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Yesterday, Steve Bannon, President Trump’s chief strategist, was kicked off the National Security Council’s group text. 2 day weight loss WHAT’S THAT?

A nonpartisan group of top US intelligence and military officials. Weight loss tattoo Their job is to advise the president on everything from national security to foreign relations to military decisions – and to keep politics out of it. Low carb diet menu malaysia SO WHAT’S THE ISSUE?

When the Trump administration came to town, Bannon – a top political adviser – got a seat on that council.

 Meanwhile, Trump told military and intelligence officials that they were no longer needed at every meeting. Exercise is a subset of physical activity that is This set off alarm bells on both sides of the aisle. 1 week diet plan to lose weight Weeks later, National Security Adviser Mike Flynn was forced out the door. I want to lose weight fast and build muscle Now, his replacement has forced Bannon out the door. Low carb diet menu HOW ARE PEOPLE TAKING IT?

Team Trump’s saying this is no big deal, and that Bannon was only on the council to keep an eye on Flynn. So he’s not needed anymore. How to lose weight calculator Critics say that Bannon never should have been there in the first place. Weight loss inspiration board WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON?

Today, the Senate decides whether to approve Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Weight loss groups It will not go well. Weight loss recipes Meanwhile, Trump will be at his Palm Beach, FL resort with Chinese President Xi Jinping. It won’t be all sun and games. Trump’s spent months criticizing China for its trade and North Korea policies, and has said he thinks it’ll be a “very difficult” meeting. How to lose 5 pounds of water weight overnight theSKIMM

For months, the council that advises the president on national security has been playing musical chairs. Healthy diets Now it looks like that’s changing for the better. Diet plan to build muscle Slow clap.

Syria. Paleo diet results Yesterday, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley suggested the US may be open to military action in the country. Military diet side effects This comes as Syria enters year seven of a brutal civil war between President Assad and rebel groups that want him gone. Weight loss snacks International leaders have said Assad needs to step down to achieve peace in Syria. Paleo diet appetizer recipes But recently, the Trump administration reversed years of US policy and said the US is ‘meh’ on whether Assad stays or goes. Lose belly fat foods The priority is fighting ISIS. Youtube exercises for vertigo Fast forward to this week when a chemical weapons attack in Syria killed more than 70 people. Lose belly fat in one week It was the largest attack since one in 2013 that killed more than 1,000 people. Losing weight while pregnant Both the 2013 attack and this recent attack were blamed on Assad’s forces. Exercise images Now, President Trump’s says he’s rethinking his “attitude toward Syria and Assad.” He didn’t elaborate. Healthy diet tips for summer But Haley – at an emergency UN meeting – said the US might “take our own action” if the UN doesn’t do enough to stop Assad.


Score. Qigong exercises for neck pain Yesterday, US Soccer shook on a new deal to give the US women’s national team better pay and benefits. Last year, the US women’s team filed a complaint against US Soccer for seriously shortchanging them compared to the men’s team. To be clear, the US women’s team crushes world soccer. Best diet to lose weight in a month They’re the defending World Cup champs. The men’s team…not so much. The paleo diet plan Now, the ladies have a deal. They’ll get a major salary bump, bigger bonuses, and better travel and maternity benefits. Low carb diet no energy Bending it like Beckham all the way to the bank.


Chew on this. Pregnancy and exercise Yesterday, the company that owns Krispy Kreme dropped $7.5 billion to bring more carbs under its roof with Panera Bread. Exercise 40 anatomy of the urinary system That’s one of the biggest US restaurant deals ever. Paleo diet weight loss stories The company – German investment firm JAB – has been on a highly caffeinated buying spree in recent years. Losing weight from stress It’s also picked up Keurig Green Mountain, Caribou Coffee, and Stumptown. Weight loss percentage Now it’s apparently ready to dig into lunch. Vitamin b weight loss Meanwhile, Panera’s been king of the restaurant world and sales have been on a one-way ride uptown for years. How to lose weight with hypothyroidism Panera’s CEO says the deal means it can invest in fancy things like ordering from your iPhone. Paleo chili Breaking bread and taking digits.

Pay yourself first: Your new golden rule. Exercise on hulu Make sure a cut of every paycheck goes straight to your retirement or savings account and does not pass go. Weight loss meditation free download Pay yourself first and you might just retire like a boss later. Starting a paleo diet Psst… here are some other budgeting ideas.

