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Inflammation could be killing you and you might not even know it’s there.

Most of us know that inflammation is the main cause of everyday aches and pains. Exercise science careers Headaches, joint pain, backaches, cramps and arthritis are all examples of pain caused by inflammation, usually a response from your immune system to an injury or irritation.

Paleo diet lunch ideas This is called acute inflammation.

The problem is, not all inflammation causes pain, but it can cause damage.

“ A serious problem arises when the inflammatory response never turns off –when the body is continuously reacting to an offender. Lose weight fast workout This type of inflammation is symptomatically silent, unlike acute inflammation, and can go on for years until troubling symptoms emerge and a major disease manifests.” writes Paul Fassa for Natural Society.

Your heart, brain, arteries and major organs could be under attack from silent inflammation even as you read this.

Exclusive Bonus: Your immune system starts in your gut. Weight loss vegetable soup We’ve created a checklist to make it easy for you to develop a healthy environment in your gut and build a stronger immune system. Healthy diet smoothies Click here for your free copy. Paleo diet debunked What is Silent Inflammation?

Silent inflammation is a condition that occurs when your body’s immune system responses are out of whack. Exercise is medicine month Instead of using inflammation as a temporary response to an illness or injury, the body enters a state of chronic inflammation that you probably can’t even feel.

This inflammation puts pressure on your brain, heart, organs, etc., causing them to deteriorate or otherwise damaging them, leading to long-term health concerns and disease.

Cancer, heart disease, neurological conditions (such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression and attention deficit disorder), autoimmune diseases (like multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis) and chronic pain from constant migraines and fibromyalgia have all been linked to damage caused by silent inflammation.

How can you tell if you’re at risk? have a list of symptoms to watch for: “ Some common symptoms of silent body information are chronic fatigue, recurring sinus infections, gastrointestinal issues, mood disorders and chronic vaginal and urinary tract infections, according to U.S. Weight loss tips for women News & World Report. Paleo fast food You may also experience headaches, dizziness, achy joints and a growing sensitivity to chemicals used in perfumes, cleaning agents and pesticides.”

Other symptoms include obesity and difficulty losing weight, carb and sugar cravings, brittle fingernails, high cholesterol and hormone imbalances.

There are a number of potential causes of silent inflammation. Healthy diet when pregnant These are the most common:

Fortunately, silent inflammation can be reversed by making changes to your lifestyle.

Allison Crawford at shared a list of actions you can take to reduce or prevent silent inflammation:

• Eat whole foods – choose unprocessed, unrefined foods high in fiber. Exercise guidelines for older adults Fruits and vegetables are always a safe bet

• Eat healthy fats – omega-3 fatty acids can reduce risk of heart attack, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Qigong exercises for eyes These can be found in fish oil and certain plant and nut oils like canola and flaxseed.

• Relax – learning to engage the vagus nerve relaxes your whole body and lowers inflammation

• Avoid allergens – find out if you have any food allergies and avoid those foods – gluten and dairy are common allergens

• Take probiotics – improving your digestion is an important step to improving overall health

• Take vitamins – a multivitamin along with fish oil and vitamin D will all help reduce inflammation

This list is encouraging — every suggestion on it is well within your powers.

Significant changes might be required when it comes to your diet, as modern western fare tends to aggravate your gut and throw off the good/bad bacteria ratio.

Ensuring that you have a healthy gut is the key to maintaining good overall health. Weight loss quit drinking Taking the Fight to the Front Lines: Encouraging a Healthy Gut

Ensuring you have a healthy gut is essential for ensuring a healthy immune system and immune responses. Weight loss on paleo make an interesting point about the beginning of this important relationship: “ This function of the gut microbiome starts immediately after birth: breastfeeding kicks off the colonization of the newborn baby’s gut with bacteria from the mother, and those microbes are one of the earliest influences on the baby’s immune system. Paleo diet gluten free That first colonization has effects that last throughout the baby’s life – for example, colonization with certain types of bacteria is associated with a lower risk of allergies and other diseases of immune dysfunction.”

Your gut flora actually help to regulate inflammation. Paleo chicken If your healthy gut flora population is weak and bad bacteria are in control it can cause your body to go into panic mode, causing silent inflammation.

Healthy gut bacteria also help to protect you from pollution, mold, poor food choices and bacteria, since the lining of your gut prevents toxins from getting directly into your bloodstream.

A strong population of healthy gut bacteria will overtake and eliminate bad bacteria, resulting in a stronger immune system. Losing weight rapidly What’s the best way to build a healthy gut?

Taking prebiotics and probiotics is a wise start. Lose weight fast without dieting We have a great new post on pre- and probiotics — what they are and how they can benefit you — discover more by clicking here.

Taking coriander oil daily either as a supplement or as a flavoring in your food is another great way to encourage a healthy gut and immune system synergy.

Coriander seed oil helps to set the stage for ideal gut flora growth. Losing weight cancer Its antibacterial and antifungal properties help to keep bad bacteria in check, allowing the healthy bacteria to thrive.

The most important thing is that it soothes the lining of your gut so that good bacteria can attach themselves and get to work. Healthy diet to lose weight after pregnancy Overall, coriander oil helps to promote an environment that friendly bacteria like, meaning that your prebiotics and probiotics won’t be wasted.

To get your hands on some gut-friendly, silent inflammation-fighting coriander oil, click here .

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