Can you guess the fitness secret of four sun readers and fit celebs including made in chelsea’s millie mackintosh and singer ellie goulding

IF you search for #StrongNotSkinny on any social network site, thousands of posts appear.

Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh, singer Ellie Goulding, and fitness model Chloe Madeley are among those to have used the hashtag while posting pictures of themselves looking super-toned.

Can you guess what fitness secret these four women have in common?

One in seven of us have a gym membership and the fitness market rises in value by around three per cent every year.

The women you see on this page might look very different from one another but they all dedicate their lives to the same inspiring sport.

Stats show more than half of women who are members of health clubs lift weights.

Here, CHRISTINA EARLE speaks to four feisty bodybuilding women who reveal why they love nothing more than adding muscle – and flexing their guns. Weight loss vegetables and fruits Louise Plumb

Louise is a hair dresser but stays fit by regularly lifting weights at the gym

She started training in 2010, after the birth of daughter Charlotte, seven. Weight loss for dummies She says:

“I needed to lose weight after giving birth, so I did some home exercise DVDs, started running and cut processed food out of my diet.”

Louise saw the first signs of a six pack appear after just three months of lifting weights

“That evolved into running 10k and half marathons, then joining a gym.

“I started following a programme designed for me by a gym instructor. Weight loss doctors in pa I reduced the amount of cardio I was doing and lifted weights.

“In three months I had the first signs of a six-pack and proper definition.”

“Working out gave me the release I needed from life as a busy mum.

“I started competing in April 2015, and have taken part in worldwide competitions.

“I love what I do. Weight loss dinner recipes I want to inspire other women to realise this is the way to get healthy and get the body you want.” Victoria Steede

She began lifting weights and working out at 5am before the triplets woke up

She says: “I put on almost 4st with my pregnancy. Lose weight fast tips pro ana When the girls were about 18 months old, I pledged I was going to get back into shape.

“I went to a bodybuilding gym and learned all I could about weights and nutrition.

“People asked how I managed to fit in so much training with three little ones, but the key is flexibility.”

The mum-of-three keeps weights at home to fit in a quick lifting session while her children are having a nap

“I’ve been competing for the past five years, and came first in several competitions.

“I’ve gone down to ten per cent body fat and have added over a stone in muscle.

“I get sick of grilled chicken, broccoli and rice, but it’s what I need to get where I want to be.”

Veterinary nurse Lorraine hides her body under a baggy uniform at work

VETERINARY nurse Lorraine Denman was a slim beauty queen until she decided to focus on her strength.

She now hopes to inspire other women with her muscles. Paleo alcohol Lorraine, of Brighton, says:

“I was crowned Miss London and Miss UK in my early twenties but really didn’t like the pressure to be thin.

“I carried on working out at the gym, doing cardio and weights, but it was in 2009 that I really focused myself on building more muscle.”

“After watching the British bodybuilding finals one year, I knew I wanted to compete. Healthy diet quotes I threw myself into training and changed my diet.

“I found the focus and discipline of bodybuilding very comforting. Exercise near me But it can become obsessive.

“I’ve competed in six British finals and in 2015 I went to the World Champs in Rome where I came third.

“I absolutely love bodybuilding but it requires focus and sacrifice.”

Watching the British bodybuilding finals inspired her to take up the sport

“I’ve often been to weddings and parties where I’ve had to take my own weighed-out food in a cool bag – every gram of fat or protein counts.

“If you met me at work you’d have little idea about my passion.

“I wear a baggy green uniform and have no desire to shout about my bodybuilding efforts.” Nikki Harvey

She soon began to gain muscle and loved the feeling of getting stronger and more powerful

Nikki says:”I was a size 16, drinking too much, smoking, living off junk food and generally pretty miserable when I met a rugby player who took my fancy.

“He inspired me to get healthy and take up bodybuilding, telling me anyone could turn their life around.

“I’ve since taken part in a couple of bikini competitions and done well. Special k diet plan instructions I’ll be competing in national finals this year.”

“He knew cardio wouldn’t help me shift my bulge but weights would – and that’s how I got into bodybuilding.

“With the help of a personal trainer, 45lb of weight came off and I started gaining muscle.

“I loved the feeling of getting stronger, more powerful and in control.”

Bodybuilding has turned her life around and has left Nikki feeling more in control

“Now I train every morning at 5.30am before work and as I am in the lead-up to my show, I’m now doing 60 minutes of cardio after work, too.

“I plan all my meals and weigh them religiously, having six meals a day, but this is all a tiny price to pay for my transformation.

“Now, when I see old friends they don’t recognise me. Military diet shopping list I’m proof that anyone can turn their life around.”

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