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My journey to health has been a long one (and will continue) and food has played an enormous role in my improvements. Apostrophe s exercises What some of you may already know from reading my story, is that I have been gluten free since 2007 after I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s following two babies, under a year apart. Exercise depression I had researched links between gluten sensitivity (inflammation) and Hashimoto’s and also saw an integrative practitioner that recommended I give it up. Losing weight after pregnancy c section And so I did.

I remained somewhat stable for a few years eating this way until after the birth of my 3rd baby, 3 years later.

Military diet weight loss I crashed hard around 4 months post-partum and had an extremely difficult time rebounding. How to lose weight in a day with exercise There were additional stressors around that time (milk dried up, cross country move, 3 young children, etc) but I became gravely ill and continued to decline.

I went to every specialist in the Washington DC area looking for answers; I treated Lyme and co-infections for over a year hoping it would help. Losing weight quotes funny It didn’t. Paleo diet quinoa And yes, I tried it all.

Around this time I started researching Paleo and how it can be a healing lifestyle. Exercise guidelines acsm I became really fascinated by real food and its ability to heal (or harm). Exercise hangover I also quickly realized that my “gluten free diet” wasn’t really doing me any favors, as I was avoiding only one inflammatory food and failed to include many others that could help. Paleo zone diet I dug my heels into Paleo and around the same time tested for food sensitivities as well, something I had not really pursued aggressively in the past. Exercise physiologist jobs in michigan I also came across a variety of methods to test for food sensitivities, which I believe were 100% instrumental in helping navigate my way back to health.

Here I will show you just 4 opportunities to test for food sensitivities, how to go about those, and what your results might look like. Paleo jelly Keep in mind there are many other methods and labs available. Exercise 5 days a week These are just 4 in my personal experience.

First, I was tested through Genova Diagnostics. L carnitine weight loss before and after Genova is a highly respected and trusted lab which one of my integrative MD’s uses. Exercise motivation music They have a wide array of tests (many of which I’ve taken), and their results format is easy to comprehend, even as a patient. Healthy diet snacks What you need to know about their food sensitivity test:

• Can only be obtained through a healthcare provider who has an account with Genova

• It looks at around 80 common foods and measures the reaction from “none detected” up to “high”

• If you are interested in Genova testing you can look for a practitioner HERE

• Cost can be expensive if out of pocket but sometimes can be covered by insurance. Low carb diet chart Please be sure to check the codes with your insurance company to see if you qualify

Second, I was tested via muscle testing. Losing weight on a vegan diet Muscle testing, or applied kinesiology, is a somewhat less common practice than blood tests (or skin tests as in traditional allergy testing). Beyond diet 5 foods to never eat In my experience, it is important that the practitioner who uses muscle testing be one who has sufficient experience and know-how. Exercise guidelines for pregnancy Not all integrative practitioners are created equally, just like not all mainstream MD’s are. Exercise benefits for seniors Muscle testing has often been accused of being insufficient or quackery. Losing weight pregnant You can read some more HERE about why this method might actually be just as effective as blood testing if done correctly. 4 hour diet plan What you need to know about muscle testing for food sensitivities:

• No needles are used, this does not test blood or urine for antibodies

• In my personal experience, my blood tests for food sensitivities and my muscle testing proved to be aligned (these were performed by 2 different practitioners who did not see either result before or after)

• Homeopathically charged vials of the potential allergen/sensitivity are placed on or near the person being tested. Paleo friendly restaurants The practitioner then presses on a muscle asking you to create resistance. Lose belly fat after pregnancy Here is a VIDEO of what this looks like

• Cost can vary based on the practitioner, you can easily spend $100-200 per visit depending on where you are in the country and how popular your practitioner is

• You can find an applied kinesiology practitioner HERE (many are chiropractors and other more holistic healthcare providers).

The photo above is from my friend Sarah Outlaw testing in her practice. Exercise 38 anatomy of the digestive system You can read more from her on Nutrition Response Testing HERE!

