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Ah, Christmas time is once again around the corner. To most, it’s the best season to spend with family and friends. And as the sound of joyful Christmas songs play on the radio and in department stores, the heavenly aroma of cookies lingers in the air as well.

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Lovely containers holding your all time favorite Christmas treats seem to take over the room. Think of thin sugar cookies with traditional red and green piping

and sprinkles, toffee brittles with butterscotch chips and who can ever forget the classic chocolate chip cookies that practically melts in your mouth? Just some of the holiday treats that you, and everyone else, have enjoyed.

But what if it’s all a dream, and the containers of tasty treats all disapper into thin air? It was just a dream, after all. You know you don’t have the time to bake cookies, and buying them from shops doesn’t seem too appealing since all the home made ones are crowd your mind. From getting your kids ready for school too doing your regular daily routine, who has the time to bake different batches of these holiday treats you want?

(Photo : Getty Images) BERLIN, GERMANY: Traditional, home-made Christmas cookies lie on plates in a household in Berlin, Germany. Christmas cookies are an intrinsic part of Central European Christmas tradition and are usually baked at home according to recipes passed down through generations.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through all the fuss when you can do it in a fun, modern way. Well, not so modern since cookie exchange has been around for years. What you need to do is simply pull out a calendar and choose a two-hour time slot for all those cookies you have been dreaming of.

How to do this? Simply host a party and invite people, about eight to twelve, and ask everyone to bake a dozen cookies for each person. So, if you have nine people invited, you bake eight dozen cookies.

You’re now looking at baking batches of the same sorts of cookies and an “assembly line” which can actually be a time saver. For the past two decades, Kim Neirynck , a resident of Dyer, has been participating in various cookie exchange activities.

Kim believes that any way people would call this event, it is still an opportunity to come up with as many dozens of cookies as there are attendees considering that every batch is different from the previous ones which makes it very feasible according to Kim.

A fun and time-saving way indeed to get the cookies of your dreams.

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