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In my most recent foray into GRITTY problem solving in my science classroom, I posed the following question to my grade 11 AP Chem class: “What dissolves better in water: sugar or salt?” This relates directly to our solutions unit, and fit with the day’s lesson, Solubility and Saturation. Vitamin d weight loss

Side Bar: one of my greatest challenges with my Action Plan has been making and implementing authentic learning tasks that align with curriculum closely enough so as not to seem random. Exercise calories burned The students should be able to connect & relate to the task at hand.

After allowing them some time to ponder the question, I asked them to make a hypothesis and asked a few students to give reasons for their predictions.

Walking and weight loss results (I have done this four times. Diet foods for breakfast Each time, invariably, the majority of my class thinks salt will dissolve better.) As all scientists know, after making a hypothesis, it needs to be tested. Healthy diet chart for indian womens So I posed my class more questions: “How can we test this? What do we need to consider?”

And so, my students started to think of control variables: using the same volume of water in both trials, keeping the water the same temperature, adding the same amount of salt and sugar to each beaker, using the same stirring technique. Exercise 8 4 Then, I chose some volunteers to conduct the test (and one student to be the “judge” and ensure that it was conducted fairly). Exercise your faith Within 2-3 scoops, the superior solute was identified.

I won’t spoil the outcome of “The Great Debate” (leave a comment if you have a hypothesis and a reason WHY), but overall it was quite successful at demonstrating the differing solubility of various solids in water. Weight loss plans that work It also naturally flowed into the topic of Saturation, and prompted questions from my students like “How much sugar is in a can of pop? What does that amount of sugar actually look like?” (They weighed it out on a scale). Exercise with baby video

Once again, my classes proved their ability to problem solve, by carefully planning and executing a successful experiment to test their hypotheses. Weight loss news For at least the second time, my group of “guinea pigs” demonstrated more GRIT than I anticipated. Exercise pictures and descriptions This caused me to reflect a little bit on my Action Plan and “How Might We” question. Ways to lose water weight I was drawn towards this “problem” by a lack of GRIT in my summer school Physics class. Whey protein diet plan In order to address that issue, it might be more prudent for me to develop GRIT in my grade 10 class (those who will take Physics over the summer) rather than look for GRIT in my more advanced grade 11 class (those who are currently taking advanced Physics). Exercise guidelines for adults I will definitely continue these authentic problem solving tasks in all of my classes, but work extra hard to develop skills and strategies with my younger classes.

Special Thanks to @ddoucet and @egelleny for kicking my butt encouraging me to write this post.

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Although it seems like ages since our Face2Face session, I feel like I have had enough time to reflect on my Action Plan and even start putting it in place. Weight loss images free There is never a shortage of distractions, and admittedly I should have posted something weeks ago, but here we are. Losing weight not inches Courtesy of Google Images:

I began the day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and ready to learn and explore my practice. Healthy diet to lose weight in a week However, I also began with virtually no idea of what I specifically wanted to work on or how to improve it. Military diet does it work After some discussion with @sregli (Another young chemistry teacher and coincidentally my randomly assigned Person-to-Introduce from the first F2F), I was intrigued by her idea of developing grit and problem-solving skills in her students, as well as relaxing the focus on grades and removing the fear of failure. Healthy diet chart for weight gain I found myself reflecting & brainstorming on many of these cliche wishes and others, including the balance of teaching content vs. Diet food combining skills, and student engagement in the classroom.

I eventually settled on a goal that stemmed from my summer school teaching experience (Grade 11 Physics!). Healthy diet tips to gain weight I want my students to be able to tackle new and sometimes unfamiliar problems with confidence and competence, instead of the “What do I do next?” and “Is this right?” attitude that I experienced constantly over the summer, including during tests! I’m happy to help out my students as much as possible, to guide and teach them everything I know, but we have to draw the line somewhere. Clean 9 weight loss I’m not teaching you “something new” (read: “something you didn’t study enough”) DURING a TEST!

My plan grew and grew as I further thought of ways to make my students more gritty, I was greatly helped by the crowd-sourced inspiration, and the similar projects of @rsutherland, @ggrise, @sregli and others in our Action Plan Group, as well as the steady hand of the experienced pros @brenthurley @ddoucet @egelleny and @lmcbeth. Paleo diet yogurt Eventually it took shape:

“How Might We develop/encourage problem solving skills & GRIT so that High School Science students gain independence and set themselves up for future success?”

• Get student input on topics & activities, to choose relevant and interesting subject matter

• Develop problems with their input, or find existing problems

• WAIT. Losing weight after 50 loose skin Allow time for struggles. A healthy diet breakfast As students get stuck, provide them with some strategies (not answers). Paleo diet foods Encourage thinking and collaboration (Think-Pair-Share) and provide positive reinforcement (“You CAN do hard things”). Low carb diet benefits Validate Failures/Attempts (F.A.I.L.)

• Co-create success criteria and additional strategies/methods.

• Repeat regularly – provide students with many opportunities to attack challenging problems.

