This page shows only our free software with interface in languages other than Polish.

Polish version of this page contains also design tables (in *.PDF format) for different cold formed products offered by some of our clients.

Unless specificaly described all programes listed on this page runs on Windows XP …Windows 10

We have limited influence on the updating of the programs presented on this page, so we added release year for each item. Lose belly fat diet Please contact producers to check availability of the products.

Running to lose weight plan Click on the logo to jump to producer`s www.

General program BP2 revision 2.6 (April 2017) (file 5.8MB) – for analysis of the strength of thin gauge products: trapezoidal sheets and wall trays from:

Sheets checking is possible for very wide scope of the statical schemes and a combinaton of U.D.Loads. Paleo zucchini chips The program runs in 7 languages for sheets and in 3 for wall trays.

Program is in prefinal state (build 406). Low carb diet guidelines We well gratefull for any remarks and observations.

Programs for checking trapezoidal sheets: calculate resistance and deflection, allow to limit the bearing capacity due to anti-fire security requirements:

BP revision 6.6.1 (January 2017) (file 6.3MB) – helps to select a sheet from the BLACHY PR U SZYNSKI ‘s catalogue.

Program is based on PN-EN 1993-1-3 standard and on results of experimental research.

Allows the definition of any continuously distributed load, definition of cantilivers, different spans length. Exercise and stress reduction Combination of continious beam with laps on two supports. Exercise for back pain after delivery Self-weight of the sheet can be automaticaly added with different values of g coeficient. 2 week weight loss Accepts plain and perforated profiles. Military diet alternatives Option of detailed design of overlaping and ridigity joints.

Now with new profile T45P. Losing weight after 60 Bearing capacity of heigh profiles benefits from experimental research done in 2016.

Runs in Polish, English, Russian, Czech or Hungarian languages.

Program BBX revision 2.0.3 (May 2016) (file 12.2MB) for checking strength of trapezoidal sheets from:

Different static schemes from one to five spans or threespan beams with cantilivers. Weight loss pills side effects Any continous loads. How to lose weight fast and healthy Tools for definition of dead loads and climatic loads (wind, snow).

(2014) (file 4.4MB) – selects a sheet from the offert of czech company SATJAM.

Traditional and overlaping layouts. Exercise synonym Option of adding sheet’s self-weight. Exercise workouts for legs For continious beams free definition of spans lengths and of any continious loads, including trapezoidal ones. Weight loss 4 texas The program runs in

DBM revision 2.3 (2010) (file 4.7MB) – helps to select a sheet from BUD MAT ‘s cataloque. How to lose weight in 7 days naturally Program complies with PN-EN 1993-1-3 August 2008. Paleo english muffin The program runs in Polish, English and Russian. Diet plan application Runs on Windows XP.

Program X-Dek revision 2.0 (February 2015) (file 7.0MB) – to check influence of roofing made of insulated panels from :

on stiffness of building steel structure. Low carb diet and exercise Program runs in Polish and English. Low carb diet depression Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1.

revision 3.2.5a (March 2017) (file 6.2MB) – helps to select suitable purlin of Z, C or Sigma profile from BLACHY PR U SZYNSKI ‘s cataloque.

Catalog of Z- purlins with overlaping and ” t+ ” patterns. Weight loss images simulator free Two steel grades: S350 & S390. Causes of weight loss in elderly Cladding of trapezoidal sheets, sandwich panels with core of mineral wool (PWD-W & PWS-W) or with roof panels with PIR core (PWD-PIR). Best diet app User can modify number of bracers and length of overlaps in joints of Z profiles in some statical patterns. Fastest way to lose weight Program complyes with PN-EN 1993-1-3 standard August 2008.

Program Galver (April 2015) (file 6.0MB) – helps to select purlin of C & Z profile from Galver ‘s ofert of S350.

Runs in Polish, English, German and Russian. Weight loss green smoothie Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1.

To install any application, unpack downloaded “*.ZIP” file and run the self-installing program (the one ending with “*.INS_EXE”). Exercise routine for women Polish version of this page containes also some tables of resistance for different cold formed products (sheets, panels, purlins etc) for which the programs are not available yet. Lose belly fat overnight The tables have been updated on March 1 st ’16.

… Healthy diet in pregnancy and upgrades of commercial software for our clients are here:

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