You need those pickup truck, dirt road, night sky vibes in your life. Best diet for weight loss We’ve got VIP passes to the Stagecoach country music festival – including a meet-and-greet with Elle King. Paleo food list Airfare and hotel are taken care of. Diet plan bodybuilding Giddy up and enter here. Lose belly fat diet menu SKIMM BIRTHDAYS

Rebecca Kaden (San Francisco, CA); Rob Sullivan (Chatham, NJ); Maria Maio (New York, NY); * Allie Hill (Seattle, WA); *Kaimana Bingham (Honolulu, HI); *Liz Stark (Beachwood, OH); *Allison Alexander (Denison, TX); *Melissa Miklos (Costa Mesa, CA); *Melissa Robinson (Costa Mesa, CA); *Elise Benham (Charlotte, NC); *Braden Shaffer (College Station, TX); *Kat Judd (Salt Lake City, UT); *Taylor Troyan (Hamden, CT); *Daryl Weinhoff (Sydney, New South Wales); *Fatima Lalani (Miami, FL); *Kacey Schreiber (Marshall, MI); *Jeanette Rouisse (Atlanta, GA); *Megan Mills (Chicago, IL); *Andra Bitter (Monteview, ID); *Elizabeth Sicard (Baton Rouge, LA); *Laurie Sonia; *Sarah Fazendin (Denver, CO); *Shelby Hauge; *Megan Piepkorn (St. Weight loss diet foods Paul, MN); *Jordyn McClain (Minneapolis, MN); *Jennifer Nelson (Monroe, NC); Gray Huffard (New York, NY); Mike Bisesti (Potomac, MD); Megan Mines (Denver, CO); Allison Hill; Amanda Skrzypchak (Denver, CO); Cortney Jodoin (Weymouth, MA); Wanda DeBella (Somerset, NJ); Sarah Ogden (New York, NY); Sofia Torra (San Diego, CA); Kyle Rutledge (Houston, TX); Candace Cameron Bure (Los Angeles, CA); Lori Moss (New York, NY); Alli Fassett (Chicago, IL); Sheila Otwe (Alexandria, VA); Molly Santa Cruz (Birmingham, AL); Jonny Wax (New York, NY); Michele Van Son (Winter Park, FL); Roni Blaustein (Edgemont, NY); Lindsay Ray (El Dorado Hills, CA); Nan Krushinski (Pittsburgh, PA); Kipp Corbus (Cincinnati, OH); Laura Johnson (Concord, MA); Pierre Coker (New York, NY); Dixon O’Donnell (Norfolk, VA); Elizabeth Roberts (Easthampton, MA); Tanya Bienstock; Roxanne Tury (Greensboro, NC); Siobhan Peterson (Aberdeen, WA); Sonya Myers (Virginia Beach, VA); Libby Wall (Block Island, RI); Keiren Baliban (Chicago, IL); Addison Cole (Dallas, TX); Jennifer Christie (Minneapolis, MN); Page Simpson (Jacksonville, FL); Virginia McPherson (Abilene, TX); Kate Wolfe (Cary, NC); April Ball (San Francisco, CA); Damien Golden (Bethany Beach, DE); Cara Lidrbauch (Cleveland, OH); Emma Shebest (Potomac, MD); Melanie Miksis (Wakefield, MA); Krista Owens (Plano,TX); Shelby Sackett (Saint Paul, MN); Carlie Thompson (San Francisco, CA); Lauren Faust (Minneapolis, MN); Jessi McPherrin (Philadelphia, PA); Marissa Ellin (Atlanta, GA); Olga Handal (Plano, TX); Gail Braun (Troy, MI); Elizabeth Hegarty (Washington, DC); Taylor Sherman (Chicago, IL); Kate Cunningham (West Des Moines, IA); Amanda Freeman (Fresno, CA); Jamie Kronfeld (New York, NY); Felicia Palmer (Los Angeles, CA); Elisha Greenwald (Queens, NY); Jeanette Gerger (Chicago, IL); Alyse Weaver (Philadelphia, PA); Karina Diaz (King City, CA); Molly O’Connell (Long Island, NY); Nina Friend (Chicago, IL); Sami Hall (Independence, MO); Stephanie Nelson (Washington, DC)

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