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I think you should keep on the cod liver oil, the vitamins are okay but do not make much difference when it commes to type 2 diabetes…

what will help is to eat as little amount of carbs a day.. 2 week weight loss workout try to get under 80-100 grams a day and avoid carbs in breakfast if you can do that

I?ll tag @daisy1 so you get the valuable information everyone new in here gets..

Lidl have got some proteins-rolls that only contain very little amount of carb , if you miss bread …

eat more avocado cheese meat fish eggs vegetables grown over ground (except corn and rice…)

all execise is good long walks and whatever you like preferably daily exercise..

Be aware that metformin can interfere with B12 absorption so a good idea to test and probably supplement. Low carb diet side effects skin My doctor put me on B12 at the same time as he prescribed metformin. Weight loss tv shows Most people in northern latitudes are also low on vitamin D.

In addition to having type 2 diabetes, I have inflammatory bowel disease (in remission 99% of the time) and non-celiac gluten sensitivity (diagnosed in 2011). Dr g weight loss doral As a result, it appears that I have difficulty absorbing nutrients so I take a lot of supplements.

Paleo diet sweet potatoes Some people, like me, need supplements, others are able to get most of their nutritional needs met by eating a healthy diet. Slow carb diet breakfast Most of us probably fall somewhere in between.

There are a few nutrients that are good in general to supplement: vitamin A (cod liver oil), fish oil, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 (MK-7), magnesium, and perhaps CoQ10, all for heart health. How to lose belly fat fast without exercise or pills If there are any signs of peripheral neuropathy – (numbness, tingling, pain in hands or feet) – I’d add a B-complex.

If that’s too many, I’d take a good quality, whole foods multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, vitamin D3, and magnesium, probably cod liver oil or fish oil too.

That said, the foundation of good health is built on a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy, whole foods diet, physical activity, adequate, quality sleep, stress management, and loving relationships.

The challenge is figuring out what diet works best for you: animal, plant, or both? raw, cooked, or a ratio of the two?

In general, type 2 diabetes is a carbohydrate intolerance. Weight loss questionnaire A whole foods diet that eliminates or limits sugar, refined grains, industrial seed oils – (soybean, cottonseed, corn, saffola, canola, sunflower, peanut) – and other processed foods is best. Losing weight tips and tricks Other foods to limit are root vegetables, legumes, and fruit, though I try to include a small serving of some or all of these daily.

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I personally eat an organic, non-GMO, whole foods diet that includes a mix of pastured animal and organic plant proteins and fats, and organic vegetables with all meals. Tru v weight loss One of the things I’m learning is that fiber from plants is important for feeding our gut’s microbes and for binding with toxins as they’re processed out of the body.

Diabetes medications used for type 2 diabetes don’t stop the progression of the condition, they only slow it down. Military diet without tuna Life style changes including a low carbohydrate diet stops the diabetes from progressing, and happily, for many, puts it in remission.

This is a wonderful forum made up of lots of caring people. To lose weight how many calories should i eat Read, read, read, and ask lots of questions.

Hello Phil and welcome to the Forum Here is the Basic Information we give to new members and I hope you will find it useful. Paleo ground turkey recipes Ask as many questions as you want and someone will be able to help.

Diabetes is the general term to describe people who have blood that is sweeter than normal. Healthy diet breakfast recipes A number of different types of diabetes exist.

A diagnosis of diabetes tends to be a big shock for most of us. Paleo banana bread It’s far from the end of the world though and on this forum you’ll find well over 147,000 people who are demonstrating this.

On the forum we have found that with the number of new people being diagnosed with diabetes each day, sometimes the NHS is not being able to give all the advice it would perhaps like to deliver – particularly with regards to people with type 2 diabetes.

Carbohydrates are a factor in diabetes because they ultimately break down into sugar (glucose) within our blood. Calories burned to lose weight calculator We then need enough insulin to either convert the blood sugar into energy for our body, or to store the blood sugar as body fat.

If the amount of carbohydrate we take in is more than our body’s own (or injected) insulin can cope with, then our blood sugar will rise.

Research indicates that raised blood sugar levels over a period of years can lead to organ damage, commonly referred to as diabetic complications.

People on the forum here have shown that there is plenty of opportunity to keep blood sugar levels from going too high. Importance of healthy diet It’s a daily task but it’s within our reach and it’s well worth the effort.

The info below is primarily aimed at people with type 2 diabetes, however, it may also be of benefit for other types of diabetes as well.

A large number of people on this forum have chosen to reduce the amount of carbohydrates they eat as they have found this to be an effective way of improving (lowering) their blood sugar levels.

The carbohydrates which tend to have the most pronounced effect on blood sugar levels tend to be starchy carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, bread, potatoes and similar root vegetables, flour based products (pastry, cakes, biscuits, battered food etc) and certain fruits.

The low glycaemic index diet is often favoured by healthcare professionals but some people with diabetes find that low GI does not help their blood sugar enough and may wish to cut out these foods altogether.

Over 145,000 people have taken part in the Low Carb Program – a free 10 week structured education course that is helping people lose weight and reduce medication dependency by explaining the science behind carbs, insulin and GI.

Different people respond differently to different types of food. Type o diet foods What works for one person may not work so well for another. Weight loss tricks before bed The best way to see which foods are working for you is to test your blood sugar with a glucose meter.

To be able to see what effect a particular type of food or meal has on your blood sugar is to do a test before the meal and then test after the meal. Exercise nutrition A test 2 hours after the meal gives a good idea of how your body has reacted to the meal.

However, those that are able to, may wish to keep blood sugar levels below the NICE after meal targets.

The NICE guidelines suggest that people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes should be offered:

• structured education to every person and/or their carer at and around the time of diagnosis, with annual reinforcement and review

• self-monitoring of plasma glucose to a person newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes only as an integral part of his or her self-management education

Therefore both structured education and self-monitoring of blood glucose should be offered to people with type 2 diabetes. Exercise names for arms Read more on getting access to blood glucose testing supplies.

You may also be interested to read questions to ask at a diabetic clinic.

Note: This post has been edited from Sue/Ken’s post to include up to date information.

Take part in digital education programs and improve your understanding. Weight loss lunch ideas They’re all free.

• Low Carb Program – it’s made front-page news of the New Scientist and The Times. Paleo diet grocery list tool Developed with 20,000 people with type 2 diabetes; 96% of people who take part recommend it… How to lose weight unhealthy find out why

• Hypo Program – improve your understanding of hypos. The best diet plan There’s a version for people with diabetes, parents/guardians of children with type 1, children with type 1 diabetes, teachers and HCPs.

I am 63, type 2 and on Metformin. Weight loss 3 weeks I have started to take Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and vitamin B12 after noticing some pins and needles in my hands which might be early signs of neuropathy. Paleo diet foods to avoid list ALA is also good to clear “brain fog” and improve concentration. Exercise intolerance treatment One of the complications of diabetes is dementia, so ALA may help there.

@PhilBladen I linked my cod liver oil intake with absorption issues I was getting with other medication – I was taking an oil capsule at the same time as my thyroxine and some other stuff. Weight loss transformation With hindsight I could kick myself! I’m still on that little rollercoaster now of trying to sort my thyroxine.

I’m not saying don’t take it, but I’d take it several hours after any other tablets, if I were still taking it.

Find support, connect with others, ask questions and share your experiences with people with diabetes, their carers and family.

Did you know: 7 out of 10 people improve their understanding of diabetes within 6 months of being a Diabetes Forum member. Low carb diet for pcos Get the Diabetes Forum App and stay connected on iOS and Android

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