Although I admittedly skipped the first step, I recently gave my grade 11 chemistry students one of these “challenge problems” – to calculate the cost of aluminum foil per atom. Weight loss recipes chicken The catch was that I initially did not provide the students with any additional information or resources. Exercise meaning in hindi They chose groups of 2-3 and after a brief brainstorming session (I had to enforce this. Best diet for fat loss and muscle gain Some kids really wanted to jump the gun.) I allowed them to request more supplies or information. How to lose water weight fast overnight Ultimately, each group came up with some form of this method:

• Obtain a piece of Aluminum foil and measure its dimensions (calculate area).

• Using area ratios, scale up the weight of the piece to the weight of the whole roll (the length/width of the roll are printed on the box, but the mass is not).

• Knowing the cost of the roll, divide the total cost by number of atoms

• Report the final answer with correct units and significant digits.

Minimum necessary materials/questions are: a piece of foil, ruler, electronic scale, price of the roll, dimensions of the roll, molar mass of aluminum, and a calculator. Paleo 360 buch Most groups also asked for paper & pencil or access to the white board & markers. Exercise moves Interestingly, only 1 group asked for all of these things on their first request. Paleo 30 Other groups made a total of 2-5 separate requests.

Overall, this was very successful. 8 week weight loss challenge Between my two classes of chemistry and 9 total groups, 7 came up with very reasonable answers, 1 made a simple calculator error, and 1 gave up. Low carb diet diarrhea All seven answers were within about 10% of each other, demonstrating some variability depending on accuracy of measurements and uniformity of the foil.

For the first problem, I am very encouraged by the results. I want to lose weight quickly Perhaps my students are a little more gritty than I originally gave them credit for. Cinnamon and weight loss effects Although, they are supposed to be “the advanced class” (Pre-AP). Exercises to burn fat at home no equipment I will definitely develop some more problems and work with the students to develop additional problem solving strategies. A healthy diet plan Once students are equipped with strategies, they will hopefully be less likely to quit part way through a problem.

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As the popular meme goes, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Whether it is studying for a test, completing a lab report, committing to a school sports team or club, students never seem to have enough time. Weight loss cabbage soup But the same goes for us teachers: how are we supposed to find the time to plan great lessons, execute them, finish all of our marking, and then reflect on our practices, by sharing what we learn through Twitter, blogging, or other outlets? Not to mention, it would be nice to have a life outside of school. Exercise knee pain You know: watch your favourite sports team on TV, catch up on the latest Netflix series (House of Cards has how many seasons?), or perhaps sleep occasionally.

When I was in high school, I once pondered the idea of slowing down Earth’s rotation so that there could be more than 24 hours in the day. Cinnamon for weight loss Upon further reflection, there would probably still be the same complaints. 10 day military diet People will always find themselves running out of time. Exercise addiction quiz If time isn’t the issue, time management certainly is.

There are so many deeper issues here, I’m not even sure where to start.

• Priorities – We all have them. 8 week diet plan We encourage our students to set them. Best diet plan to lose weight Sometimes things are consciously chosen to have a lower priority (Students will study for Tuesday’s test before they complete the assignment due Thursday), and we need to accept this, and even praise it.

• Procrastination – Admittedly, I’m terrible at this. Liquid diet for weight loss A stack of lab reports recently sat on my desk for almost a month before I even cracked open the first one. Lose weight fast meal plan Something always seems to come up, and in the social media, 4-second-attention-span, iPad generation there is always more instant gratification. Weight loss diet for diabetics One Sporcle quiz becomes 12. Exercise physiologist jobs dallas One Wikipedia page leads to another.

• Disinterest/Boredom – If students aren’t interested, they won’t make the effort. Exercise news Of course, it is the job of the teacher to make their subject/lesson interesting.

I came across an article today (on Twitter!) then annotated it (using Diigo!) that starts to address this issue. How to lose weight in college without exercise In a nutshell, the author argues that nobody is innately talented, but that they must work diligently over time in order to improve any skill. Weight loss excess skin The most successful students are the ones who seek out talented teachers (who push them), and spend the time practicing until they develop an intrinsic desire to practice and improve. Exercise motivation tumblr Using the analogy of a music student, they eventually practice because they enjoy making music and take some pleasure in it (a situation I myself developed around my 3rd year playing clarinet in high school).

It should go without saying, but I LOVE teaching. Exercise room colors That’s why I signed up for Cohort 21 in the first place. To lose weight in spanish I take great pleasure in creating engaging lessons and pushing my students to the next level. Low carb diet plateau I have that elusive intrinsic desire to improve. Exercise prescription for special populations I’m surrounded by other great teachers, both at my school and through Cohort connections, and I look forward to being guided and pushed to improve my own practice.

So, to wrap up: time management appears to be a problem, but if we can convince students to practice, continually push them to improve and hopefully get to a point where they want to practice, then the students will be more successful in our course. Healthy diet breakfast We must maintain our desire to improve as well and seek out guidance from other great teachers to do so.

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Welcome to Cohort 21. Exercise plank walk This is the first post on your new blog. Paleo alcohol choices This journal is an integral part of your Cohort 21 experience. Low carb diet breakfast Here you will reflect, share and collaborate as you move through the C21 learning cycle towards your action plan.

Cohort 21 is a unique professional development opportunity open to CIS Ontario teachers and school leaders who are seeking to explore what it means to a teacher in the 21st century.

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