Candace cameron defends starbucks_ ‘plain red cups don’t define christmas for me as a christian’

“The View” co-host, former star of “Full House,” and Christian Candace Cameron Bure has taken to Instagram to defend Starbucks.

The coffee company has received some criticism for it’s 2015 holiday cup. While designs in past years have featured snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas tree ornaments and other signs of the season, the 2015 cup is plan red with the Starbucks logo. Some on social media interpreted

this to mean that Starbucks is against Christmas. Evengelist Joshua Feuerstein was so outraged he took to telling Starbucks employees that his name is Merry Christmas, thus forcing the barista to write the phrase on the cup.

Cameron, 39, recently took to Instagram to defend Starbucks. She wrote:

“It’s a red cup, folks. Until Starbucks puts a baby Jesus or nativity scene on the cup while saying Merry Christmas, then pulls it because they say it’s offensive, let’s talk. I don’t remember Starbucks ever being a Christian company, do you? A Santa, a snowflake, some holly, a polar bear, some jingle bells or plain red cups don’t define Christmas for me as a Christian. My relationship with Jesus does. I will joyfully sip on my Starbucks coffee, in a plain red cup, and instead of complaining about the lack of decorations, I will lovingly share the good news of Jesus Christ with friends and co-workers or anyone who’s willing to engage in conversation. Merry Christmas to all!”

On Sunday Starbucks issued a statement about the new cups. It reads in part:

“Since 1997 Starbucks has served its holiday beverages in a unique cup, starting with a jazz-themed design in jewel tones of deeper reds, greens and blues. Every year since, the cup has told a story of the holidays by featuring symbols of the season from vintage ornaments and hand-drawn reindeer to modern vector-illustrated characters.”

“Taking a cue from customers who have been doodling designs on cups for years (Starbucks held a contest to support this creativity), this year’s design is another way Starbucks is inviting customers to create their own stories with a red cup that mimics a blank canvas.”

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