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by Brianne Hogan October 21, 2015

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With two thirds of Americans thinking that a vegetarian meal can be as satisfying as one with meat, Vogue asks: are vegetables the new meat?

The fashion mag highlights several new restaurants in high profile cities around the globe that are serving entirely vegetarian menus to their omnivore clients. In L. A. there’s Roy Choi’s Commissary, located in the Line Hotel,

which is built inside a greenhouse and advertises itself as “not necessarily a vegetarian restaurant, just good food and drink based around plants as the foundation.” Then there’s Locust Street in Philadelphia, and Grace in Chicago wherein which its all-vegetable Flora menu outsells its Fauna one that features meat. Outside of the U. S., a “vegetable bar” recently opened in the Madeleine in Paris.

The veggie trend isn’t surprising when you consider that the presence of root-vegetables on menus has grown 46.7 percent in the past year, according to Christine Keller, director of trend practice at CCD Innovation and editor of a late-spring bulletin called Vegetable Chic .

The switch to vegetables is a good one, both for planetary and health reasons, and it looks like chefs are helping foodies make the switch by making it tres chic to eat one’s greens. Semilla in New York has even coined the term, “vegetable forward,” with its veggie-centric tasting menu.

The article’s author, Tamar Adler, wonders if we will hang up our caveman-eating-meat ways for good. Well, we certainly hope so because it’s possible.

As Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health at NYU, and author of Food Politics, What to Eat, Safe Food, and Why Calories Count, tells Adler, “We don’t need to eat any animals, really,” she responds. “If you eat enough calories, the probability of getting more than enough protein is extremely high. Most Americans get twice the protein needed.”

But they aren’t eating nearly enough vegetables. “The number-one problem Americans face today is the lack of vegetables in our diet,” José Andrés, the award-winning chef, tells Vogue. “We are eating almost opposite the amounts of fruit and vegetables and meat we’re supposed to. I also realized recently that meat is incredibly overrated in terms of flavor. Think about a pineapple: Every instant, even after the last bite, is deeply interesting.”

It seems that, finally, vegetables are “in vogue.”

Via Vogue Magazine

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