12 pills or supplements as that usually have a sugar coating. How to lose weight with pcos Therefore, we recommend homeopathic B-12 drops. Lose belly fat menu See Homeopathic B-12 here.

If you’re still not sure if the HCG Diet is right for you… How to lose water weight naturally you may want to view our HCG Before and After Pictures, Written and Video Testimonials. Low carb diet indian You can be inspired by real people who’ve done the HCG Diet with great success!

Also, for more information, be sure to check out these great videos! The HCG Diet Protocol Introduction and History

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