For mrs earth priyanka goyal, diwali 2015 is about reusing electronic waste

Everything was well thought out for Priyanka Khurana Goyal, an investment banker who is the first Indian woman to win the ‘Mrs. Earth’ international title on October 18. The 32-year-old IIM Calcutta graduate reveals her secrets to iamin on how she won the title, what matters to her most and much more, at her Lower Parel home.

Tell us about your preparation for Mrs. Earth:

The only parallel I can draw to the amount

of preparation that went into Mrs. Earth is to that of preparing for the IIM. The title of Mrs. Earth is all about what you can do for Mother Earth, so a lot of research I did was about environmental issues which revealed some shocking statistics. It was unsettling to know about the number of children dying of hunger in Africa in a time where we are wasting natural resources in other parts of the world. That 14 of the 15 Earth’s hottest temperature recorded were in the 21st century, and we are just 15 years into it. The effects of our exploitation of the environment is visible already closer home, there is no rain when it’s supposed to rain, though October is already over, the heat seems to be getting just worse. I use environment friendly papers, save water (and educated people about it), avoid plastic, etc to name a few. I explained it to my three-year-old too. At work, I have brought about changes in terms of eliminating packaged plastic water bottles and replacing them with a long lasting eco-friendly one. In fact, I am also associated with eco-friendly papers, made of elephant and rhino excreta. This Diwali is special because I’ll be gifting diyas made of electronic waste.

Tell us about your fitness preparations:

I worked out almost every day; three days of gym training and four days of yoga and meditation for an hour. My gym training mostly involved weight training to tone my muscles. But again, it was eating right that went a long way to bring definition to my structure. I ate a lot of salads throughout the day, and drank about 3 to 3-and-a-half liters of water. Plus, some protein and Omega 3 supplements.

What about your beauty regime?

I follow a CTM (Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise) routine in the morning as well as the evening. Another must have for me is a sunscreen, I cannot stress how much of a difference it makes. But mostly, it is your diet that determines your skin’s health.

A full time job and being a mother:

I believe that my yoga and meditation practice centered me to a great extent. My husband Amulya, my family and my entire crew, grooming expert Ritika Ramtri, fitness trainer Baqar Nasser, designer (traditional costume) Pooja Jagasia, became a great support system. My fitness level made it easy for me to manage everything without getting exhausted. I also believe in delegation.

What causes are close to your heart?

The most primary thing is women entrepreneurship followed by spreading awareness about the environment, and third, helping autistic children, and especially the mothers of these children, and spreading awareness that even Einstein and Newton were autistic – they are different, but nevertheless intelligent and capable.