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Duplicants are the characters that the player manages in Oxygen Not Included. Weight loss goals They are assigned jobs and have vitals that can be tracked. Losing weight after 50 and menopause A new game begins with three Duplicants, which the player can shuffle as desired but not customize.

B12 to lose weight Once the game has started, the player may chose to add one of three randomly generated Duplicants every three Cycles.

As of the PAX demo version of the game the stats and look of every Duplicant is random.

Every Duplicant starts with a randomly generated set of skills that can be improved by performing tasks. Low carb diet cheat day Skills generally apply a speed bonus to their respective attributes. How to lose weight very fast in 2 days The highest leveled skill determines a Duplicant’s profession. Paleo diet rules List of all skills:

• The Athletics attribute determines a Duplicant’s movement speed.

• Moving x tiles/using manual generator increases this skill.

• The Cooking attribute determines a Duplicant’s Food production speed.

• The Digging attribute determines a Duplicant’s mining speed.

• The Medicine attribute determines a Duplicant’s Disease resistance and ability to heal after injury.

• *Recovering from injury increases this skill?. Healthy diet for weight loss plan Naturally robust duplicants are better than having this skill in alpha version.

• The Tinkering attribute determines a Duplicant’s efficiency when operating machines.

• Operating musher, stations, hydrofan, generator increases this skill. Exercise video games Composting increases this skill faster.

• The Construction attribute determines a Duplicant’s building speed.

• Creativity affects the speed and quality of a Duplicant’s artistic creations.

• *Creating art increases this skill. How to lose belly fat fast overnight Currently 4+ enough to create better art.

• The Learning attribute determines a Duplicant’s skill training and Research effectiveness.

• The Strength attribute determines a Duplicant’s carrying capacity and combat effectiveness.

Traits [ edit | edit source ] Positive Traits [ edit | edit source ] Name

“These hands are great for tunneling, but finding gloves is a nightmare”

“This Duplicant may have been a talented opera singer in another life”

Air Consumption Rate: -25 g/s (25% saves 15 kg oxygen. Weight loss inspiration pics Instead of 60 kg, only 45 kg each cycle.

“This Duplicant moves as quickly underwater as they do on land”

*Not available in alpha version of game, all dupes move the same speed in liquid.

“This Duplicant’s sharp as a tack and picks up new skills with amazing speed”

“This Duplicant can eat just about anything without getting sick!”

“This Duplicant likes to throw a wrench into the colony’s plans…in a good way”

“This Duplicant does their best work when they ought to be sleeping”

During the night, adds +3 to all skills (except creativity). Weight loss team names Can work if wakes up at night(?). 5 day diet plan Can do one more task before going to bed.

“This Duplicant’s hardy immune system repels most common illnesses”

*Can stand longer in contaminated oxygen, without getting sick.

“All the Vitamin C in space can’t stop this Duplicant from getting sick”

“This Duplicant might actually be several blackholes in a trenchcoat”

“This Duplicant has an unshakable fear of kitchens and the culinary arts”

Wakes up nearby duplicants when sleeping(Range : 2) causing interrupted sleep.

“This Duplicant sucks up way more than their fair share of Oxygen”

Falls asleep for a short while sometimes during the day, anytime anywhere (not under water), better stamina and stress relief, constant sore back, can be moved manually to wake up.

Occasionally farts(*a lot), creating contaminated oxygen (*200mg?). Lose belly fat overnight wrap Interrupts jobs and sleep if farts while standing in one spot with others.

“This Duplicant is a little slow on the update, but gosh do they try”

“This Duplicant takes a little longer than usual to “do their business””

Bladder Efficiency: -0.5 (sits in toilet more.* reading newspapers or checking the phone?)

Bladder Charge: +0.2 %/s (almost twice a day instead of once)

Additional [ edit | edit source ] Decor Expectation [ edit | edit source ]

• Areas with Decor values lower than a Duplicant’s Decor Expectations will cause decor meter to fall while high decor values will cause their decor meter to rise. Paleo egg muffins If their decor meter falls below the expected causes their Stress to rise (“Drab decor!”), A Duplicant’s expectations will increase as they level up and become better at their primary job (highest skill level). Losing weight on birth control *In early versions decor expectation was unlimited then capped at a maximum of 100(?). Paleo banana bread with almond flour *Higher decor than expectation wont fill meter faster currently.

• Different traits can add different values to the base value, especially number of positives and negatives, highest skill level.

• Stops current action and starts destroying “defenseless” equipment

• Low breathing stops from destruction, targets small batteries, oxydizers then manual generator.

• “A Duplicant will have a Nervous Breakdown at 100% Stress” (sometimes around 60-70 if neglected)

• *Interrupted sleep changes base charge. Protein s deficiency diet Other things increase value, like “stepping in contaminated water”

• “The Duplicant will make a mess at 100% if no bathrooms are available”

• When bladder hits 100% they “reserve” a toilet, others cannot use until they walk there and finish. Exercise tv They stop their current job to go for closest unoccupied/unreserved toilet.

• *They can wait on 100% for 60(?) seconds for others then they pee on floor . Protein diet chart for weight loss They need to go to toilet each day at the same time (one day after printed), travel distance and speed can delay it.

• *Outhouses got priority over lavatories whatever distance they are, and causes them to wake up at night. Exercise quotes tumblr Lavatories only do not wake them, but needs water and at least 1 empty pipe for use. Paleo chocolate chip cookies *Bugs with lavatories in alpha version.

• Low pressure oxygen also bad for them. Losing weight in your 40s While contaminated oxygen is breathable but may cause sickness.

• They pick the closest spot with oxygen to breath until they are at full of breath. Benefits of healthy diet Closed doors may bug them in that process.