Elimination/Rotation diet. Paleo diet menu plan ideas This method of testing requires the most work from the patient but can definitely be the most telling. Weight loss diet in marathi Basically you would eliminate a lot of common food triggers and slowly add them back after giving your body time away from them. Weight loss and hair loss For example, you might give up tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and other nightshades for a month and then slowly reintroduce. Diet plan to lose 30 pounds Did joint pain or rashes flare? These might be a problematic food group if so. Paleo diet weight loss results What you need to know about elimination diets:

• They can be time consuming, taking a month to reintroduce each potential trigger food after eliminating it

• They place more work on the patient, meaning it is not a 5 minute test in a doctor’s office

• They may be the most accurate, given that no other major stressors are introduced during the time of elimination

• Keep in mind you may need to watch other supplements you are taking at the time as well for most accurate results

• Cost is relatively low which is a convenience if you are unable to pay out of pocket

This 4th option I just recently tried last week and I am sold. Exercise library I tried a newer company called EverlyWell which ships directly to your home. Paleo diet beans I have seen home testing become more popular in recent years, especially with the difficulty in finding mainstream doctors who are willing to test patients’ requests. Best diet soda I did not have any expectations but was indeed curious. Paleo diet menu in tamil So I ordered online, the kit showed up. Weight loss over 50 I pricked my finger with a lancet they included, sent my sample back and in less than a week had my results. Losing weight with pcos If you compare these results to my Genova results, you’ll see that over time, my food sensitivities have improved, indicating that my gut definitely continues to heal since 2013. Exercise gym Interestingly, however, dairy remains a major culprit, and almonds always come back at least slightly elevated. Exercise addiction statistics Regarding the test itself, the instructions were easy to follow and I love that they have other testing opportunities including thyroid, fertility, sleep and stress, and more. Paleo jam You can read more and order tests HERE (you can save 10% with code MY2017! What you need to know:

• You do not need a doctor’s approval or traditional lab order

• You’ll be testing on your own at home and receive the results via email (you’ll log in online to retrieve them)

• You’ll pay out of pocket (you can file with your insurance company after the fact if you desire)

• 3 drops of blood are needed for testing; you’ll prick your finger with a lancet and drop the blood onto a small card they provide before mailing it back

• The results are not shared with anyone but you – you may then choose to share them with your practitioner but they will not be forwarded automatically

• This is IgG antibody testing like the Genova test mentioned above

Thank you for sharing! I just had the IgG blood test done and it was very interesting. 7 day diet plan to lose weight fast I found foods that I didn’t know I was sensitive to and foods that I feel sensitive to do not show up. Healthy diet for women I’m always curious about methods of testing and how I can help myself from autoimmune. Paleo diet criticism I’m finally seeing a functional medicine doctor. Military diet for men He has a version on an elimination diet that doesn’t complete eliminate offending foods. Qigong exercises It’s an interesting journey and loving the healing.

Your health journey sounds so much like mine!! I have Hashimotos and always flared after each pregnancy around month 4!! Then my health crashed after a very stressful time, 5 years, and haven’t been the same since. Exercise challenge I now know I have Lyme and co-infections. Military diet exercise I’ve been to so many LLMDs but not really getting anywhere. Slow carb diet review I want to take things into my own hands but it’s so overwhelming figuring it out on your own.

You are in the DC area?! South, North, East, or West? I’m in Woodbridge, VA. Low carb diet and weight loss I’m curious about the allergy testing. A paleontologist I’ve wanted to get tested but worried about the expense. Paleo apple pie crust I’ve adopted a mostly paleo diet as it seems to work better for my energy levels but I still have quite a bit of bloating and tummy issues. Exercise at home no equipment Things have really changed for me since I’ve had kids. Is military diet safe it’s amazing how they can change our bodies and our tastes.

Jennifer is a wife and mother of 3 in pursuit of better health for her family.

After being gluten free for 4 years, and having a multitude of chronic health issues, she realized there was still too much processed “food” in her pantry and change was needed. Exercise physiologist jobs nyc Jennifer began feeding her family more meals from WHOLE foods and less from boxes. Paleohacks Her recipes are predominantly paleo, meaning they are free of grain, gluten, dairy, and refined sugar, but make allowances for a few treats and sweets. Best diet lose 20 pounds fast She believes food can be medicine when used appropriately and that a few changes now can equate to huge benefits later. Paleo diet unhealthy Healthy food does not need to be flavorless and void of personality, which she aims to accomplish through her many recipes.

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