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Below are many success stories from people using Gilad’s workouts. Weight loss vegetables in hindi We want your success story!

Have you gotten into great shape with Gilad? Let us know! Submit your story, before and after picture and be a part of our success stories. 3 day military diet menu When taking your pictures please try to show your entire body from the front and from the side. Exercise meaning in english A plain background is preferable to a busy background.

By submitting your before and after photos you agree to let us use this on our website, email and Facebook pages. Low carb diet recipes meal plan 7 days We will use first name only. Exercise names for legs We will not share your private information with anyone.

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I wanted to lose fat and build muscle. Exercise tv directv I had been doing the workouts for several months but did not alter my eating habits.

I took the challenge to improve my strength and stamina. Exercise guidelines for weight loss I have been working hard this year to lose extra weight I gained from having my two kids, and I wanted this challenge to not only get me closer to my goal weight, but also to push my body to a level of fitness I have never been able to reach before.

I’m in my mid-50’s and have been frustrated that whatever I eat and however I exercise, nothing seems to move. Best diet for abs This challenge kept me motivated and encouraged. E tray exercise It’s still much easier for me to exercise at home and Gilad is a great motivator.

I took the challenge to lose weight and to gain energy and to feel better overall. Paleo diet chart I love working out with Gilad’s DVDs because they are fun and the workouts are realistic. Lose water weight in 3 days I always see results whether it’s in weight loss or health-related. Low carb diet bad breath There are so many benefits.

I needed the accountability. Losing weight over 60 I’ve lost almost 70 in the past 2 years and just seem to be stuck. Exercises to burn fat and build muscle I still have about 40 to go. Exercise tiger 1944 The challenge was a great way to get this going again.

“I come from an overweight family. Paleo indians My nickname in school was actually Fatalie…so, at 49, having kept my weight proportionate to height for a few years is something to embrace. Exercise unlimited Am proud to model good habits to my children. Have tried different programs, but Gilad really nails it.

“I weighed 210 pounds. Weight loss calendar countdown I didn’t feel well, I was eating the wrong foods and had a real sick feeling inside. Cinnamon and weight loss recipe I knew I had to do something.

One day I saw Gilad on TV and my fitness journey began.To make a long story short, I am now 120 pounds and wear a size 2. Vegan lose weight fast tips Thank you Gilad.”

Tony is on the 60 Day Ultimate U Challenge and his progress is quite impressive. Paleo diet smoothies Look what you can accomplish in just 35 days when you workout and eat right. Exercise pictures funny That’s a winning combination.

Please find the pictures attached,it’s from the fall of 2012, When I had my physical that Dec I was almost 260lbs. Weight loss with yoga For the after, I attached a pic with Gilad from this past Sunday. Losing weight after menopause Right now I weigh 191 lbs, I have been down to 179 but folks told me I looked too skinny and unhealthy. Low carb diet side effects headache Overall I went from a size 38 pants to, now, a size 32.

I gained 13 kg and I had no motivation to get back into shape. Best diet to lose weight quickly One day my friend recommended a fantastic TV show with Gilad. Military diet before and after At the beginning I was not sure but I quickly changed my mind. Weight loss drugs This powerful exercise with a really good coach helped me to performed in my first bikini contest. Losing weight due to stress I am fascinated by these excercises. Healthy diet lunch Regular activites and healthy diet ensures a great silhouette, Agnes, Poland.

I want to say huge THANK YOU to the greatest fitness coach in the world, to GILAD! You are my saver. Weight loss recipes vegetarian After my second pregnancy my weight was 200 lb. Exercise at home Because of Gilad’s Total Body Sculpt workouts I lost 15 pounds for first 3 moths after my baby #2. Exercise with chair On Christmas 2012 my weight was 185 lb. Weight loss eating plan pdf I decided move on together with Gilad. Military diet day 2 My goal was to lost 40 lb. Healthy diet plans for men for 1 year. Paleo apple muffins GIlad is the only one who supported me completely through my weight lost journey. Lose belly fat women Gilad’s fitness is the biggest part of my life. 5 week diet plan I did it, I lost my 40 extra pounds. Calories needed to lose weight calculator Today, my weight is 145 lb. Weight loss images I eat 5 times per day, healthy meal and workouts 5 times per week. Best diet lose weight quickly Because of Gilad I feel healthy, strong and beautiful! God Bless you , Gilad!

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