• *Walking to outhouse and back makes them miss a part of the night, causing low refill.

• *Nighttime stops their actions and wont interrupt sleep arriving late or eating, but toilets or 50% fullness will.

• *They dont need a full night sleep to fully recharge. Low carb diet shopping list They can sleep on massage tables if stressed.

• “This Duplicant has [x] kcal of stored energy the can burn before starving”

• Base value: 2000 (Becomes hungry, stops activity and goes to eat if food available). Exercise addiction Maximum 4000 (100%).

• Actual maximum is 3500 (85% fullness), due to highest ration of 1500.

• Base value for rations 1000 (“Until full”, multiple time daily when falls below 2000) .

• Base change per second: -1.7 kcal/s ( around 1000 calories daily).

• *Full bladder has priority currently update 8557, under 3-5% fullness may be too late.

• Duplicants “reserve food” when they become hungry, still shows up in bar until they take it.

• “Food beyond reach” means that all food is reserved. Low carb diet vegetarian For example having 5 duplicants means they need 5000 calories daily. Exercise induced urticaria cure If they dont get in time, will eat anyway later, multiple times.

• Becoming “hungry” at night causes interrupted sleep. Exercise and diet If they take the food before going to bed and eat it, it wont.

• Assigning (or reassigning) mess tables makes them eat approximately the same time.

• Below 50% is hungry (2000 calories). I want to lose weight but i love eating Below 25% is starving(1000calories), needs to eat twice 1000. Healthy diet tips to lose weight This state causes stress and small delays.

• “A healthy Duplicant’s body temperature is 37 °C/310.2 K/98.6 °F”

• *Currently they not affected by heat. 6 week diet plan They cannot die from it. Weight loss icd 10 (*not in alpha)

• *They can become very hot and heat up plants, causing endless replanting. Type c weight loss Update 8557+.

• A Duplicant will gain Stress while average decor is lower in its path than its expectation.

• Decor Expectation: varies from character to character, highest skill determines the profession and duplicant level. Paleo diet appetizers Higher level requires more decor (+5? per level starting from base -25 +-traits).

• Decor meter works over time like “fuel”, not varying each room. Losing weight with pcos success stories Therefore best spots for decor are places they spend more time (near/above beds, machines).

• Stress is caused when their decor meter is below expectation. Paleo diet with dairy “Drab decor!” warning.

• Surroundings increase/decrease decor meter (not the stress):

• Dining Area (mess table assigned to each duplicant, auto-assigned when is free and duplicant takes food. Healthy diets that work )

• Clinic (beds to separate them while sick, “trench stench” disturbs others, most diseases only affect duplicant itself.)

• Relaxation Point (massage tables assigned until stress hits 0)

As of development build CL#TU-210489 game-generated Duplicants have an assigned name, appearance, and description (attributes and traits are still randomly generated). Exercise videos on netflix streaming 2015 Changing the name of a Duplicate will alter the description as appropriate but will not change the appearance of the Dupe.

Abes are sweet, delicate flowers. Athlean x diet plan They need to be treated gingerly, with great consideration for their feelings.

The “cool loner” vibes that radiate off a Banhi never fail to make the colony swoon.

This Bubbles is constantly challenging others to fight her, regardless of whether or not she can actually take them.

Every single Burt has perpetually damp hands. C section weight loss It must be genetic.

A Catalina is admired by all for her seemingly tireless work ethic. Weight loss success stories over 40 Little do people know, she’s dying on the inside.

This Devon dreams of owning their own personal computer so they can start a blog full of pictures of toast.

A severe climate requires a severe woman. Paleo zucchini This Eleanor is that woman.

Nothing makes an Ellie happier than a big tin of glitter and a pack of unicorn stickers.

This Elvira can’t remember a time when she wasn’t blanketed in the cold embrace of darkness.

There’s nothing Frankies are more proud of than their thick, dignified eyebrows.

Gabriels are spoiled rotten, but at least they have great hair.

This Harold is cripplingly self-conscious of his long middle toes.

If someone says something nice to a Hassan he’ll think about it nonstop for no less than three weeks.

A Howard’s monotonous voice and lack of facial expression make it impossible for others to tell when he’s messing with them.

Joshuas are precious goobers. 3 day military diet plan Other Duplicants are strangely incapable of cursing in a Joshua’s presence.

This Longwei picks his nose when he thinks no one’s watching. Weight loss eating plan Thankfully, he never eats it.

This Marie is positively glowing! What’s her secret? Radioactive isotopes, of course.

At any given moment a Max is viscerally reliving ten different humiliating memories.

Meeps have a face only a twelve tonne DNA Replicator could love.

The burden of living is just too much for some people. Weight loss meditation Like this Nadia, for instance.

People often expect a Duplicant named “Nails” to be tough, but they’re all pretty huge wimps.

This Nikola once claimed he could build a laser so powerful it would rip the colony in half. Losing weight the right way No one asked him to prove it.

This Nisbet likes to punch people to show her affection. Paleo diet health benefits Everyone’s too afraid of her to tell her it hurts.

Ottos always insult people by accident and exist in a perpetual state of deep regret.

Every Ren has this unshakable feeling that his life’s already happened and he’s just watching it unfold like a movie.

Rowans have exceptionally large hearts and express their emotions most efficiently by yelling.

This Ruby asks the pressing questions, like “Where can I get a leather jacket in space?”

This Stinky can control a room with his exceptionally loud sneezes.

Tillys like to frequently and loudly remind everyone of the pointlessness of existence.

A Trav’s monotonous voice and lack of facial expression makes it impossible for others to tell when he’s messing with them.

This Turner is paralyzed by the knowledge that others have memories and perceptions of them they can’t control.

Woodrows are exceptionally bad at reading social cues and never know when to stop talking.

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